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Words, Words, Words

Everyone is moving right into the new year and here I am feeling as if I have a scratch in my vinyl. My mind is skipping all over the place so I thought it best to at least check in.

Many of you have come up with your One Word for the year. I am toying with words in the back of my mind but none of them are right and many of them are strange (in my opinion) but seem to fit the mood. Like BEAUTY. I  mean, what the heck is that about? Right now, I have a notepad by my bed and when one hits me, I jot it down. Maybe I will have one before February. Maybe not.

I’ve got some reviews written and they they will post this week. I feel good about this because I’ve been all droopy and uninteresting for almost a month now. Reading is great though. Lots of reading.


Production week for Joseph is just a couple of weeks away. It will be the third time for my son and the second time for my daughter. It’s a great show. We all enjoy it. They should be professionals by now. He is playing Pharaoh and she is an Adoring Girl.

I keep hearing about Hidden Figures the movie but I just learned about the book. Has anyone read it?”

Also, I need to buy my copy of Ulysses because there is an informal read-along starting in February. Wish me luck because I’ve tried to read it before and uh, it didn’t go so well.

That’s it. Fill me in on what’s going on with you because I’ve missed you.

Sunday Matters: Happily Reading

Sunday Matters

This year has been a really good year for reading. I haven’t read that many books but there are several that I’ve loved and really enjoyed. I think maybe it has to do with my more casual approach to reading. I finish a book and pick up whatever sounds good. Sounds so easy and yet I’ve never really done that before.

Anyway, it’s been a good week for reading too, except there are no quiet places to read on campus. We are in week 3 of classes and all of my reading spots are occupied by students. It must be funny to watch me try to find a place. Turn a corner… nope. Turn another corner, nope. Go upstairs, nope. It’s going to be awhile before things settle down in that area.

Right Now:

It’s been a pretty relaxing weekend overall. Not much planned. A little cleaning. A little organizing. Church. Stuff like that. I have to mend a few tops for The Girl. I do not sew. I know how to use a hot glue gun (ask Teen) but these jobs require a needle and thread so if I get right on it I will be sewing later.

This Week:

Rehearsals start for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on Monday. Audition prep is on Wednesday. The Girl isn’t sure what she wants to audition for as of yet. The Teen inquired about one role but scheduling for him is pretty crazy right now.


I finished After the Parade by Lori Ostlund.  I really loved it. I am in the mood to start one of my R.I.P Challenge reads but the one I wanted to start expired on my Kindle. Poor timing.


Oh my word. American Horror Story – Hotel. I am all caught-up and it was way over-the-top. Totally watchable and disturbing in a “can’t look away” type of way but how did that even make it on TV?? It’s always been graphic but the Mature rating might have been a little too light for the content.


In my mind, it feels like fall and I am in the mood for a really good seasonal drink but it is still warm here so maybe some iced cider?

Iced Cider

Definitely too warm for chili and soup even though I could eat soup 24/7. I have no idea what to make this week. This is becoming a thing with me.

Grateful for:

Reconnecting with friends.