Sunday Matters: Here We Go

Sunday Matters

For those who celebrated, Thanksgiving is now behind us. I have cooked the meal so many times that it’s second nature but I was not feeling it once the meal was ready. Does that happen to you? My appetite completely vanished. We had high winds and Edison kept texting me saying our power could go out. Luckily, it did not but it was a little nerve-wracking. 

My son came for Thanksgiving but had to leave that night because he had some school projects to finish. We had a good time watching movies though. Overall, it was a really good time but it did feel different. 

Saturday we put the tree and lights up. We decorated sparsely since much of our home is being used for virtual auditions but it’s fine this year. Everything seems like it’s taking a lot of effort and we are heading into another shutdown so simple is fine and will have to do. 

Right Now:

Not doing much. I have youth group on Zoom later and nothing planned before then. All sorts of online deals still happening but I am not in the mood to buy anything. I am always tempted by the books though. Like I need more. Ha. Here we go, right into the Christmas season. 

This Week:

My daughter’s Juilliard audition is this weekend. Good thoughts and/or prayers appreciated. 

I return to work on Wednesday, remotely. Why do vacations go by so quickly? I don’t have long to go before I am off again though. Gotta use that vacation time up. 


I am reading Parable of the Sower. It’s very good. 


We watched all sorts of movies these last few days and a few episodes of Season 3 of The Crown. Bohemian Rhapsody, was quite good. 

Grateful for:

  • That my son was able to spend the day with us.
  • This time off I’ve had. I really needed it. Extra naps and no schedule made for a nice week. 
  • Walks with the pup continue to be the highlight of my day. 

I wrote this post from my phone because I dismantled my workstation so we could use the dining room for dinner the other night. This picture of our tree should be above but I can’t fix it on my phone. 

Hope you had a great weekend. What’s new with you?

Review: The Weekend

The Weekend

The Weekend
By Charlotte Wood
Riverhead Books, 9780593086438, August 2020, 272pp.

The Short of It:

Started off as a sweet story about three friends coming together after a friend’s death, but then was punched through with sadness and a little darkness which I was not expecting.

The Rest of It:

After the passing of their friend Sylvie, Adele, Jude, Wendy and her dog Finn, arrive at Sylvie’s old beach house to prepare it for sale. Adele, a former actress who still has her looks about her, prances around, flaunting her flexibility which she still possesses even in her 70s. Jude, the most sensible but also the most abrasive of the trio, puts up with her to a point but lets everyone know when they are annoying or slacking at the task at hand. After all, they have a job to do.

Wendy arrives a little sad over the death of her friend but also sad about the husband she lost and the next chapter of their lives. They aren’t getting any younger. By her side, is her sweet dog Finn who is also getting on in his years. So much so that he has anxiety attacks, paces relentlessly and has accidents, regularly. Wendy knows that she should put him down, but can’t bring herself to do so. Poor Finn.

The author does a magnificent job of capturing that fleeting feeling of time passing too quickly. In their prime, these four women were formidable and strong, successful and bonded through friendship. But in their 70s, they are tired and short with each other as they each figure out how they fit together without their friend Sylvie. As insecurities flare and one big secret is revealed that threatens to destroy their friendship, they pause for a moment to figure out where they want to go because even at this age, they have choices.

I really enjoyed this book and the writing in particular but there was one big problem I had with it and it’s the treatment of the elderly dog, Finn. I know that a beloved dog approaching the end of its life was probably intentional given that these ladies were also getting on in years and approaching the last stage of life, but the way this poor animal is treated by the other ladies in the house really bothered me. He’s full of anxiety, pushed around, forced to sleep outside even though he’s terrified of his own shadow. I really do not know why the author chose to include such horrible treatment of this poor dog. It was terribly disappointing and I felt, a poor choice and unfortunately affected how I felt about the book overall.

If you can get past these moments with the dog, then you might appreciate the writing, as I did. But I felt so sorry for this poor pup. I really did.

Source: Review copy provided by the publisher.
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