Whatnot – 08/11/21

Morning GloryGood morning! My post is late today because I once again forgot what day it was. Actually, it was just a really busy work day yesterday so I didn’t do my normal blog prep. So instead of breakfast reading, some of you will read this over lunch. 

Next week is THE week that we leave for college move-in. We leave on Tuesday. I will not be posting on the blog that week unless I manage to get some reviews scheduled. To follow along on the adventure, follow me on Instagram @TiBookChatter. I plan to post updates there and will post one big update once I return. Good thoughts, prayers, all of that is appreciated. It’s supposed to rain on her actual move-in day. 

I finished King’s new book, Billy Summers. It was SO not what I was expecting and I will include a trigger warning for rape in my review but it was very good. I am now reading Bloodless by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I love this duo. I have been reading them since Relic. I am about 25% into the story and it’s delivering on all counts. 

I was very surprised at the line of cars at the elementary school and high school for drop off yesterday. It appears that they are fully back in the classroom. On the one hand, it was so nice to see those littles heading back to the classroom. Most had masks and I do believe our districts up here are requiring them. It feels weird to not be a part of the high school back-to-school stuff but it also feels kind of nice. The first weeks of school were always a blur with choir, theatre and everything else ramping up. Hope they all have a good year. 

Today is a little gloomy and the news said there is a possibility of thunderstorms. That would be nice if we got a little rain out of it. Dry lightning? Not so much. Not with how dry it’s been. The photo I included in this post is my neighbor’s fence. I took it the other day while on our walk. I think they are Morning Glories, right? As we stood there admiring them, the owner came out with her pup, Tiggy so The Otter Pup got to meet a new friend. Tiggy is young and Chloe wasn’t having it but she knows most of the pups in the neighborhood now. 

Hope you all have a lovely week filled with some excellent reading. I will be taking Apples Never Fall with me on the plane next week. I also have a long layover in Colorado on my way back so my Kindle is stocked and ready. Check out this swag I received from Henry Holt:

Apples Never Fall

Talk to you all soon. 


11 thoughts on “Whatnot – 08/11/21”

  1. I hope the adventure goes smoothly. I will be following on Instagram. I hope you have some fun on the trip at least.

    Yes, those are morning glories…I haven’t seen those in ages. I think ours disappeared in the yard. I should replant some.

    Is Chloe going too?

    1. My husband can’t leave work so he will be with Chloe at home. She has been with me constantly for almost two years now. Should be interesting.

  2. Ti, hope all goes well next week. I’ll watch for your update after you get back. How fun to get to have Liane Moriarty’s new book! Cannot wait! Take care and we’ll look forward to hearing about your girl’s new adventures!

  3. Love the Morning Glories – I never had luck with those.
    Hoping all goes well next week. We will wait eagerly anticipating your mid-west experience:)
    My print copy of Billy Summers is waiting at library and I have audio as well. I also have Apples Never Fall on audio so not sure which I will read first.

    1. I never travel anywhere so this really will be an adventure. The last time I ventured in that direction was when I visited friends in Chicago. DECADES ago.

  4. Have a safe trip there and back, and I hope everything goes smoothly for you and your daughter gets moved in ok.

    Chloe will miss you but just think how excited she’ll be when you get back home. You should film it!

  5. Today was our first day back with all staff (no students) and it was great to see everyone. It also felt good that they checked everyone’s vaccination cards upon arrival.

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