Whatnot – 08/04/21

The NeighborhoodIt’s been warm. About 104. Not horrible if you can get most of your errands and walks done early. The pup and I try to take our walk at 7:30 a.m. As you can see from the photo, it’s nice and shady for a good chunk of our walk. She tends to dawdle though so sometimes it’s quite warm by the time we return. 

I have quite a bit going on this week. Two in-person meetings in the evening which in and of itself is not much but more than I am used to these days. Plus, my daughter and I share a car right now so I will have to figure out the ride situation since she will still be at work by the time I need to leave. 

I am surprised at how early some schools are starting this year. I have two friends whose kids have started already! I mean, they started in July! That is unheard of. I started to see first day of school pics and my brain imploded. I know it’s a stressful time too because some states are not requiring masks for those young students and of course they are unvaccinated. This has caused a lot of anxiety for some of my friends. I pray that these littles stay safe!

As for me. I got that memo about a return to work but never any details so I suppose I will be back in some form in September. I hope PJs and yoga pants are acceptable. I kid you, but I am also dead serious. I lost the Covid-19 (pounds) that I gained over the past year and a half but I do not care to go shopping for clothes and it would be weird to wear the same things I had when I left work so long ago. Like, time stopping. Anyone else in the same boat? Does anyone even care what I look like?

This past Monday I reviewed The Paper Palace. It is a Reese pick and once again, a solid pick it was. It was very good but a very tough subject. I included a trigger warning for sexual abuse so be aware of that going in.  I am now almost done with Where The Truth Lies and hope to have the review up by this Friday. 

I keep putting it off but I really need to have a list of dorm essentials by the end of this week. I know lists exists and the school even sent one but I want to keep it trim since the idea of moving all her stuff out and back every semester gives me hives. Not easy to do from afar. 

I hope you are all doing well and that your reading is great. I am getting excited for fall and crossing all my fingers that the R.I.P. Challenge happens. 



13 thoughts on “Whatnot – 08/04/21”

  1. Sounds like going back to work in office is not something you’re looking forward to. I can understand that. I think many people have found working from home preferable.

    I really do hope that the move goes better than you think. 🙂

    I have been reading some Jane Austen-like fiction, which has eased me back into fiction slowly. So I guess I need some light fiction. I am still reading poetry, as you might expect.

    1. I enjoy my work and the people I work with. I also enjoy being around the students. But that commute is a beast. Two hours a day and sometimes more than that.

  2. Our school district is mandating masks, which makes me feel better. And who the hell is starting school in July?! We begin classes August 17 and that feels too early.

    My daughter puts everything in a local storage place over the summer so we don’t haul stuff back and forth each summer. It’s a life saver!

    1. Schools here started yesterday. I could not believe the line of cars at drop off. Blocks and blocks long. It’s clear that they are not doing a hybrid schedule anymore. Most in masks. It’s required here but I still saw some without.

  3. 104 isn’t horrible?! Ugh. I can’t handle the heat anymore. I’m happiest when it’s between 70 and 80. 😉

    I can’t believe some schools started classes in July! I always thought August was too early for the kids (that’s when they start in the Midwest), but they also get out before Memorial Day. It’s just too hot, though.

    I agree with Helen. Have your daughter store her stuff in a local storage facility between semesters or summer. She could probably go in with a couple of friends and get one unit. I can’t imagine hauling everything back and forth to CA.

    Our covid numbers are up quite a bit in the past week. There are several restaurants that have had outbreaks and are closed. Such a shame since this is their busy season and some barely survived 2020. We’re masking up again and not eating inside. It’s so frustrating.

    1. This time of the year, our temps are usually 110+ so 104 seems pleasant. One year it was 120 and I swear, the bottom of my shoes were melting as I walked across the parking lot.

      COVID numbers are up everywhere. LA County is considering requiring the vax for all indoor activities, shopping, dining, shows, etc. Lots and lots of push back but these businesses don’t want to close again.

  4. The high is supposed to be 114 here today, but it’s August and it’s Arizona. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I can’t complain. On the whole, we’ve had a very nice summer and storms are predicted for Friday.

    Kids here are already having their first days back too. Seems so weird to me. I swear in Nebraska we didn’t go back until late August, at the earliest! But then, they do have a fall break now. Maybe a shorter summer break works out better.

    1. Here, they added three days to Thanksgiving week and have the kids start a little earlier but not JULY! Eeesh.

      I suppose 114 for Arizona is not bad. The last couple of years here it’s hit 118-120 which is blisteringly hot for us.

  5. It’s funny what you said about going back to work in pre-COVID clothes, I felt the same way about resuming yoga after 17 months in my old tunic tops so I purchased several new one LOL – I picked up my copy of The Paper Palace and also have the audio. I also was offered Billy Summers audio so yikes, I’ll be busy. See you are reading Mexican Gothic for your book group; I’ll be curious. She has a new one coming out – Velvet is the Night. Hope all your meetings go well this week.

    1. If I had more time, I might pick up a few clothing items but with this move I have zero time and zero motivation.

      I am already 25% through Billy Summers. It reminds me a lot of the Mr. Mercedes series with Hodges. I loved Hodges so I am A ok with it.

      I read three pages of Mexican Gothic to get a little feel for it and put it down. I don’t think I can read it alongside King. Will miss that club meeting since it’s the week I am gone, too.

  6. Wow – I still wear clothes I’ve had for years. I would never have thought about what I wore pre-pandemic if it fits! (or unless I am BORED with it, maybe) I’ve never been one to swap clothes by season, either… oh well! I probably am one of those seriously out of touch out of style people. 😀

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