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Sunday Matters: It’s Been Awhile

Sunday Matters

It’s been a hot second since my last Sunday post. Sundays have been busy.

Right Now:

A quick bite to eat and I am off to student ministry. Later, a long, long nap on the couch.

This Week:

I have a couple of fun things coming up this week. My book club’s holiday dinner and book exchange is this Wednesday. Looking forward to it. Then on Saturday we have Snowtacular at church. It’s exactly what it sounds like. There will be snow. sledding, a visit from the Grinch and more. I am volunteering for four hours at registration and The Hub is also volunteering for security.


I am reading the new Murakami. It’s very good. I need to write up a couple of reviews but I will not be making my reading goal this year. I blame COVID, my kidney surgery, and my knee injuries. I am okay with it. I always make my goal. One year will not affect me one way or the other.


Not much. We started our long list of Christmas movies and I have recorded a bunch of Hallmark movies I want to watch when my vacation starts on 12/16.

Grateful for:

  • Got my daughter’s flight home booked. She’ll be here from 12/16 to 1/21.
  • My sweet pup. She is so happy I can take her for walks again.

Have a great week!

Whatnot – 11/30/22

Emma as Puck in Dreamland 2022

Our trip to Missouri was great! We got to see Emma as Puck in Dreamland, which is a modern take on Midsummer Night’s Dream but with aliens! It was such a fun musical with super fun costumes. The only hiccup is that Emma ate some janky Chinese food the night before so the day of the show, she was battling food poisoning. We weren’t sure if her understudy would have to go on. Instead, we forced her to go back to her apartment to rest, armed with Imodium and Dramamine. The extra rest did the trick and she was great. 

It was a super fast trip. We maybe spent two hours with her. The next day we left for California. My God was it cold. It was 20 degrees most nights but no snow. My face was frozen. That Monday, Emma flew to Seattle to spend Thanksgiving with her brother and we had a simple  meal with just the two of us. You’ll all be happy to know that the Otter Pup did very well with one of her favorite people watching her. We’ve never left her overnight anywhere so it was a first.

I am reading Murakami’s new book, Novelist as a Vocation. But guys, I didn’t love the new King book, Fairy Tale. I still have to write the review but I found it to be very similar to two Murakami books, Windup Bird and Killing Commendatore. I was so into that first 30% of the story but then it took a drastic turn into fantasy. I suppose I knew about the fantastical elements but I was not a fan.

Although my scans showed some calcification of one kidney, the doc says it’s not a stone. So what is it? He seems unconcerned. The knees continue to improve! I can walk half a mile now and have taken the pup for walks regularly.

With December just around the corner, I have some volunteer gigs I signed up for that should be a lot of fun. One is a snow day at church and the other is working a Christmas service in kid’s ministry.

Two things I need to do. Get Emma’s flight home for Christmas break and shop for our club’s book exchange dinner which is coming up on 12/7.

How are you?