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Sunday Matters: When?

Sunday Matters

That is the question everyone is asking all over. When? When will things reopen? In California, there are plenty of protests about the current restrictions but none like the ones I see in Michigan.

In my city, I realized that a lot of people aren’t aware of what IS open. They are protesting saying that they are stuck inside their homes but no, you are not. You can go out, walk, run, hike, go the market and pick up food. Some small businesses opened last week after putting some safeguards in place. We were not barricaded by plywood over our front doors. What is the deal? Things are open and other businesses are opening weekly.

Right Now:

Church and youth group online. Bacon and hash browns might happen.

This Week:

I was very excited to see our local used bookstore open for curbside pick up. They share photos of their shelves and then you tell them what you want. I saw an entire shelf of Harlan Coben books. I have loved the Netflix shows so reading his books should be next. I will probably order a few this week.

My daughter’s sign language class ends this week. Thank God! High School classes go on for a little longer. My son’s spring quarter doesn’t end until July.

Classes at the university I work for will be online for fall. My work told me to continue working from home, for now.

Summer camp for  my high school group was cancelled. I knew it had to be. No way to social distance in a cabin, chapel or the dining hall but it was still a hard pill to swallow.

And my tickets to see Hamilton this August? Cancelled. We are looking for another date. BUT, did you hear about it being streamed on Disney Plus July 3rd? The original Broadway cast!


I am reading Dead To Her. It’s not at all what I expected. Quite racy, actually. I am flying through the pages though.


We finished Season One of Broadchurch. Really good. Can’t wait to begin the new season.

New Things I’ve Tried:

We tried a new-to-us Gastropub for dinner last Friday. We picked the food up, of course but the gourmet burgers were so delicious and they had a gluten free bun for me. We ate in the car. We will definitely go back.

Grateful for:

  • Good TV to keep my mind off of the news
  • That I am still employed and able to work from home
  • That our re-fi closed when it did

How are you? Going crazy? Doing okay? I know those of you with younger kids really need a break.

Sunday Matters: One Day More

Sunday Matters

One day more
Another day, another destiny
~Les Mis

Right Now:

This week has been a particularly bad news week. The nastiness of the world seems to be coming at me from all directions. I seriously need to stop watching and listening because with each headline I just get angry.

First off, the Ahmaud Arbery shooting in Georgia. To think that you can kill someone and be roaming free for months afterward. That is ridiculous in and of itself.

Second, that ridiculous conspiracy video floating around that has turned some of my friends into fools. I won’t even name the video because it’s gotten too much press as it is. Have people lost their minds?

All that aside, today is Mother’s Day and although it’s not like any other Mother’s Day, it’s still a day to celebrate. We will hop in the car, drive somewhere to get food, eat in the car or maybe outside, get back in the car and come home. I am hoping for some grilled fish tacos and maybe a view of the ocean.

This Week:

My daughter’s dental appointment was rescheduled again. This will be the fourth time. I am fine with it. I was getting anxiety just thinking about it.

There is a online tap dance class this week for daughter. There is a sign language presentation due and then the final and I think that’s it. My daughter will be glad to have that class behind her.

My son is interviewing to be a Liberal Arts Ambassador for Cal Poly this Saturday (Zoom). This will be really good for him so I hope he gets it. He is still working with transfer students for his department. They offered him a little money to reach out to them since they can’t tour the campus right now. That seems to be going well. And he also got offered a voice-over gig.

My work is still plugging along. No mention yet of us returning anytime soon. Summer classes will be online. Fall classes are still being discussed. I can’t imagine us going back before July but things can change so quickly.


I finally finished Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. It’s a great book and I will have the review posted soon but it was so difficult to read with all the racism surfacing everywhere I look. It is a book that will make you angry.


We finished Paranoid on Netflix. It was just okay. Short, only eight episodes and I liked the characters a lot. The plot was a little thin. The big reveal, not very surprising.

We had a horror movie night on Friday. We watched Hereditary and got pizza. My son and daughter had already seen it but my husband and I had not. What a horrifying movie. Good, but will definitely creep you out.

New Things I’ve Tried:

I’ve tried a few new wines but none I feel compelled to recommend. Of the ones recommended to me by some of you last week, I’ve not tried them yet. It’s so hard to get things delivered these days. It takes weeks to get anything. I ordered blue light glasses for my daughter because all the online school work is taking its toll but they haven’t gotten here and that was over four weeks ago.

Grateful for:

  • Fake tanning cream. It’s hovered between 95-100 degrees this week which means I am wearing shorts and my legs were Edward Cullen white! Three days of cream and I am looking alive again.

For those of you celebrating Mom’s Day today, I hope you have a fabulous day, can enjoy some good food and maybe a little time to yourself. That sounds weird because all we are doing right now is having time to ourselves but you know what I mean. QUALITY time.

That’s it from hot, sunny, California. Tell me what is going on with you.