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Sunday Matters: All Things Summer

Sunday Matters

According to the calendar it’s not officially summer but when it gets hot here and the schools are out, I call it summer. What does “summer” bring to mind? For me:

  • Cold watermelon! My son does not like watermelon. Who is this kid?
  • Sun tea. I don’t do it often but when I do, it’s just so good. I need a good sun tea pitcher.
  • Pool days. We do not own a pool or have access to a community pool but when I am near a pool with a book in hand, I’m pretty happy.
  • Beach days. It’s not a beach day to me without a tuna salad sandwich. My newly vegetarian self has not found a good replacement for this. My friend’s mom used to make us the best tuna salad piled onto buttered whole grain bread. Served with Pringles.
  • BBQs/cookouts.
  • Big blockbuster movies. Will we have any this summer?
  • Summer reading, of course.

What do you think of when you hear the word summer?

Right Now:

After a chaotic college move-out for my son, where the bed flew off his car and ripped the roof rack off in the process, he did eventually make it here. Our mornings will be a little different now although I have no idea why since no one wakes up until after 11am these days. I wake at 5 a.m. ALL THE TIME which is an hour later than I used to when I went in to work.

This Week:

My book club meets this week in-person and outside.

We have dental appointments this Saturday. Cleanings. I don’t know if I ever mentioned it but my dentist is not close to us but I’ve been going to that office for 30+ years! Since it’s a drive, we schedule our cleanings on the weekend and go together. We usually grab lunch afterward.


I must put my summer reading aside to get to Go Tell It On The Mountain which we are discussing for my club meeting this Wednesday.


My son wants me to watch the Loki series on Disney Plus. He also has us watching Barry on Netflix. Still have one more episode of Marcella to watch on Netflix. In my opinion, it tanked towards the end and then I lost interest. We will finish it but I am not very motivated to do so.

Grateful for:

  • Friends who listen to me blather on about all of my worries and concerns. Truly, you are so valuable and I appreciate you.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a wonderful week!

Whatnot – Week 28

Palm Springs

Hello, friends! Why do I have a photo of Palm Springs in this post? Because we are thinking of paying a visit again, this time after my son graduates. He usually joins us but Memorial Day weekend he was still working on school projects and the like so he had to stay behind. I love the easy feel of life there. It would be nice to visit again before he leaves. 

I am happy to report that we have decided to FLY to Missouri for my daughter’s move-in. Rental cars are an issue but we will be flying into Wichita and my son will pick us up and help us with move in. His AmeriCorps boss was very accommodating so HE will be our car for the week and he will stay with me at the hotel until I leave to return to California. Booking now was critical because the cost of travel is about to hit the roof. I saw it rise even in the one week I was on the fence. We will buy some things now to ship to him, and then the bulk of it will be purchased there. We are arriving two days before move-in to allow for that. I plan to hang around for the Family Welcome that Friday and then will leave Sunday just in case she and her roommate need any last minute items. 

I got the garage all cleaned out and made room for my son’s things. He will be back by this weekend. Hopefully. Not sure he can fit everything into his car. He will be here for about a month before he leaves for Kansas. Stuff like dental appts and the like need to be taken care of. I can totally relate to some of my friends now about all the tasks associated with moving and storing of furniture and dorm planning. My son’s move took little effort. 

As for reading, I had hoped to be done with Summer Darlings by this writing but not quite there. I should be done soon though. I need to pick up my book club read next, Go Tell It On The Mountain. That club meeting snuck up on me. 

Now that travel arrangements are made, I am hoping to settle down a little. I got myself all worked-up and actually asked my doc to prescribe something but she either promptly ignored me or forgot to type her reply because I am still waiting. 

That’s all I have. The weekend is up in the air. It would be nice to visit the Arboretum. Maybe I should look into that.