Whatnot – 09/01/21

Sloth hanging out at the zoo.Well, hello September. It came out of nowhere, so it seems. I do love this time of the year though. My daughter took a video of Springfield the other day and the trees are already changing color. That will be new for her. 

Isn’t my little friend to the left cute? I snapped that while my son and I visited the Dickerson Park Zoo in Missouri. My daughter was getting settled on campus so my son and I hit the zoo. It happened to be our hottest day there. Oh boy!! The  humidity was no joke. My hair looked like a Chia pet. But look at this guy! He was so chill. Just hanging out. That was a very small but nice zoo. Right afterward we hit Sonic for a Diet Vanilla Cherry Coke with Lime. My new fave drink. 

The students returned to my campus this week. I was informally told that I probably won’t be back until October. So far, the week has been busy but good. 

My review of Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty posts this Friday. It doesn’t come out until 9/14 but there was no way for me to wait. I had to read it right away. Today I am starting We Were Never Here, the current Reese pick. Anyone else reading it?

We Were Never Here

I managed to watch the premiere of American Horror Stories: Double Feature over the weekend. It is so good!! I hope the rest of the season holds. 

This weekend is my birthday weekend. I think we will hit Montecito and then Santa Barbara just to walk around, take in some good food and gaze at the ocean. That sounds good to me. 

Have a great week!! 

11 thoughts on “Whatnot – 09/01/21”

  1. So glad things went well with moving your daughter across the country. Cute picture! Have a good birthday and I’ll watch for what you think about Apples Never Fall. I do also want to read We Were Never Here at some point.

  2. I’ve been so busy that I’m behind on reviews and still have 2 books I want to finish and so many more I had hoped to have started and finished by now. Apples Never Fall, Billy Summers are (2) on that list. I started Billy Summers and put it aside to finish during RIP.

    You’ve managed to read a lot despite all you’ve had going on.

    I don’t drink soda except a slip of Coke now in then when the hub has a can. I’m strictly a coffee, tea and water drinker with maybe 3-4 coffee frapuccinos in the summer:0

    1. I rarely drink soda but after a 90 degree day with 80% humidity and us traipsing around the zoo, I didn’t care what the kid got me. I drank it. LOL.

  3. Happy early birthday! I hope you have a lovely visit to SB and that the weather cooperates. If you are ever here and want to get together for a coffee or walk, let me know, but also NO PRESSURE!

    I may participate in RIP this year since I can include mysteries and thrillers. How did I not know that before?!

  4. I hope you have/had a wonderful birthday. Wandering a Santa Barbara sounds lovely. I’ve been there a few times, but it’s been years (although we do drive through every time we head to San Diego).

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