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Review: The Summer Demands

The Summer Demands

The Summer Demands
By Deborah Shapiro
Catapult, 9781948226301, June 2019, 224pp.

The Short of It:

Gave me all the feels of The Big Chill but with a smaller cast of characters.

The Rest of It:

On the verge of her fortieth birthday, Emily inherits an abandoned summer camp from her aunt. She and her husband move there, with the hopes of transforming it into an artist colony. The old, main house is full of charm and memories but the rest of the camp is in need of repair. They both realize it will take quite a bit of resources to get it to where it needs to be. What they don’t immediately realize though is that they already have their first guest.

I really enjoyed The Summer Demands. Emily and her husband are in a good place. Even though she is without a job and trying to find her way again after suffering a miscarriage, Emily is hopeful if not a little lost. But when she stumbles upon Stella, a twenty-something who is essentially squatting on their property, her first reaction is to help her, not oust her and she holds that secret for a little while before telling her husband.

It’s these moments between Stella and Emily that cause so much tension. Female friendships and intimacy, envy, jealousy and longing. Emily is a tad infatuated with Stella but when Stella meets Emily’s husband, Emily notices that everyone she meets is kind of infatuated with Stella. It’s just who she is.

Emily and Stella loll around the camp, swimming, watching movies, and soaking up the sun but as a reader you just know that this idyllic summer must end eventually, and it does. I loved the easiness of this novel. I loved the complexities of female friendships displayed here and I liked how the author explored things without making you feel too strongly about any one thing.

Plus, the setting was great. The lake and the sunlight filtering through the trees. It’s all so palpable. I really enjoyed The Summer Demands but it definitely falls into the “quiet novel” category which I enjoy very much.

Source: Review copy provided by the publisher.
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Sunday Matters: Nearing the Finish Line

Sunday Matters

I know that “I” am not the one taking summer school classes but every day I am reminded that these classes are in progress and it just doesn’t feel like summer at all right now. THREE more days for one class. A few more weeks for the other and fall registration is August 2nd so there will just be a couple of weeks to decompress.

Right Now:

We attended church on Thursday so maybe a trip to the bookstore is in order and then a trip to find some cool wine glasses.

This Week:

I decided to sandwich my July 4th holiday with a day off before, and a day off after, therefore making my one day off a glorious five days off. I want to do all the things. We don’t head anywhere for fireworks because of our pup. She is fine with them as long as we are home but my daughter is going to the beach with a friend. Not sure what my son is doing. We will just hang here and cook something good.

For those other days, I plan to use at least one of them to declutter my house. I know! I am a freak but this calms me and I can’t relax when my house is in a disarray. For the other days, no big plans but I just want to get out and do things.


Earlier this week I posted my plans for summer reading. If I read those books this summer I will be happy. Plus, I am reading The Scent Keeper right now. It’s slow-going but not because of the book. Just a little sidetracked with home stuff and yes, that school stuff and keeping my daughter on track.


What will you be watching on July 4th? Movies? I will for sure be watching Stranger Things! I am so excited to finally have some good TV to sink my teeth into.

Unfortunately, the Bachelorette was on the other day and I made the mistake of watching an episode. I’m not hooked, and will not watch again but that one episode was like a crazy train.

Fear the Walking Dead is a snooze fest.

New Things I’ve Tried:

I’ve never used facial moisturizers religiously because of naturally oily skin but the elasticity of my skin is just not there anymore. I’ve been trying new things here and there and this moisturizer is one of them. Weleda’s Skin Food has quite a following. Go ahead. Google it.

It has made my skin so dewy. Plus, it smells fresh like herbs and yes, maybe it’s a smidge medicinal but let me tell you, a tiny dab makes my skin feel so good and my hands… like new. Can be used all over. Have you heard of it?

Grateful for:

I had a dental appointment yesterday and I am grateful for the clean bill of health. I’ve been spending more time on my teeth and it’s a good thing.

What are you up to today? What summery thing will you be doing this week? Concerts in the Park opens on Saturday with a Spice Girls tribute band but we are going to a BBQ at my in-law’s house.