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Sunday Matters: The Month Go-Eth

Sunday Matters

It goes without saying that time is flying. I’m not sure where it began to speed up but the school year is nearly over. After a year on pause, here we go. Are you ready? The one thing that this pandemic has done is carve out for me what is NOT important in my life. I’ve always wanted to live simply. I tend to not need much. I like it that way. I think that mindset bothers my kids though.

Right Now:

My Sundays are pretty set. Church, youth group, a walk with the Hub and pup and then maybe some takeout later or dinner out.

This Week:

It’s time for cap and gown pick-up for my high school senior. She will drive down to get that and some other grad items on Monday.

Thursday, The Hub gets shot #2 (Moderna).

I have a couple of items for work but doable. No biggies.

I will be spending some time this week trying to find another hair stylist. After not hearing from her for ages, and my hair being totally out of control, I contacted her and she is out of business. I am kind of hurt that she didn’t tell me. I have been going to her for about 12 years now. I knew all about her kids and she knew about mine. I know her situation cannot be fully known by me but man, it made me sad.


Because of that wave of sadness that hit me, I gave up on Good Neighbors. Those opening pages took a lot of work to get through and I was not feeling it. Maybe I will pick it up again some other time because it’s pretty well-reviewed.

Instead, I picked up Broken by Jenny Lawson. I received a review copy and although I am not a huge fan of funny books or memoir type books, I opened it up to the first story and it immediately pulled me out of my pathetic (I lost my hair dresser) funk.


Also, you have today and tomorrow to enter my giveaway for a chance to win a copy of Promises to Keep!


I thought we had watched Marcella on Netflix but then I realized we had not so we have been watching season one and it’s very good. A serial killer returns, it’s British, it’s good.

Will you all be watching the Oscars tonight? I’ve not seen any of the movies but it is usually a fun event to watch. I’ll give it a go and if it doesn’t do it for me I will watch Fear the Walking Dead which I still hope redeems itself.

Grateful for:

  • Service opportunities. More on that later.
  • So grateful that the pup is not allergic to bees. She stepped on a bee again on one of her walks and instantly thought I did something to her which is so weird. She has since forgiven me.
  • Antibacterial anything. Something bit my hand after some yard work. It got infected. I am self-treating it but it’s turning a corner. Thankfully.

What are you doing today? What do you have going on this week?

Sunday Matters: Steering Clear Of The Dreaded Reading Slump

sunday-matters (1)

For months now, my reading pace has been excellent. My secret is having all the books I want to read lined up and ready to go. But then, I read a slow book and my perfect little reading world began to tilt and fall off its axis. I quickly lined up a few reads to motivate me to keep going and then, those books didn’t seem all that exciting. Now, I am back to square one and working on that book line-up again. If I manage two reviews a week and keep it that way, that will make me very happy. If I can do so with great books, even better.

Right Now:

Coffee, church, youth group, a long walk. In that order. Maybe some takeout later while watching a movie.

This Week:

Very happy to report that I snagged a vaccine appointment for my daughter for tomorrow! I was worried that we would have to wait a long time since they just opened it up to 16+ but the school district worked out a deal and voila, first appointment tomorrow. Yes!

On Wednesday, our book club will meet online to discuss Anxious People which I read awhile back and enjoyed very much.


I am currently reading Three Perfect Liars. I feel like it is a good choice to jumpstart the reading train again. It’s reminding me of the movie Baby Boom. A young professional takes a six month maternity leave only to return to her temp, sitting at her desk and working with her most important client. It’s very readable and pulls you in quickly.

I do think Northern Spy will be my next read. It was recently chosen for Reese’s book club.

Northern Spy

Also, don’t forget to enter my giveaway for Promises to Keep!


I mentioned in one of my recent posts that we started to watch THEM on Amazon Prime. A black family moves to an all white Compton in the 50s and let’s just say their welcome is less than ideal. It’s a mix of racial motivated horror as well as supernatural horror linked to events in the past. It’s terrifying on many levels and has quite a bit of violence and disturbing imagery. We just finished it. I heard that there will be another season but I don’t know how there could be. What kept us watching is the acting.

Grateful for:

  • Good coffee. Need I explain? I wish we had more indie coffee shops around me though. The local chain leaves a lot to be desired IMO.
  • Having passionate kids. My son is heading up the planning for a memorial for Kristin Smart. She disappeared 25 years ago. They just arrested two people and the anniversary of her disappearance is coming up. She was a Cal Poly student so he, and a group of others have been planning for a memorial in her honor. It will be a collection of art works, letters, etc. He was recently in the news if you’d like to read more. 

What do you have planned today? What are you reading that I must know about?