Sunday Matters: Doing the Best We Can Do

Sunday Matters

The entire state of California returned to the “purple tier” which is pretty locked down as far as restrictions go. The city where I live was in this tier already so not much has changed. I have noticed a bit of panic buying again, though. We aren’t having people over for Thanksgiving besides ourselves but there is still some shopping to do so I hope I can get everything I need.

Right Now:

If you are reading this on Sunday morning, then my husband and I will be out of the house because my daughter has an all day audition with Boston Conservatory at Berklee. For this, furniture is moved, equipment is arranged and the Hub and I take the dog and scram. We need to be gone from 8am-2pm at least.

Everyone here is doing the best we can do to stay positive and upbeat during what is essentially, another lockdown. We also have a curfew now which applies to restaurants and bars. This doesn’t affect us directly because 10pm is late for us. Ha! But I feel for all those young people who make a living working in the food and drink industry.

This Week:

I have this entire week off plus Monday and Tuesday of next week. Still using up that accumulated vacation time. I will do my best to finish up my grocery shopping. Still waiting to hear what the status will be for my son. New job so not sure how the holiday will work. Yes, he got another job!

I just want to watch movies and read. Christmas decor will come out but due to live auditions and our house being used as a studio for them, we can only have Christmas in one, tiny, unseen corner. It will be enough.


The Weekend

Giving The Weekend a go again. I just wasn’t in the mood for it when I picked it up during all the election drama. I think I will do better with it now.


Still haven’t picked up any new shows but come heck or high water, I plan to watch Home for the Holidays (1995) before Thanksgiving. We never did find another DVD player so we will either find one or I will buy the movie on demand. It’s the perfect movie. Directed by Jodie Foster and stars Holly Hunter, Robert Downey Jr., Anne Bancroft, Charles Durning, Dylan McDermott, and Claire Danes. It’s a gem.

Grateful for:

  • My son’s new job that came through after the museum job fell through due to COVID.
  • Humor and people who have a good sense of it. A good belly laugh cures a lot of things.
  • You guys. I am feeling all gushy and sentimental about the people I’ve “met” through blogging. Some of you I have known for 12 years. Unbelievable. My kids were just tots. I appreciate you all and I love how we still stay connected even though some are not bogging anymore.

That’s it from me. I may be posting one review next week and probably some random things since I have the week off. I truly love this time of the year. It’s when I weed through my bookshelves while watching a good movie. What shall I watch?

Fall Tracking – Week 6

It has been the most spectacular weather. My walks with the Otter Pup have gradually gotten longer because it’s hard to return to the same four walls that you’ve stared at since March. I try to stay outside for as long as I can. She enjoys it too. She sniffs every blade of grass and now knows everyone in the neighborhood with all her dawdling.

This shot was taken across the street from where we live. It’s the point were we cross over to return home. Our street is a mix of large pine trees and smaller, bushy shrubs that the city put in. They call them trees. They are not but on this corner there are some good sized pine trees and we always have to watch for falling pine cones. If you saw the pup navigate this area you would laugh.

Have you been trying to spend more time outside? I’ve been wanting a fire pit and possibly a hammock to enjoy. I’ve never wanted these things before but we change during a pandemic, don’t we?

Chatting with friends about books and life…