Blue Skies

It’s Thursday (not quite Friday) but after a hot spell it’s cool and beautiful and when I came in this morning I could see clear, blue skies for miles. The air is a little crisp too. So lovely after the pit of hell (heat) I was thrown into last week.

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner and it has me thinking about grilled burgers with melty cheese and hammocks, even though I do not own one and would not even attempt to get into one.  But the IDEA of swinging in one is nice.

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Photo Credit: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Plus, reading is always especially fun this time of the year. I am trying really hard to get through my review copies. They are pretty good but they are all being released at the same time so my timing was a little off there.  Since there are so many review copies, I will highlight the one library book that I really want to get to soon, Under the Harrow.

Under the Harrow

The write-up sounds great but the reviews I’ve read really make it sound like a must-read.

Will I get to it this weekend? Not likely. But, I have hope. What do you have planned this weekend? I just want to read, lounge and eat yummy stuff.

Sunday Matters: I’m Trying

Sunday Matters

Do they still give out gold stars for effort? There are many areas in my life right now where I am trying so hard and yet, doubt creeps in, I mope around, get a little angry and then, I am back to my normal self. What gives?

Right Now:

I’ve got coffee and the news is on. We are experiencing a little heat wave right now. When it’s warm in the morning, you know it’s going to be a hot day.

This Week:

Can you believe it’s time to think about Memorial Day plans? Doesn’t that blow your mind? It’s kind of exciting too because for us readers it’s time to think about our summer reading lists. Will I actually have a list this year? I sort of did last year but not the kind a reader dreams about.

Other than the weekend which is literally all I think about these days, not much is going on. School is ending soon for both of my kids and you guys, my daughter enters high school next year. I seriously can’t wrap my brain around that. When I started this blog, she was five. Five!


I am reading Jo Nesbø’s new one, The Thirst which is book #11 in the Harry Hole series.  Add to that, Summer Dance by Nan Rossiter which is a totally different read but highly anticipated!


Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


Same as above. However, with this heat, kale salads and smoothie bowls sound pretty good.

Grateful for:

I had an unintentional mind break yesterday. Something I had planned didn’t work out so I used that time to just sit and think. Something I don’t get to do often.

What’s up with you?

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