Review: The Perfect Mother

The Perfect Mother

The Perfect Mother
By Aimee Molloy
Harper, 9780062696793, May 1, 2018, 336pp.

The Short of It:

Another page-turner that keeps you guessing.

The Rest of It:

Motherhood is a hot topic this summer. I wonder why. Maybe because so many of us are overwhelmed, super busy, and give everything we have to our kids? Whatever the reason, I have at least three books in my stack dealing with motherhood in some way and The Perfect Mother was one of them.

May Mothers is a group made-up of women who had their babies in the month of May. They meet at the park for their regular meetings but now that their infants are a couple of months old, they decide it’s time for a girls night out and head to a local bar for some drinks. Excited to be taking a night off from baby duty, they get a little careless and drink a little too much so when one of the moms suddenly vanishes from the bar, only for them to find out later that she is home, with the police, trying to figure out who took her son from his crib, things begin to escalate as the moms try to make sense of what’s happened.

Mommy groups can be very supportive but also very dramatic. That is the case here. These women take it upon themselves to find the missing baby. They inject themselves into the investigation, steal evidence, put themselves in very dangerous situations, usually with their own infant strapped to their chests. It’s crazy what they do!

Although the missing baby is the focus of the story, Molloy also touches on the loss of identity that can come with having a baby and how difficult it is to figure out those first few months as a mother. This, I could relate to well.

The Perfect Mother is not a perfect book. It’s a little predictable and you might tire of  all the “mommyness” contained within its pages but it was a quick, entertaining read and a good distraction from the headlines that continue to find me even though I have made a real effort to avoid them.

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Sunday Matters: The Show is Here!

Sunday Matters

This will be brief because we are in week one of the musical Oliver! By the time you read this, four shows will have come and gone. We have another this afternoon and three more next weekend. It’s been a really good run. Very proud of my daughter.

Right Now:

With this afternoon’s show we’ve opted to attend church remotely. No time to eat, dress and do all that we have to do. It’s also Father’s Day so we won’t get a chance to celebrate properly. We tried to last night but we’ll have to do so next weekend.

This Week:

Somehow I managed to schedule an orthodontist appointment in the middle of this week’s activities. I don’t know what I was thinking but we will fit it in.  No volleyball camp this week (thank goodness).


I finished Stephen King’s new one, The Outsider but I need to write the review and get it posted. It was SO good and fun to read with others.

I just started The Perfect Mother and should be done very soon because it was very easy to fall into. I love these quick, readable books.


Nothing. No time to watch anything but soon I will have some time.


Not much. I managed to scrape together one meal of fettuccine, grape tomatoes, spinach and Parmesan cheese but that’s pretty much it. The Girl and I like to eat at Whole Foods during production week. It’s close to the theatre, healthy, you can grab what you want from the hot food bar or salad bar but it’s pricey! She makes the heaviest salads.

Grateful for:

Art. Theatre. Great books.

I’ve been so down lately. It’s not like me to be down for more than a day but it’s been a solid week of meh and the last few days it’s really bugged me. Sure, all the running around doesn’t help but the day to day routine is such a bore to me. That’s where art and books come in. I relied on them heavily this week and I am beginning to feel better now.

What about you? Is it just me or are things getting a little TOO real in the world these days?

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