Review: My Husband’s Wife

My Husband's Wife

My Husband’s Wife
By Jane Corry
Pamela Dorman Books, Hardcover, 9780735220959, January 31, 2017, 384pp.

The Short of It:

History repeats itself.

The Rest of It:

The title of this story is a little misleading and it’s not fully explained until the last third of the book but what started off as a rocky start, turned out to be quite a page turner.

Lily is married to Ed. Their marriage is riddled with problems. Ed doesn’t have a full-time job because he’s an artist trying to make a name for himself. Lily, resents having to be the sole breadwinner but when she takes on her first murder case everything takes a backseat including her marriage.

Carla is the little neighbor girl who lives next door with her mother. She’s alone much of the time because her mother chooses to entertain her “boyfriend” Larry in order get the things she needs like rent money, clothes and tuition for her daughter. After Lily and Ed offer to watch Carla, a bond grows between Carla and Ed as Carla becomes Ed’s artistic muse.

This book could be split into two separate novels. Carla’s childhood is interesting enough but once Carla is grown, the story takes a different direction as we follow her into adulthood and see how her mother’s actions impact her later in life. In addition to Carla’s story, there’s Lily’s story and how a murder case from the past affects her years later.

As you might have guessed, Carla and Lily’s stories are intertwined due to Ed but the way they come together is not smooth and dare I say it, a tad awkward. The transition between childhood and adulthood needed a little finessing in my opinion and some of the plot points weren’t realistic but the last third of the book had me flipping pages left and right to see how the story would end.

I think this book tried too hard. It tried to be many things ( a murder mystery, a psychological thriller, a book about relationships, etc.) It lacked focus even though the last third of the book was pretty riveting. All in all this book was just okay for me. It missed its mark.

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Sunday Matters: Uh, Hello

Sunday Matters

It’s so easy for the week to slip past me. Especially while reading Ulysses. I’ve been MIA this week because Ulysses requires all of my attention and that means other books do not get read. The struggle is real.

Right Now:

My Sunday schedule is pretty much the same. We go to church, I go into panic mode over not having shopped for the week and then I head back to church to hang with the middle-schoolers. But every Sunday manages to be different which keeps it interesting.

This Week:

Not much happening this week besides Shrek auditions. I’ve filled my daughter up with all the home remedies for sickness because she always, ALWAYS gets sick for auditions. She started to sneeze on Thursday. I refuse to let the sickness in so she has had every home remedy you can think of.

She is not a fan of me right now. Who gags on honey? She does.


I’m still reading Ulysses for the read-along. It’s a bit of a slog and I took an unintended three-day break from it so now I am feeling a bit behind.

This is what I really want to read:

Lincoln in the Bardo

Everyone is reading Lincoln in the Bardo and I feel SO left out.  It sounds fascinating. Abraham Lincoln, a ghost and strange happenings. Fabulous.


Oh man. Bates Motel. I just finished  watching the episodes from last season. What a show. The new season begins this week and it looks absolutely crazy. Norman. Such a piece of work he is.

The Walking Dead is on tonight and I am hoping it has a little more pep than last week’s mid-season opener which was a real yawn-fest. I still managed to talk about it no less than 12 times this past week though.


I feel like grilling. I also feel like making up some casseroles but my kids are not fans of casseroles.

Grateful for:

Camaraderie. It’s feels good to get together with people and just BE. No pressure. No facades.

How are you all doing? California had a monster storm. It was named Lucifer. It lived up to its name.

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