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Sunday Matters: Heading Into Halloween

Sunday Matters

Day in and day out we do what we can to stay sane. I’ve started to walk again. The pup somehow knows it’s been awhile for me so she accommodates me by walking at a snail’s pace, sniffing every blade of grass she can. She is loving life.

The mornings have been very cool and misty. I’m sure in a few days we will hit warm temps again because our Halloweens are usually warm. Wouldn’t it be cool though if it was all foggy and atmospheric? Still not entirely sure how I will handle candy distribution this Halloween, but I purchased the candy so I’ve committed now.

Did you read the news about all the Charlie Brown TV specials this year? They won’t be aired this year. They will only appear on Apple TV. I don’t own them on DVD but even if I did, our player died and it’s very difficult to get a good one now. They are becoming obsolete. No Great Pumpkin this year. Of all the years to do this why 2020?

Right Now:

This weekend, my daughter has been doing “mock” auditions with this coaching team we signed up with. Two full days of her shooting all over the house so my husband and I have been trying to occupy ourselves elsewhere. Today, there is a parent meeting so I have to figure out which part of the house I can be in for that.

Later, my youth group is meeting for dessert at a local bakery, outside, distanced and with masks until they eat. It’s supposed to rain! Hope it doesn’t rain on us.

This Week:

I do not have much going on this week. I have a couple of reviews coming up for Do Not Look for Me and One By One. One was great, the other was a terrible disappointment. They will post this week.

I am taking Friday off as a personal day. Had to use it or lose it so I thought the day before Halloween would be a good day for it. I am envisioning hot apple cider and reading by the fire. We have to create fall here.


I am zipping through Lisa Jewell’s Invisible Girl. I’ve read a few of her books before and I was anxious to get to this one but my mood and other reading commitments got in the way. I should be able to write the review sometime this week though as I am reading very quickly now.


I did manage to watch Episode 1 of The Haunting of Bly Manor. It’s good. Everyone I know who has seen it says it’s not as good as Hill House but that’s okay. What I’ve seen so far is perfect for my mood at the moment.

Fear the Walking Dead was okay last week. As soon as they bring in the original characters it gets boring, fast. I am loving all the new characters though. I wish that show was more consistent.

Grateful for:

  • Cooler temps and warm blankets to cozy up with
  • Every day that brings this election closer to an end is a day I am grateful for
  • Hats. I was never a hat person because my head is really large but I’ve been wearing hats on my walks and I am digging them now. I don’t think I look all that great in them but whether it’s sun or mist I am hiding from, they work well.

Have a good week!! We are closer to the end of the election. Keep that in mind.

Week 2 – Fall Tracking

It’s week 2 of me tracking fall here in Southern California. I do believe that there is some red appearing on that little tree there.

On a side note, I was pretty upset to see the carnage left behind by the raccoons this morning. They tear up our yard every year for a few days until they realize there are no grubs in the lawn. It’s infuriating to have a sea of green grass, be completely dug up by these guys! If you look carefully, you can tell where I tried to turn the soil back over with my shovel. Just to the right though, deep holes. Those little bastards!

The weather this week took a turn for some nice, cooler temps. It was 80 degrees yesterday and when I took the pup for a walk this morning it was a cool 50.

I see that some parts of the country already have snow. What kind of weather are you enjoying right now?