Sunday Matters: Off to Camp!

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Well, not quite. I leave with the high schoolers tomorrow for a week. We are going to CIY (Christ in Youth) camp at Biola University. It’s not Hume Lake like in the past but I am excited for a new experience. And I am excited to not be trudging up and down a hill every time I need to go to the cabin. The knee is holding its own but that would for sure do it in. Wish me luck, pray, you know the drill.

They finished the CSI Vegas shoot across the street but on the final day, it looks like the neighboring house caught on fire. So now they are rectifying that issue and then we get to look forward to street resurfacing which is badly needed.

Right Now:

I am headed to student ministry. Even though it is Father’s Day, we are still meeting. We celebrated Father’s Day yesterday, after our dental appointments. LOL. You don’t realize how fast six months fly by until your cleaning appointment comes up again and because we have to get The Girl’s health stuff taken care of while here, all three of us had appointments. Long morning.

Later, maybe a nap and some lazy TV watching.


I should be able to finish It All Comes Down To This by Therese Anne Fowler today or tomorrow. Not sure what’s next.

It All Comes Down to This


We started a Korean show called Hellbound. It’s interesting. An angel of death tells you when you will die, down to the minute and then these “executors” in the form of monstrous creatures are sent to take you out. Most of these people have committed serious crimes but it’s hinting at the idea that not all of them are what you and I would consider serious crimes. Are their various levels of sin? Again, interesting.

Grateful for:

  • Appetizers. I hosted book club this past Wednesday and it’s reminded me that sometimes appetizers make the perfect meal. Paired with a good bottle of wine? Even better.
  • My nightly good night call from Root Beer the cat. My son video calls me and it’s always Root Beer on the screen. Darn, I miss that cat.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Review: The Swimmers

The Swimmers

The Swimmers
By Julie Otsuka
Knopf, 9780593321331, February 2022, 192pp.

The Short of It:

This slim novel packs a punch.

The Rest of It:

When the story opens, we meet the swimmers. A group of people who frequent the community pool for laps, sometimes social interaction, but mostly as a form of therapy. The busyness of their lives comes to a halt once they submerge themselves in the water. All the noise of the world is drowned out and they are left with their thoughts as trivial as some of them may be.

As their routines unfold daily, Otsuka takes note of each detail. Almost in a checklist format. We learn about the rules of the pool and how some of the swimmers follow them religiously, and some not so much but never enough to lose their pool privileges because it’s clear that each of them value that time in the water.

The second half of the story focuses on a startling flaw that appears in the form of a crack, along the bottom of the pool. What does it mean? Is it just cosmetic? Will it grow larger? Does it represent a larger issue that could jeopardize their cherished swim time? As with most changes in routine, the appearance of this crack does not go over well.

In fact, we see how it affects these swimmers, specifically Alice who is suffering from dementia. Her time in the pool, and the regular interaction with the other swimmers is what holds her memory together but as soon as that is disrupted, her memory begins to slip away even more quickly. Her daughter relays to the reader her mother’s time in the Japanese internment camp and how bits of those memories float around untethered only to disappear all together.

The Swimmers is a little sad but also wonderful. Otsuka brings importance to every minute detail.

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