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Whatnot – Week 9

I can’t believe that February is nearly here. I come to you on this cold, dreary morning full of reading mojo. I swear, I am on fire right now with my reading. My “picker” has been spot-on. The last two books I picked up in the morning and finished the next morning and they were good too! That is why I am stressing a little over my next read. I don’t want to break the chain. We are supposed to get three days of heavy rain so a good read is a must.

I am thinking about this one, or that one. The latter is a review copy and comes out in March.

Interior Chinatown

Are We There Yet

I am leaning towards the Yu book. I liked his previous book How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe.

Other than that, things around here have been okay. Some of you sent me vegetarian recipes to try and I am so grateful. I needed a little inspiration. My favorite quick meal right now is curried lentils made with a splash of coconut milk over brown rice. My daughter enjoys this too so it makes for a nice, quick lunch. I do have the Moosewood cookbooks buried in my kitchen somewhere so I will dig them out soon and this gem, by the same author, The New Enchanted Broccoli Forest. It was my first vegetarian cookbook, purchased a decade ago and it has a lot of easy recipes. Tasty too.

The college audition process continues. For the most part, she is done. There are “walk-in” auditions being posted by some schools so she is carefully watching that list to see if she wants to audition for any others but now we wait.

What are you going these days? With all this rain we are getting, it actually snowed for a bit the other day, walking may not be in the cards for the pup and I. Tell me how you are keeping busy.

Whatnot – Week 8

My post is a day late because for the past two days my power has been off. I’ve mentioned it before but the power company shuts us down now when there is a weather event, whether that is high winds or super dry conditions. It’s becoming excessive and making me feel like I am living in a country where power is rationed. This time, we had a generator for the fridge but what a pain. We are up at the moment but I just got another alert that we will be down again soon. Not great given what is taking place this week. School had to be missed and it was difficult for me to work from devices with low batteries.

On another note, I finished The Overstory and hope to have the review written soon. I have many books to read but Miss Benson’s Beetle is the one I am currently reading while trying to find another book to read with it. My review copies are flooding my Kindle at the moment so I need to work some of those into my reading schedule as well. It’s a good problem to have.

Without power for the beginning of this week I’ve lost track of my days. Looking forward to the weekend and this wind ending. The poor pup hasn’t been able to go out because of how windy it’s been. She’s looking at me now but trees falling everywhere is not conducive to a nice stroll.

Did you watch the inauguration? My power came on just in time for me to catch it! What a beautiful ceremony.