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Whatnot – 07/28/21

Cotton candy sky.It has been a little humid and cloudy where I am but not bad at all. There’s even been rain in some places, just not by me. The clouds make for a spectacular sunset though. 

How have you been? I opened up my work inbox this week to a “return to work” memo. I was offered hybrid flexibility but it’s the week that I am moving my daughter to Missouri, which I guess they forgot about so I will ponder that scenario and try to figure out a schedule that works best all around. I have so many feelings about it. They announced the other day that the state of California will require state workers to be vaccinated and since I work for a State university that means us. As you know, I got the jab so I am good but I would say about 25% of staff have not. I have no idea about the students. It would be nice to see people but the commute is such a nightmare. Since the shutdown, they put in an Amazon fulfillment center along my route home so there is even more traffic now. I will start queuing up my podcasts in preparation.  

Reading has been going really well. Count The Ways, which I will have reviewed by this Friday was just too good. I know I keep talking about it but it was THE book of the summer for me. It’s not even what I would call a summer read. It’s just really good storytelling and I want everyone to read it. I am now reading The Paper Palace which is the current Reese pick. It’s pulling me in but it started off a little on the crude side. Not a big deal but I actually checked my Kindle copy to make sure I was in fact reading the right book. 

My son is still living between two locations in Kansas because the house he is supposed to be in, still needs some work but it’s coming along. His apartment is about a 1/4 of a mile away, so not far. He picks up a rental car today. He’s been without a rental because we had to wait for the dealer to officially submit his repair claim and that has finally been done. 

Want to see the space he will be transforming into a community arts center? This is in St. John, Kansas. This is their “downtown”.


There will be contractors to manage the actual renovation but he is there to re-imagine how the space will be used and come up with ideas for community gatherings. As you can imagine, he has plenty to do. 

You all had such good suggestions for my daughter’s room sorting. She wanted to do it on her own and for the most part, did. She didn’t tackle her closet filled with dolls and tea sets but I suppose I can do that later. I do like a good organization project. 

I’ve not been watching anything besides the Olympics here and there. Instead, I hole up on my living room couch, under a blanket with the AC cranked, tucked into whatever book I am reading at the moment. Before the pandemic I never spent any time there but it’s become my little reading nest. The Pup joins me there too. 

I hope you are all doing well and reading something great. If so, let me know. 


Whatnot – 07/21/21

The skyline.If anyone has been following my son’s challenging move to Kansas then you will be happy to know that he is finally IN Kansas. His car stayed at the dealership in Albuquerque and will hopefully be delivered to him soon. We were all so grateful that my friends were able to help him out while there. 

The pup and I are partial to morning walks but lately it’s been a little warm and she has been fussy. Honestly, I have been too. You wake up, get dressed, do the hair and then as soon as I step outside my hair turns into a frizzy disaster. It’s been a little humid for us. Anyway, so now and then we do an evening walk and if we are lucky, we are rewarded with a skyline like the one you see above. 

I am nearly through with Count the Ways by Joyce Maynard. It’s very good. Even with all the stress from my son’s move, I’ve managed to sit down with it and it’s been a treat to take my mind off of real life even if only for a little while. What Comes After is next on my list officially but my library hold for The Paper Palace came in and I am much more in the mood to read that. 

The Paper Palace

I have to say something about vaccinations. Here, in California it seems like we are headed for another lockdown. For ten days in a row, LA County has had more than 1000 positive cases of the Delta variant and according to the article I read, 99% of those are unvaccinated people. If you don’t want to vaccinate, that is your choice. But do not blame the new mask mandate, or the looming shutdowns on the recall election coming up for our governor, or the government trying to control us by injecting chips into us. It’s nonsense. If you don’t want to vaccinate, don’t but leave it at that. Don’t call the vaccinated “sheep” just move on and it would be great if you waived medical services once you come down with it. 

I received a travel advisory about quarantine for my upcoming flight. Restaurants, who just removed their outdoor dining spaces are now adding them back. We are going backward and it’s super frustrating.