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Whatnot – 05/18/22

The Otter Pup at home.The one thing the pup loves is when I am sitting in one place reading. She prefers Kindle reading so that my one hand is free to give her belly rubs. In this photo I am trying to negotiate with her because I need to get up and as you can see, she is not having it. 

How is everyone doing? We are living in trying times. The news, if you watch or read it, hasn’t been great of late and I know many coming down with COVID again. Some, dealing with long term effects too. I do my best to avoid it and to my knowledge, so far I’ve been successful but with the numbers rising it’s getting harder to remain vigilant. Also, many with COVID are choosing not to stay home.

On a happy note, tomorrow my daughter comes home! She was also just cast as Puck in the fall musical at MSU. This is great news given that she auditioned for the fall season in pain and was not well.


I’ve started fleshing out my summer reading list. Right now it’s just a note on my phone but soon I will share it. Mostly, it’s just what I want to read this summer and hopefully will keep me motivated because I lost my reading juju after that kidney surgery and although it’s back now, I am way behind on my reading.

I am so excited for fall reading too. So many books coming out. A new King, a new Kingsolver, a new McEwan. A new one by Celeste Ng and John Irving. I am screaming over here!

Have a good week! The weekend is nearly here.

Sunday Matters: Looking Forward

sunday-matters (1)
Is this what people do as they age? Marvel at how fast time passes? We are halfway through May, headed towards Memorial Day weekend and JUNE! Blows my mind. I’m looking forward to the new Top Gun movie. It looks so good! Getting very excited for my daughter’s return on 5/19 as well. Also looking forward to summer reading on the patio and morning coffee dates. I suppose I should start compiling my summer reading list. I did pretty well last year

Right Now:

Student ministry is meeting today and we only have a few more regular meetings until we hit summer programming and camp! Yes, I am going to camp this year! I am grabbing some last minute coffee, getting my bag together and I am out the door until later this afternoon.


My current read is Nan Rossiter’s new one, A Good Measure. It came out April 12th and Nan has offered me a copy to giveaway so look for that review soon. I am enjoying it a lot. So much so that I find myself rationing it out so I am taking my time with it.

A Good Measure


We started Ozark Season 3. I think we are seven episodes in and I’ve been successfully avoiding Season 4 spoilers so far. It’s very good but if I had seen this show before my daughter moved to the Ozarks for school I am not sure I would have backed that idea.

Grateful for:

  • The opportunity to grow in my student ministry efforts. We have an amazing team of people who encourage growth and learning in all aspects of the ministry and it’s been so rewarding.
  • Much needed afternoon naps. I was never a nap person before but they are my new favorite thing.

Have a wonderful Sunday and great week!