Sunday Matters: Sore Loser

Sunday Matters

Guys, I am feeling rather sad about not being approved for a galley of Murakami’s newest book, Killing Commendatore, due to hit shelves this October. I’ve been waiting so long for the translation and you all know how much I love Murakami. I am dying. I even tried to appeal it, only to be declined again. No reason. Just declined.

What’s funny is that I always buy the book anyway. Sometimes more than one copy. One to read, one to keep untouched. But I seriously wanted to sink my teeth into that 700+ page galley. I am so sad. And yes, I was selected as a Murakami ambassador once but nope… didn’t help me at all.

Look. At. It.

Killing Commendatore

Right Now:

Moving on, because I kind of have to even though I am bitter inside. Today is my last day off from student ministry so we have church this morning and then nothing.

This Week:

School starts for The Girl on Thursday. She has two volleyball games this week and one of them is before school even starts. We also have a cast party for Oliver, which we probably cannot attend due to her game. There is also a choir thing that she won’t be able to attend. In the middle of all of this is an orthodontist appointment. Sounds like a lot but not really since we can’t do most of it.


I finished Baby Teeth. What a book. It’s not prize-winning literature but it’s riveting. I just started Bring Me Back and I am seriously almost done with it. I love these quick, suspenseful reads.


While the kids saw the musical Waitress in Hollywood yesterday, the Hub and I saw Mission Impossible: Fallout. I enjoyed it. It was a good action movie.

I should know this but I think Fear the Walking Dead starts up again tonight. If so, I plan to watch it.


This past week I made some Korean Turkey Bowls. I was supposed to use beef but I went with turkey and it was easy and super good. I subbed gluten-free soy sauce but it was easy to adapt and the leftovers were even better. We also had pizza one night, pork chops on another. Tonight I am craving take-out. Maybe Thai?

Grateful for:

The Girl handled registration by herself and I didn’t have to brave the hot weather to do it with her. She even got her schedule straightened out. She is now a 10th grader!

What are you up to today? Doing anything fun? Cooking anything good?


Review: Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth
By Zoje Stage
St. Martin’s Press, 9781250170750, July 2018, 320pp.

The Short of It:

Impossible to put down.

The Rest of It:

Hanna is seven-years old and has not said a word to anyone. Ever.  Concerned, her parents take her for testing but there is no physical reason for her lack of speech. When it’s suggested to Hanna’s mother Suzette that perhaps it’s a behavioral issue, Alex, Hanna’s father doesn’t want to believe it. Suddenly, out of the blue, Hanna says something to Suzette but instead of excitement, Suzette feels dread because the words that come out of Hanna’s mouth are quite disturbing.

Oh! There is so much going on in this one. Hanna is fiercely attached to her father which makes it all the more difficult when Suzette realizes that her daughter needs help. Alex only sees the good. He’s at work all day but Suzette is the one who home schools Hanna. Suzette is the one who sees her act out in unimaginable ways. Suzette is the one Hanna targets when her jealousy rears its head. No school will take her. Suzette begins to feel like she’s trapped with this kid who does horrible things but she’s still her mother, so what can she do? What can be done?

That is the question. That and trying to figure out what is wrong with this kid! The entire time I was reading this book my mind jumped all over the place. Is this kid possessed? Is she playing games? Is there something really wrong with her? A brain tumor? Something?  This is the type of book that will drive you crazy but is also incredibly fun to read. Suzette is weaker than I would have liked her to be but as a mother myself, I’m not sure how I would handle a similar situation.

Baby Teeth is listed as a must-read by many for good reason. It’s thoroughly entertaining and impossible to put down. It made me second-guess myself a few times and had me questioning what the “right” decision would be for a parent in the same situation. I really enjoyed it.

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