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Whatnot – 11/17/21

Root Beer the cat. It occurred to me that I have not introduced you to my son’s cat. This is a cat that he befriended in the small Kansas town he lives in. Her name is Root Beer. She was completely feral and not giving him the time of day but now she comes inside for visits when the temps drop below 30 degrees. She also has a shelter that my son built out of an Igloo cooler but she prefers to step inside the house for a visit and some time with her catnip toys. Isn’t she sweet? She comes to the slider and waits for him to notice her. She is partially deaf so her meows are interesting. He is low on funds with the car situation being such an ongoing pain but soon he will get her spayed and vaxxed.

I have been feeling a little antsy again. Not anxious really but antsy like I have a lot to do when I really do not. Today I will decide on our Empty Nest Thanksgiving meal. My husband suggested we go to the local Chinese restaurant, which is really good and open that day but Chinese food on Thanksgiving? Nope. I will still cook, something.

Also, I got a message from Delta. My daughter’s return flight has already changed due to scheduling issues on their end. Please pray that this change and potentially others do not impact her in a huge way. It’s ridiculous that they have her flying to Atlanta first which is the opposite direction but I know, it’s their hub so blah blah.

Tonight my book club meets to discuss This Tender Land. I really enjoyed this one. It should be a good discussion. It will be good to get out too. I am tired of staring at these walls.

Hey, I got my booster! 24-hours later I was a bit out of it but then the very next day I was fine. For the sake of transparency, I suggest scheduling yours for when you don’t have much going on. That way you can just take care of yourself and not have to power through it. I was sore all over and had a low grade fever. Not bad but didn’t want to do much.

Some of us in student ministry are having a Friendsgiving! It’s this Sunday evening. I am making a tray of gluten-free caramelized onion cornbread stuffing to take along. It’s a Tyler Florence recipe which I will also make vegetarian. It’s yummy!

Have a great rest of the week!

Whatnot – 11/10/21

The neighborhood. As you can see from this photo, it’s pretty glorious right now, weather wise. Blue skies, cool mornings and sunny afternoons. I do not  mind the long evenings AT ALL. I feel as if I have so much time to just chill (read, stare at a wall, hang with the pup, etc.).

Today, I am using my lunch hour for my first physical therapy appointment. I have never done physical therapy before but they sent me an app and I have to tell you, given how limited I’ve been with my knee, these exercises alarm me a little. Perhaps they will adjust the routine once they evaluate my situation. The doc doesn’t think I need surgery as the Fibular Collateral Ligament which tore off, has reattached itself but not in a perfect way. So I am due for an MRI and physical therapy for now and I do have to wear the annoying brace they gave me which keeps falling off. All, small things compared to what others are going through.

My daughter and her roommates, plural, as she will have three for next year put their deposits down on a very nice four bedroom apartment, located right across the street from the campus and the performing arts center where she will be spending most of her time. She will have a kitchen so no more dining hall food shortages. Yay!!

My son booked his flight for his week home this Christmas and I booked my daughter’s flight as well. Her flight was very challenging! Only two really that worked. The price kept going up as I was looking so I pulled the trigger and purchased. It’s hard when the only airport close to her is a small one.

I did not finish Dune this past weekend but I must, MUST finish today so I can read my book club’s pick. I am really loving it but it cannot be read with other books. It demands your full attention.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day and a holiday for my campus so I am off. No plans. Fine by me. Thank you to all who have served!

Have a great rest of the week!