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Sunday Matters: Getting Back on the Horse

Sunday Matters

My reading tanked these past few weeks. From the looks of it, the same thing happened to many of you as well. But, I am back in the saddle again thanks to my book club read, The Testaments. It has been on my list for ages but did I really want to read it now? With all this chaos going on around us? Yes. Yes, I did. I am not going to lie, I keep thinking about the Supreme Court confirmation process while reading it. That whole People of Praise thing is just too much.

Right Now:

Sundays are a lot more pleasant now that I do my errands on a different day. I just want to be lazy on Sundays. Give me a huge cup of coffee and some toast and I am good. Add an online church service, a relaxing Spotify playlist like this one, and a good book and that is all I need.

This Week:

I have a book discussion this week for The Testaments, a college preview to attend for the University of Arizona, and although I was hoping to have an ultrasound for this weird pain I’ve been having, (turns out it’s not a kidney infection), the darn appointment isn’t until November 10th! They were thinking appendicitis or this cyst I have been dealing with, but November 10th? I guess I will know before then if it’s appendicitis. Goodness.


I am going to try to squeeze another R.I.P. book in before the end of the month. I really need to read two but you know, that distraction thing is strong. It will be Lisey’s Story by King.  I don’t think it’s noted as one of his best which is why I’ve not read it, but HE thinks it’s one of his best books. That makes me want to read it.


Fear the Walking Dead started up again and let me tell you, it was good. I was going to give up on it once I knew of a certain character’s fate but once again it has looped me in.

Grateful for:

  • Ballot Trax (Where’s My Ballot). Ballot has been counted!
  • My little sidekick, the Otter Pup. She has been so sweet during this pandemic. Follows me everywhere. Sometimes just gazes at me lovingly.
  • A quiet house. The only thing I liked about my work commute was the solitude in my car. In the early morning hours, I enjoy the same solitude just sitting here with my coffee.

Have you voted? If you are waiting to vote in person, check to see if your area has early poll voting because I think there will be very large crowds on election day.

Other than that, what’s new?

Fall – 10/13/20

Fall in California – It’s going to be 102 degrees today!

I saw someone else do this on Facebook. One photo a week to represent the ever-changing season. I may not post the same photo every week but you’ll get a good idea of why Californians have to “create” their own seasons with decor and the like.

This is part my backyard. That small tree blew in and then grew so quickly. Last year it turned a spectacular shade of red. Let’s see if it happens again this year.