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Review: Then She Was Gone

Then She Was Gone

Then She Was Gone
By Lisa Jewell
Atria Books, 9781501154652, November 2018, 384pp.

The Short of It:

One minute Ellie is there, the next minute she is gone and the wake of her disappearance leaves a family changed forever.

The Rest of It:

The Mack family, fairly happy and close knit as far as families go is forced to learn how to live without their oldest daughter. Ellie, the golden girl. The perfect daughter whose light and personality resonates with just about everyone she meets, doesn’t come home from school one day and her parents and family are left to pick up the pieces.

Laurel, can’t quite put her finger on why she thinks Ellie is still alive but as the years go by and nothing new is discovered, the case goes cold. As a mother, can you really let go without any real closure?

The Mack family is affected by Ellie’s disappearance in many ways. A sister, who lives a very secret life and can’t find ways to be close to Laurel like Ellie was. An ex-husband who was a good man, but had to move on with his life. A son who distances himself from the family as soon as he’s able, and then Laurel, who tries desperately to hang on to hope, but quickly realizes that it’s okay for her to find happiness too.

Until a new development is discovered in the case.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a fast read but I felt for these characters. The author did a really good job of presenting all the conflicts and keeping the story fresh. I felt Laurel’s pain over her daughter’s disappearance but I also felt her need for happiness. The story came together in a good way too. Not too predictable or over the top.

I’ve read one other Jewell book and I know she has many others. I am happy to have found an author I can keep reading for awhile.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

So much to be thankful for this year. Truly, we are blessed. My son is home from college through Saturday and heads back on Sunday. My daughter was able to relax a little this past week and if you’ve read my other posts you’ll know why I chose to call that out. The Hub is off for a couple of days.

Today, is all about us being together, and eating. Not going to sugar-coat it. I am making all the traditional dishes and a couple of new ones. Somehow, we have four pies and it’s just the four of us and the pup.

There will be movie and parade watching. Also, we got hit with a cold spell and snow is expected. Snow. Probably not at our elevation although it’s possible. Wouldn’t that be great? I know what we won’t be doing…shopping. We will eat and lounge around and be lazy and then maybe eat some more. I am on Weight Watchers now and I am down fifteen pounds since I started so it won’t be a total free-for-all but I plan to indulge and track it.

Whatever you are doing today, I hope you enjoy it and that you know how much I appreciate you. Book blogging has changed but the friendships I’ve made here have endured the test of time and I am grateful.