Sunday Matters: First Sign of Fall

Sunday Matters

School started for The Girl and she’s already two volleyball games into the season. The other day I detected the first sign of fall weather-wise. It was a lovely 90 degree day and the quality of light was warmer than usual. It made me want to pull out all my fall decor.  Fall makes me happy. Very happy.

Right Now:

Enjoying a slice of toast with avocado and that Everything But the Bagel seasoning they sell at Trader Joe’s. In a bit we are off for church and then later the high school ministry kicks-off a new season so I’ll be back for that. Hope the girls in my group show up.

This Week:

We have two games. One is an away game and one is at home. I get to work the snack bar for the home game. Other than the normal school stuff not much going on.


I just finished The Cabin at the End of the World. Very interesting read. For my next read, I am torn between what I need to read (my book club book) and one of the books on my review list. There are just so many good books out right now. I try to read two at a time but that hasn’t worked well for me this summer.


Fear the Walking Dead started again last week and it was a decent episode but now it appears that the creators aren’t quite sure what to do with certain high-profile cast members.  Are they staying? Leaving? What? But the ones that annoy the heck out of me seem to live on no matter what.


I made tacos the other night which was actually enough for two nights. I like when leftovers are actually used. Today, no time to make anything since I am heading out again later and of course I’ve not gone shopping for anything. Poor planning on my part.

Grateful for:

So grateful for that tiny touch of fall I detected. I know it’s a long way off for us but one can dream.

Having you started to think about fall or are you still hanging on to summer?


Review: Bring Me Back

Bring Me Baxk

Bring Me Back
By B.A. Paris
St. Martin’s Press, 9781250151339, June 2018, 304pp.

The Short of It:

Great start. Poor finish.

The Rest of It:

B.A. Paris wrote Behind Closed Doors which I thought was a pretty good read. Many of you read it and I think overall it was well received. Her next book, The Breakdown was also very popular with readers. What I cannot deny is that she writes tense, suspenseful page-turners and that was what I was in the mood for when I picked up her latest book Bring Me Back.

This story is all about Finn, Ellen and Ellen’s missing (presumed dead) sister Layla. It’s a love triangle with a lot of twists and turns. The last time Finn saw Layla, was at a rest-stop. After a lover’s quarrel, Finn steps out of the car to use the facilities and when he comes back Layla is gone with no leads, except for the little Russian nesting doll she left behind.

Years pass. Layla never shows up. During this time Finn falls in “like” with Ellen, Layla’s sister. As the two of them approach marriage, Finn does his best to push his feelings for Layla aside so that he can spend the rest of life with Ellen. But then, a little Russian nesting doll appears out of nowhere. What does this mean? Is Layla alive? Is she trying to communicate with him? Is someone holding her captive?

The set-up is good. I was pulled into the story, but very early on I figured out what happened and because of that realization, the rest was too much of a cat and mouse game and the ending was ultimately lackluster. Plus, I never want to hear about or see a Russian nesting doll again. It’s seriously overused.

I really DO enjoy these types of books. I am all about page-turners this summer but I need a solid plot. Give me that, and some decent characters and I’m good. This story was just too much of Finn running around trying to figure out what was, in my opinion, very obvious to begin with.

Source: Review copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
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