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Sunday Matters: Seeing Green

Sunday Matters

We are in week 1 of Shrek the Musical so my time around here will be brief this week and next.

Shrek The Musical
Not our cast as photos are not allowed. Photo Credit: The Telegraph

Right Now:

I am not working the show today AND my daughter’s cast is not in today’s show either so we will be celebrating Father’s Day. The Hub never made formal plans but food will be involved, for sure.

Later tonight, we kick off a new year in student ministry. This time, high school. I’m a little nervous.

This Week:


I really have to buckle down and read my tour book and one other book. Time! I need more of it.


I am almost done with Perennials, which is the book I picked up because I missed going to camp this year. It is good and pretty much what I needed. Review to come soon. It doesn’t replace the camp experience but it gives me all the feels.


My son came home after work and queued up  Oh, Hello on Broadway. It’s on Netflix. It’s a two-man show and it’s very funny. Like, laugh out loud funny. I highly recommend it. It does have some language so be careful if the kids are in the room.

What do you know? Fear the Walking Dead suddenly got good. I’ll keep it in the rotation as long as it stays good.


I can barely feed The Girl during production week so no, I am not making anything. She is a healthy eater though so finding healthy fast food is a challenge sometimes. Hard to plan eating time into it too when you are rushing from work to the theatre.

Grateful for:

Live theatre. I’ve had the privilege of working backstage for many shows and I’ve seen these kids grow into the performers they are today. Some of them could barely look you in the eye when they started and now they are singing solos to a sold out house and dancing their pants off (sometimes literally).

Live theatre. It changes lives. Put your kids in theatre or support live theatre by attending a show instead of a movie one weekend. It really makes a difference.