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Yesterday, I wrote this long, pitiful post about me being in a funk and let me tell you, it was one sad affair. I was just about to hit publish and then I hesitated. I can’t really say why I hesitated because I honestly do not know, but I’m glad I did because today is another day and it’s quite different from yesterday.

Ever have days like that? It wasn’t even a bad day but it was just tough in so many ways.

Today, I find myself excited over the books I have in my pile. Reading has always cheered me up and these are the ones coming up for me. They are all so different. I think that Nesbø cover is just a placeholder cover for the real deal but you get the point.

The Barrowfields

Men Without Women

The Thirst

Summer Dance

What books are you looking forward to?

Sunday Matters: Spring, Books, and Life

Sunday Matters

I love this time of the year. I feel hopeful and optimistic and it’s so beautiful outside! I really wish I had access to a window at work though. Or a skylight! Wouldn’t that be something? Everything is blooming and it’s gorgeous.

Right Now:

Even though my yard did not survive the drought, it’s still nice to sit here with the windows wide open, enjoying my cup of coffee. Fresh air really makes a difference.

In a little bit, we will head out for the day but first, breakfast. I am eating clean (trying to) so it won’t be the delicious bagel I am craving but it will be exactly what I need.

This Week:

Not much going on this week. There’s a dental appointment for my daughter which I have to take her to and then there is also one for my son and he will take himself. Still not used to that. There’s a rehearsal in there somewhere,  my life group meeting and something I haven’t done before, volunteering for homeless outreach.


I finished The Lonely Hearts Hotel. It’s a sad little book but also not sad. That makes no sense but maybe the review will once I write it up. Next up: The Barrowfields.

Oh, and it’s not coming out until 9/26 but Stephen King and his son Owen have a book coming out, Sleeping Beauties! You can read about it here. I am almost certain I will host a read-along for it. It’s over 700 pages long! Yay!


I tend to watch the same things each week unless a series ends so The Walking Dead and Bates Motel. I’ve worked a few episodes of Fixer Upper in too. That show is easy to watch while doing other things which makes it popular in my house.

Also, I am still fascinated by Hoarders. Every time I see that show all I can think is that I missed my calling. I LOVE to organize things!!


Eating clean makes meal prep rather easy but not very exciting. Last week I made my veggie bowls and this week will probably be protein and veggies, preferably roasted in some way. Roasted vegetables are so tasty!

Grateful for:

I briefly mentioned my life group above. For the longest time, I was interested in joining a life group but you all know me and know all that I am involved with so time was always an issue. But this winter I bit the bullet and signed up and I could not be happier. It was a ten week commitment and we are heading into week nine but I am hoping we become a permanent group. I am so grateful for this group of woman.

That’s it from me. What did you do this weekend? What’s the one thing you are looking forward to in the coming weeks?