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Sunday Matters: Adjusting

sunday-matters (1)

Good morning, friends. I’ve been in the strangest mood. I feel a little scatterbrained and unhinged, if I am being honest. There is nothing going on except me getting used to being back in the office. I just need to get a grip and move on.

Luna the cat had 5 kittens. She is a good little mama. All the kittens are black except for one tabby and he, I think he is a he, is a pistol. Beating up on all the others and stealing the best nursing spots. He is the most vocal too. He has a lot of personality.

Root Beer the cat continues to live well in the Pacific Northwest. She, too, has become quite the character. Both kids tell me these are the only “grandkids” I will ever have. I am Mee-maw to the kitties.

The temps dropped here. The high yesterday was 82 and it was lovely. Cool mornings, golden sunshine, blue skies. It feels like fall. Thank God.

Right Now:

Heading to student ministry in a bit. I am hosting the game today! Right after we meet, we are heading to the beach for baptisms. We have nine students getting baptized. Beach baptisms are always super popular but man, that water is cold.


I am reading Lemon. It’s very good.

Lemon book cover


Not much. We started the new season of Cobra Kai. It did not start well. Kind of boring.

Grateful for:

  • Cooler weather has put me in a clothes buying mood which never happens. I just purchased a few fall tops. Feels good to be a grown-up again.
  • Follow-up appts. I hate going to the doctor but my follow-up ultrasound for the breast lump is tomorrow. Hope it hasn’t changed and this time, I hope they decide to take it out.

Have a great Sunday!

Whatnot – 09/14/22

Fave reading spot and friend.We bought our plane tickets to see my daughter in her show this November. My son will meet us there. Hotel is booked, car is rented. Obviously we won’t be able to do this for every role, but it’s a lead and her first MSU show. Please pray that COVID spares the cast. They have some time.

Speaking of COVID, I am getting my updated booster on Friday for the new variant and a week later my flu shot. I thought about doing them together but a week in between will be better I think.

We had some rain. Not nearly enough but a good day of light rain. It is super humid but the temps have really come down. Today the high will be 86. Not bad at all.

My reading is all over the place. I finally received the new King book but I am reading three others and want to finish those before I dive into King. I am having such a hard time getting used to these two days in the office. I am fine while AT the office but once I am home I am useless. You’d think that hanging on the couch with a book would be the perfect activity but my brain is running non-stop. Need to slow down. As you can see from the photo above, The Otter Pup is doing her best to keep me in one spot.

Fairy Tale by Stephen King

This Saturday my husband is working an outreach event and I will be driving into the Valley for lunch with some retired colleagues. They live in Idaho now so when they come down we try to hook up. It’s always a very good time.

The updated booster I am getting will be Pfizer but I’ve been getting Moderna all this time. I’ve heard that for the new variant, you can go either way but Moderna is not yet available near me so we will go with Pfizer. Hope we do okay with it.

In kitty news, my daughter’s cat had five kittens!! I don’t see how she carried that many. She is just a baby herself and so tiny. She is such a good mama. She will be spayed as soon as she is able to have it done.

Have a great week. I am taking this week to visit all your blogs. Hope you are all well.