Sunday Matters: Prepping

Sunday Matters

Wow, what a week. We had a shooting threat (three) on campus which forced us to do business in a different way and created some extra work because finals had to be moved online. Finals week without students feels very strange.

Right Now:

I can’t do much more than just sit here. I am a lump and yet I have much to do which probably won’t get done today. But I found out the other day that I need to take more vacation than I planned because of a miscalculation of hours so I get two more days which makes my last day of work this Tuesday. I return to work on January 8th!

This Week:

This week will be spent wrapping what I have and planning our meals for Christmas day. Normally we make reservations but the food hasn’t been great and it’s just too expensive. Last year, the restaurant ran out of food. No joke!

On another note, we adopted a family for Christmas through Adopt-a-Family but even though we opened it up to a couple of groups, donations have been sparse so I will be taking the next few days to figure out what we need to get and then get it so we can deliver it on Saturday.

I also have to do some sorting. My closets are embarrassing. When others are in need and you simply have too much junk… it really makes you second-guess the commercialism of Christmas.


Well, I saw that I  had one review copy that I forgot to get to so I popped open The Incendiaries and kind of fell into it. It’s short and reminding me of a lot of other books but it’s strangely fascinating.


I told you last week I would catch-up on Christmas movies. I lied. Hopefully, this weekend we can catch a few because my list is long.

New Things I’ve Tried:

Eggnog from Trader Joe’s Photo: Baking Bites

This stuff is amazing. It’s the Eggnog Liqueur from Trader Joe’s.  It’s about $8 a bottle and deadly. You can add it to coffee, or you can drink it straight and it will definitely put some “Merry” into your Christmas.

Grateful for:

That eggnog. Nah, just kidding. Well, not really.

I am grateful for two extra days of vacation. I don’t like to just use up vacation if I don’t have anything planned but I can definitely use those two days with Christmas right around the corner.

My question to you, if you could add a new Christmas or holiday tradition to your routine, what would it be?  I would really like to attend one of the Holiday Boat Parades every year.  I miss those days on our friend’s yacht.


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