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Sunday Matters: Lake Bound

Sunday Matters

At this moment, I am at the departure location getting these students checked-in for our trip to Hume Lake! Once they are all checked in, there will be some photo ops and then we board the bus for our ride up the mountain. I am looking forward to a very special time with this group. Please pray for our safety and health! Good thoughts work too.

Hume Lake

As we pull into camp, we lose reception so I will be completely off the grid next week. I welcome this. Truly. My brain has been running non-stop for far too long. I need this as much as the students do.

When I return on Saturday, I’m sure I will have stories to tell but it might take a little time for me to share as I am exhausted after camp. Plus, I haven’t shared my summer reading list yet. I’ll do that when I return.

See you soon!

Sunday Matters: Summer Vibes (…loading)

Sunday Matters

I think this happened last year to some degree but summer is here according to the calendar. Our weather certainly confirms it but it does not feel like summer in my heart.

No vacations planned due to the Hub’s work schedule. I am taking days off to make some of my weekends long ones but the summer vibe is not there. There’s summer school to deal with and we received the school registration notice for fall last week and in a flash, July is half over. Poof.

How are you spending your summer? I need some summer vibes. I guess I’m just suck in a rut.

Right Now:

About to head out the door to church. Later, a slip-n-slide kickball event for the high schoolers that I may show up for, and then hopefully I will be able to say goodbye to a book club friend who is moving to Chicago.

This Week:

Nothing too major. I have a hair appointment, dinner with my life group, summer school drop-off. Things at work are picking up because we are prepping for the fall semester. Same. Same.


Still reading Visible Empire. It’s not taking long at all but I’ve been in a weird mood. I come home all antsy and cannot settle down to read. What’s up with that?

I’ve also been reading a book for my life group called Soul Keeping. Maybe this book is the reason for all of my angst. It’s about taking care of your soul and how easy it is to let distraction take you away from what’s important. I am not caring for the “voice” but the message is good.


Not much. Too distracted these days.


Chicken curry one night which was a disaster. It was way too salty! I don’t know what happened. I make it all the time. I made pasta one night and the pasta was gloopy. Gluten free pasta can be like that but I probably cooked it too long. Again. Distracted.

Grateful for:

I am grateful for serving opportunities because they take me out of my head and away from the news. Seriously! I cannot even stay up-to-date on world happenings anymore without a gray cloud appearing over my head. I know I am not alone in this.

So, tell me all about your wonderful summer so I can get out of this funk.