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Sunday Matters: Working for the Weekend

Sunday Matters

I feel as if I work all week just to get to the weekend. I would love for them to be a little longer but I’ll take what I can get! This weekend was pretty good. Not a lot going on. I got to browse the bookstore. I got to eat some yummy food. Oh, and I had a moment to put the house in order. I cannot stand when things pile up.

Right Now:

Just sitting here with my coffee. I should be writing out bills but who the heck wants to do that? No one.

This Week:

The beginning of the week will be the same old stuff but this weekend I am attending a leader retreat. I wasn’t able to attend last year’s event so this will be my first time. Because of my neck injury, which is finally healing, I won’t be able to do the crazy stuff like obstacle courses, swinging on ropes, etc. I am secretly glad about that.


This is the part that is supposed to change weekly but hey, I did finish a book. Mark the calendar!! I really want to pick up the Murakami I have but I have a book in front of it. Maybe I will pick it up anyway.


Same stuff. I need some new shows. I did watch another episode of Black Mirror. That show is depressing as hell. If you need a pick-me-up do not watch that show but if you want to sit there staring at the screen with your mouth hanging open, and don’t care how you feel afterward, then go ahead and watch it.


Not making it yet but I saw a picture of BBQ’s brisket so now I want brisket. Brisket and mashed potatoes and maple carrots? Yes. Please.

Grateful for:

I’ve been watching my food intake and the Noom app has been a real help. Easy to use. Free. Keeps me honest. I’m grateful to have it with me at all times. Much easier than writing it out which would get boring fast.

That is all I have. What are you doing this weekend?



Yesterday, I wrote this long, pitiful post about me being in a funk and let me tell you, it was one sad affair. I was just about to hit publish and then I hesitated. I can’t really say why I hesitated because I honestly do not know, but I’m glad I did because today is another day and it’s quite different from yesterday.

Ever have days like that? It wasn’t even a bad day but it was just tough in so many ways.

Today, I find myself excited over the books I have in my pile. Reading has always cheered me up and these are the ones coming up for me. They are all so different. I think that Nesbø cover is just a placeholder cover for the real deal but you get the point.

The Barrowfields

Men Without Women

The Thirst

Summer Dance

What books are you looking forward to?