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Whatnot – 05/18/22

The Otter Pup at home.The one thing the pup loves is when I am sitting in one place reading. She prefers Kindle reading so that my one hand is free to give her belly rubs. In this photo I am trying to negotiate with her because I need to get up and as you can see, she is not having it. 

How is everyone doing? We are living in trying times. The news, if you watch or read it, hasn’t been great of late and I know many coming down with COVID again. Some, dealing with long term effects too. I do my best to avoid it and to my knowledge, so far I’ve been successful but with the numbers rising it’s getting harder to remain vigilant. Also, many with COVID are choosing not to stay home.

On a happy note, tomorrow my daughter comes home! She was also just cast as Puck in the fall musical at MSU. This is great news given that she auditioned for the fall season in pain and was not well.


I’ve started fleshing out my summer reading list. Right now it’s just a note on my phone but soon I will share it. Mostly, it’s just what I want to read this summer and hopefully will keep me motivated because I lost my reading juju after that kidney surgery and although it’s back now, I am way behind on my reading.

I am so excited for fall reading too. So many books coming out. A new King, a new Kingsolver, a new McEwan. A new one by Celeste Ng and John Irving. I am screaming over here!

Have a good week! The weekend is nearly here.

Whatnot – 05/11/22

RosesGood morning! This has been a busy week so far. I am looking forward to a slow-down as the weekend approaches. Between additional work duties and me trying to catch-up on reviews, I’ve not had a lot of spare time but I’ve been taking a little bit of time each day to organize and work in my planner. I always feel better when my planner is up to date. These past two years planners were obsolete so it’s taking me some time to get back into a routine. I’ve also returned to my daily walks. The knee is holding up. The roses in the neighborhood are all blooming and very pretty. 

The Girl comes home on 5/19 and will have an array of medical appointments to figure out her recent health issues. She may have a job lined up for the summer too. My son is settling in. Root Beer the cat calls me every night to say goodnight. She is such a doll but has been a little naughty swiping at the phone and attacking my son during the call. It’s funny how her personality is coming out.

The L.A. County Fair is back and going on right now. Usually it’s in September and it’s always hot at heck then. It would be really nice to go now, when the weather is so nice but I’m not sure we can work it in. I will be leading a table discussion at a women’s conference beginning 5/21 so my Saturdays are booked and Sunday is always too busy with church. Do you enjoy the fair?

I am reading a couple of books right now because I forgot that book club is next week so I had to switch to that one in order to get it read in time. But my other one is good too so I keep flopping between the two.

It’s the time of the year where I buy little things for the backyard. Wind chimes, solar lights, that type of thing. I hope to have book club out there so I am getting the patio in order for summer hangs. I purchased this one solar light from the dollar store thinking it was only $4 so if it doesn’t work no big deal but it’s a really cool torch light with a realistic flame. I am going to go back and buy more. Are you getting your outdoor spaces all ready for summer or is it still cold where you are? I’ve seen some snow pics!

That’s all I have. I hope you have a good rest of the week. The weekend is almost here.