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My Latest Obsession

Stay Sweet Pencil Case

I have a thing for office supplies. My beloved pencil case, one that I picked up from the dollar bin at Target (if you can believe it) finally fell apart. This has sent me on a quest to find the perfect pencil case.

Succulent Plants Pencil Case

I die! So cute.

Large Capacity Forest Life Convertible Pencil Case 5

I love these because they also turn into a pen cup/holder.


And these… those colors. LOVE. Of course, I have not bought one yet so my pencils and journaling pens are currently in a Ziplock bag. So stylish! While looking for a case I’ve seen some great journals too. See where this is going?

I am currently reading a book about death and dying so looking at fun, colorful pencil cases seems like a good distraction. Anyone else find themselves obsessed over office supplies?


Sunday Matters: Christmas Eve

Sunday Matters

My first week of vacation has already come and gone. I had lunch with my daughter (three times), attended a Christmas party, did away with loads of clutter, reorganized my filing system, took the pup for shots, and then took her to the dog park (I felt bad about the shots). I’ve watched many a TV classic, a couple of Christmas movies, made Christmas dinner reservations and bought tickets for the new Star Wars movie. The kids saw Something Rotten! yesterday and then we all attended a special light show afterward.

Right Now:

The Hub is finally off from work for a whole week. He never gets to take time off so he has been looking forward to this all year long. It’s not like we have big plans or anything but we plan to do some fun things.

This Week:

We love to drive around. We’ve been wanting to go to the beach but with the fires raging out of control we’ve not been able to. I’m not sure if the situation will be better this week but we hope to hit Santa Barbara at some point. My son’s last day in California is Jan 20th and he wants to hit Santa Barbara one more time.


I’ve started my last book of the year. I hope to have it reviewed by the end of the year as well. I don’t know about you but I can’t have a book carry over into the new year. I am weird that way.


Everything I can. I still have a few movies to watch before I can call this Christmas complete: A Christmas Story, The Family Stone, It’s a Wonderful Life.

Oh! And on Christmas evening, we will catch the new Star Wars movie.


I’ve made soup and garlic chicken with pasta and nibbled on gluten-free cookies and eggnog. I am about to make Caramelized Onion Cornbread Dressing for a dinner later today. It’s a Tyler Florence recipe and I’ve been making it for  years.

Grateful for:

Family time. My son quit one of his jobs so he could spend more time at home before leaving for Orlando. Two jobs were great for money but he had no time to spend with us!

What do you have planned this week? I know for some of us, losing a family member over the holiday has created a hole in our hearts that can never be filled, but I hope the magic of the season still finds its way in.