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Whatnot – Week 24

Roses on top of a wall.Good morning!  Look at these beautiful roses! On one on my walks this week, my head was filled with too many things and I was looking down at the ground the entire way. I saw these beautiful rose petals on the ground and thought, there aren’t any roses here. Then, I looked up. My neighbor’s roses were peeking out over her high wall. I love these little reminders. Always look up. That beautiful coral color against that blue sky instantly cheered me up. 

The school year is quickly winding down. Two graduations to look forward to, a musical production of Sweeney Todd which we all really hope can be performed live, a wedding anniversary coming up, not to mention Memorial Day weekend at the end of the month. These are all things we are looking forward to. After having nothing on the calendar for so long, it seems a little overwhelming but also exciting. 

On the reading front, I am still reading or plan to read these titles:

Last week was lost due to not feeling great but it reminded me how easy it is to fall behind with my reading goals so a little more effort will be spent this week to get back on track. A little more planning, a little more organizing. I’m a mood reader too so I need many titles as back-ups just in case my current read isn’t working for me. 

I posted my 10 Books of Summer list yesterday. Stop by if you missed it!

We had a little surprise yesterday. I was in a Zoom work meeting and the pup started to go off but like she knew who it was coming towards the door. In walks THE BOY. He surprised us all. He came down to finalize his car loan and to hopefully get a car today. He needs another for Kansas. His beloved Honda Pilot has 300K miles on it. Cross your fingers, think good thoughts, pray, toss salt over your shoulder. Thank you. After that he needs to go back to San Luis Obispo to finish his school year and work a bit more, then he will be here for a little bit before he leaves for Kansas. 

Oh! My daughter was selected to be a summer camp counselor so thank you for the good thoughts! It’s the perfect first job for her!

Off to see what work has in store for me. Have a good day!


Whatnot – Week 23

Sunflower.Another Wednesday and here I am. If it weren’t for these regular posts I would not know what day it is. Are you good? Most of you are fully vaccinated by now including myself! I just got my second yesterday so I will hold off on how I feel but if you got the first shot, DO get the second. With everything ramping up in India I think we will need to hit that herd immunity mark and right now they are saying it’s not going to happen since people are skipping the second shot.  

I am in limbo here. Still waiting for move-in info for my daughter. Still trying to find a car for my son before he leaves for Kansas. That is enough to occupy my head.

But in other news, two separate women in my neighborhood have been allowing their dogs to do their business on my lawn without cleaning up after them. They are not new. I have a funny sign posted asking them to avoid the area but they do not and have on two occasions let their dog do the deed while I was standing right there. I am kind of thinking they are not 100% there so I don’t think there is anything I can do about it but it’s frustrating. If I try to talk to them one runs away, which is weird and the other looks at me like I am a crazy person. 

You might laugh but we feed our dog premium dog food and the output is not at all bad but their dogs! Ugh! I am a gagger and it’s not pretty watching me go at it AND the other day my bag broke. Another neighbor down the street provided a poop bag station to deal with their own issues and someone stole it! Definitely not them. 

Anyway, enough about poop. Well, I got flagged on Barnes and Noble for profanity and the word in question was POOP. I was reviewing Broken by Jenny Lawson. Clearly, way too much poop talk in my life these days. 

After all this frustration I took a walk with the pup and encountered that sunflower you see above. That neighbor’s strip is completely bare and has no water source and yet that flower exists. That’s kind of how I feel lately. Everything around me is less than ideal and yet, each day I try. I really try to see the good in everything and I try to relax. Being wound-up like this is not the norm for me. 

What are your plans for Mother’s Day? Youth group is meeting on Mother’s Day. I think attendance will be very low but I didn’t plan to celebrate it ON the day anyway. Too crowded. I really have no plans. A long nap sounds pretty good right now. 

My reading schedule got thrown off due to the Hub’s birthday celebration last weekend. I missed a review for Monday but so what? It will just post on Friday instead. It wasn’t a review copy and I was enjoying it too much to rush through it. Rules of Civility is quite enjoyable. Next up:


Tell me what you are reading!