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Sunday Matters: Can You Feel It?

Sunday Matters

Hello friends! Here in Southern California, summer can go on for a long, long, time. BUT, all of a sudden it feels like fall to me. The other day we had a freak downpour that came out of nowhere, a few gloomy mornings and it’s been getting dark early. Time to light those candles!

Yesterday we got our flu shots and then had a lovely dinner with friends. The last time we had dinner was right before the initial shutdown. I was still working and I remember how unsure we were about the future of the virus. It felt really good to spend time with them after so long.

Update: the girl is negative for COVID. 

Right Now:

In a little bit I will head to church for student ministry. I am having a blast in this new role I have. I get to spend a lot of time with ALL of the students and many of the leaders. It’s fun to see where these students go with their faith.

When I get home at 1:30pm, I plan to hang out on the couch with Hamnet.

This Week:

I am hosting my book club this week to discuss Hamnet. It came up on me fast. I think we will meet on my patio.

I had a  mammogram the other day and it came back suspect. This often happens with me so on Thursday I have to go to a hospital in the valley for additional testing. While there, I will meet up with a co-worker for lunch. I think it will be okay but positive thoughts and prayers are welcome.


I finished and reviewed We Were Never Here. My library hold for My Heart is a Chainsaw hasn’t come in yet for RIP. Plus, my book club meeting came up fast so I will focus on finishing Hamnet and then hopefully by then my library hold will come in.


American Horror Story: Double Feature is really good and Only Murders in the Building with Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez has been really fun on Hulu. It reminds me of old school Clue.

Grateful for:

  • My daughter’s negative COVID test. She missed the entire week of school. Still feels sick but hey, it’s not COVID.
  • My son finally got his car back from Kia! The dealership in Wichita called him to tell him it was there so he went to pick it up. I mailed his car registration sticker to him just the day before so now he has the car to put it on.
  • Time. I’ve been collecting things to donate and I’ve had the time to finally sort through it all. A lot of it came from my daughter’s discards. The pup thinks we did away with her LOL.

Have a wonderful Sunday and check in if you can!

Whatnot – 08/11/21

Morning GloryGood morning! My post is late today because I once again forgot what day it was. Actually, it was just a really busy work day yesterday so I didn’t do my normal blog prep. So instead of breakfast reading, some of you will read this over lunch. 

Next week is THE week that we leave for college move-in. We leave on Tuesday. I will not be posting on the blog that week unless I manage to get some reviews scheduled. To follow along on the adventure, follow me on Instagram @TiBookChatter. I plan to post updates there and will post one big update once I return. Good thoughts, prayers, all of that is appreciated. It’s supposed to rain on her actual move-in day. 

I finished King’s new book, Billy Summers. It was SO not what I was expecting and I will include a trigger warning for rape in my review but it was very good. I am now reading Bloodless by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I love this duo. I have been reading them since Relic. I am about 25% into the story and it’s delivering on all counts. 

I was very surprised at the line of cars at the elementary school and high school for drop off yesterday. It appears that they are fully back in the classroom. On the one hand, it was so nice to see those littles heading back to the classroom. Most had masks and I do believe our districts up here are requiring them. It feels weird to not be a part of the high school back-to-school stuff but it also feels kind of nice. The first weeks of school were always a blur with choir, theatre and everything else ramping up. Hope they all have a good year. 

Today is a little gloomy and the news said there is a possibility of thunderstorms. That would be nice if we got a little rain out of it. Dry lightning? Not so much. Not with how dry it’s been. The photo I included in this post is my neighbor’s fence. I took it the other day while on our walk. I think they are Morning Glories, right? As we stood there admiring them, the owner came out with her pup, Tiggy so The Otter Pup got to meet a new friend. Tiggy is young and Chloe wasn’t having it but she knows most of the pups in the neighborhood now. 

Hope you all have a lovely week filled with some excellent reading. I will be taking Apples Never Fall with me on the plane next week. I also have a long layover in Colorado on my way back so my Kindle is stocked and ready. Check out this swag I received from Henry Holt:

Apples Never Fall

Talk to you all soon.