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Sunday Matters: That’s a Wrap

Sunday Matters

This week was not great and I’m glad it’s over. Health stuff. Stress. Seriously, I could do without it.

Right Now:

One of the things I am giving up while I figure out this health stuff is coffee. I never drank a lot of it but it’s something I’ve always enjoyed. Tea, just doesn’t do it for me but that’s what I am having at the moment.

This Week:

It is production week for Footloose with shows Thursday through Saturday.  I will probably see the show more than once but I’m not sure yet which shows we’ll see. I like to do opening and closing if possible.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. My son got us tickets to see Falsettos so I am looking forward to that.


I just finished The Wife Between Us and it was a wild ride.  I really enjoyed it and hope to get the review up soon. If you  know of other books like it, let me know.

I am reading Letters to the Church for a discussion  I have on the 14th and White Tears for a discussion I have on the 16th.


I have not been watching anything on TV but I did finally get to see Endgame! Avoiding all of the spoilers was so hard. I try to see these type of movies as soon as I can but our schedules just didn’t allow for it. Since others may not have seen it yet, please do not post any spoilers in comments. 

New Things I’ve Tried:

I haven’t tried anything new in the way of products but I need something for my skin. Maybe it’s because I’ve not been well but my skin is showing signs of toxicity and congestion. I just feel polluted. I need a new face mask or juice cleanse or something. Any recommendations?

Grateful for:

These days I am just grateful to get through the day.

How are you doing? The end of the school  year is coming and with it comes all of the end-of-the-year stress. Honestly, it’s killing me and there won’t be much of a break over summer either.


How Do You Decide What To Read?

As a book blogger, I put a lot of thought into what I am going to read and what I want to request. This year, I’ve only requested what I think I’ll enjoy. I used to request the hottest titles regardless of how I felt about the story but that didn’t always work out.

Plus, there are books that I just want to read for myself. Mood reading is a big thing with me this year. I want to be able to just pick up what I am in the mood for, without any obligation whatsoever, so I do that too. In-between my review books, there are mood picks and also book club picks that I must read for discussion.  I cannot forget the books I buy on a whim from the bookstore because of a slick display. I am a sucker for a good display or a fabulous cover.

I am missing the classics though. I used to always work a few in but I guess I haven’t been in the mood for them.

So, how do you pick your books these days? If you are a reviewer, do publication dates dictate your reading list? Or do you just review them when you get to them?

If you are a mood reader, what have you been in the mood for lately and do the seasons play a role in that?

I’ve got an entire bookshelf at home that holds all of my physical “to-read” copies and it’s getting a little out of hand. I will most likely do an Instagram story on it.

Right now I am in the mood for a really good foodie memoir or a novel set in a great location but centered around food. Know of one?