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Whatnot – 09/22/21

MyGood morning! How are you doing? I am noticing a  change in the quality of light and it really feels like fall is here. Fall, in Southern California is subtle. Last year the months between September and December were glorious. I hope we experience the same weather this year. I snapped this photo from my back yard in the early morning hours. It’s a view that I never tire of. 

I am still waiting for My Heart is a Chainsaw to come in from the library. I am on three different library hold lists and #6 in line for two of them but it’s taking forever. So, I picked up Damnation Spring. If I wait too long to read something I will hit a slump so DS it is. 

Damnation Spring

I haven’t pulled out any fall decor yet but my neighbors have. Makes me want to do that this weekend. There are a few who put their Halloween stuff up too. Last year, we set up a table to hand out candy and it was a sad affair. We had very few kids so this year I think it’s going to be crazy! Even with it being on a Sunday the kids will be out and about making up for last year. Looking forward to it. 

We have no plans for the weekend but we are always trying to get out and go somewhere. With me being at home all day long, I need to see a different view on the weekend. I did pick up timed tickets for a local museum for Saturday so perhaps that will be a nice trip. I am craving art. 

Have a good week!




Sunday Matters: All The Feels

Sunday Matters

Good morning! I have been in the best mood lately. It’s this time of the year. I love all the shows, the movies, the books, etc. It’s nearly soup season and I will never say no to a bowl of soup.

Thank you for your good thoughts the other day. The additional imaging and ultrasound that I went for discovered a small lump. The radiologist said, in his professional opinion it’s benign but I have to go back in six months to see if it’s grown. If so, it will have to be removed. It wasn’t there last year. I was starting to get really nervous when I saw it myself on the screen. Ladies, the COVID shot delayed my yearly scan by a couple of months because they tell you to wait at least six weeks before scheduling a mammogram but get your scan in.

Right Now:

I will be heading to church to hang with the J High and High School students soon. Getting my coffee in and having a little avocado toast before I head out.

I finished all the books I was reading. My review of Hamnet posted last Friday. I should have my review of The Family Plot up this week. Boy, I really liked that one. I am at the awkward stage of knowing exactly what I want to read but not having the said book at my fingertips. Now, I have no idea what to read.

This Week:

I don’t have anything going on this week besides work stuff. I need to work on October’s social media calendar for work which is so weird to me. OCTOBER.

I sorted through all the clothes my daughter and son no longer use and have it ready to donate. It will feel good to drop that off. Bags and bags. So much.


I have no idea what to read which is troublesome. This is the time of the year that a reading slump usually finds me so I am pushing hard to avoid that. The book I want to read is not available to me and I don’t want to spend $30 on a hardback but I might.


I took a little tumble down the stairs trying to NOT step on the sleeping pup and did something to my knee. The pain has left me very restless so I’ve not been able to watch anything on TV. You’d think that couch time and cozying up with a good show would be the perfect way to let my knee heal but nope. It hurts more at rest. All my shows are waiting for me on the DVR.

Grateful for:

  • I’m very glad that the radiologist thinks this lump is benign but please continue the good thoughts and prayers. When the US tech added the markers I started to get very nervous.
  • I am still very grateful that my daughter has such a good friend group at college. Those girls are GEMS. They really watch out for each other too.

Have a wonderful Sunday. Read something good.