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Sunday Matters: Heading Into November Like a Freight Train

Sunday Matters

I haven’t posted a review in a while because I am so into Murakami’s book, Killing Commendatore, that there is no time for other books while I am reading it . These Sunday posts will probably be all you see from me until I turn that last page.

But hey, it’s almost time for Halloween and then we are into November. I’ve been trying to schedule things, fun things, like Christmas light shows, the Sip & Shop tree lighting ceremony, and I am already running into conflicts. There are only so many days to schedule things when people take off for the holidays, etc.

Right Now:

I’ve bit a little out-of-it this past week. To some degree my body just gives out towards the end of the year. All that running around catches up with me. Plus, the news. GAH! Is GAH an actual word? Because, it should be.


This Week:

I am not a fan of Halloween when it falls mid-week and this is the first time my daughter will be elsewhere. I think I will make a pot of chili and hand out candy with my son (if he’s not working). The Hub and I like to watch a scary movie in-between door knocks too.


Yep. You know it. Murakami has my attention right now. I can tell you this, Killing Commendatore is probably his most accessible work and such a good representation of his style. I do not want it to end.


Oh goodness! American Horror Story really turned it up this season. it’s so good! It has Joan Collins! She is so fab in it.

The Walking Dead is still meandering along. Last weekend’s episode hinted at some shenanigans to come but it was subtle and lately, the hints and promises of something good don’t pay off. But Rick’s character has two more episodes of life and then that’s it for Rick Grimes. Not sure how I feel about it. I really don’t know why they even told the fans he was leaving.

New Things I’ve Tried:

This week I tried a boxed, gluten-free falafel mix from Trader Joe’s. All you do is add water, mix, and bake. The end product looked REALLY good and the texture was great, considering they were baked and not fried like traditional falafel, but the spices were so strong. Even covered in cucumber yogurt sauce and hummus it was too much for me.

Grateful For:

I have a really good circle of people around me and I am thankful to have them. They challenge me in good ways and make me want to be a better human.

Question for you…

Charlie Brown - I Got a Rock

If you celebrate Halloween, what do you enjoy doing that night? My neighborhood is big on fire pits in the driveway while handing out candy. I just like to watch a scary movie while handing out candy, usually with The Otter Pup. She used to hate trick-or-treaters but she gets so excited now.


It’s Here!

Killing Commendatore

After two long years waiting for the translation, Killing Commendatore is finally in my hands! Last night, as soon as I could, I drove to the closest bookstore and searched for a copy. At first, it was nowhere to be found. I got worried but then I spotted it. Three copies only!

I turned each page lovingly, to make sure the pages weren’t bent. I removed the book jacket to reveal the surprise cover underneath. All was intact and now it is happily in my hands. What you see below is what’s underneath the bright blue cover.

Killing Commendatore Cover Reveal

I’ve read a few pages already and within just nine pages Murakami managed to include a faceless man, cats, mysterious women friends and ear talk. Where is my bingo card?

Murakami Bingo Card

I am probably going to get this UK version too. The cover is so different from what we got here in the US. I think Chip Kidd only designed the US version though.

Killing Commendatore Alternate Cover

And under the UK cover:

Killing Commendatore UK Cover Reveal

Which do you prefer? The US cover on top? Or the UK cover on the bottom? Will you be picking up a copy?