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Whatnot – 09/22/21

MyGood morning! How are you doing? I am noticing a  change in the quality of light and it really feels like fall is here. Fall, in Southern California is subtle. Last year the months between September and December were glorious. I hope we experience the same weather this year. I snapped this photo from my back yard in the early morning hours. It’s a view that I never tire of. 

I am still waiting for My Heart is a Chainsaw to come in from the library. I am on three different library hold lists and #6 in line for two of them but it’s taking forever. So, I picked up Damnation Spring. If I wait too long to read something I will hit a slump so DS it is. 

Damnation Spring

I haven’t pulled out any fall decor yet but my neighbors have. Makes me want to do that this weekend. There are a few who put their Halloween stuff up too. Last year, we set up a table to hand out candy and it was a sad affair. We had very few kids so this year I think it’s going to be crazy! Even with it being on a Sunday the kids will be out and about making up for last year. Looking forward to it. 

We have no plans for the weekend but we are always trying to get out and go somewhere. With me being at home all day long, I need to see a different view on the weekend. I did pick up timed tickets for a local museum for Saturday so perhaps that will be a nice trip. I am craving art. 

Have a good week!




Whatnot – 09/15/21

2022 PlannerGood morning! As you can see from the photo, I’ve been looking at planners. Why?? Because I realized that my beloved Passion Planner never launched for 2022. By now, I usually have it in my hands. I emailed them. No answer. Now they say they have supply chain issues and maybe they will launch at the end of the month. I’m sad. I went out and bought this one because my planning for next year starts now. As you know, planner shopping seems kind of ridiculous since we have no idea what will be going on next year. I mean, I thought I’d use my planner more this year and it didn’t happen. But, this girl has to have a planner. 

I am still waiting for My Heart is a Chainsaw to come in from the library. Since I finished Hamnet, what a book that was, I reached for my review copy of The Family Plot. I thought I’d read a few chapters and then promptly read 25% of it. What a fun story. I hope to be done with it soon. 

The Family Plot

Tonight, my book club will meet on my patio to discuss Hamnet. We’ll enjoy nibbly bits, drink, and talk about books. The perfect combination. 

I absolutely love this time of the year. Cool mornings and warm afternoons. I went looking for some fall candles this past weekend but didn’t find any I liked. I like outdoorsy smells, not foody smells like apple or pumpkin. The problem is that all the candles I love are $50. Ha! I can’t see myself spending that on a candle. Yes, I do buy them now and then as a gift to myself but I tend to lean on the practical side of spending. 

I don’t know if you fall into the Pumpkin Spice Latte camp but I tried their new drink, the Apple Crisp Macchiato. Let me save you some time, skip it. I don’t go to Starbucks often, maybe once a month? But that Apple Crisp drink sounded so good and I took one sip and said NOPE. It tasted like an Apple Jolly Rancher. So darn sweet and artificial. I had it iced. Maybe it’s better warm. 

That’s all I’ve got. Tomorrow I go for that additional imaging I mentioned. I have to go to the hospital for that and it’s a ways away. Not looking forward to that morning traffic. 

Have a good rest of the week. Tell me what you are reading and what you are making for football weekends in the way of food.