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Whatnot – Week 13

Neighborhood plants

Good morning! I don’t know what it is but I’ve been in a really good mood. Perhaps I am feeling hopeful that this pandemic is finally being dealt with in a proper way. We are still ridiculously short on vaccines here in LA County but every day I hear that someone has gotten their vaccine so that is very good news. We are definitely moving in the right direction.

As you can see from the photo, our weather has been very mild and pretty. That photo above is a plant the pup and I walk past almost every morning. I love the pop of color. A piece of it broke off in the wind so I picked it up and popped it into soil. We shall see if it takes. Plants and the outdoors in general continue to keep me happy so whatever I can do to be outside, is done.

On a health note, you know how my doctor suggested I try a plant based diet because I was unable to lose any weight and she felt that my issue was inflammation? I didn’t go fully plant based although “I” easily could have. Between the Celiac and plant based diets it would be too much for the fam to digest. Pun intended. I went vegetarian. I have lost ten pounds in about a month. I am not tracking food or recording weight or anything. Just eating plant based when I can, vegetarian other times and the energy is there and good and I am happy. I am now looking into reactive foods which cause inflammation and one food that was a staple of mine before was salmon and it’s highly reactive. You do what you need to do for your own body so this is just what I am doing but it’s so interesting.

Okay, now books. I am really making good progress with my review copies. So much so that I’ve been dipping in and out of Edelweiss and NetGalley to find some new reads to add to my list.

This one is not a review copy but it just came out and it looks so good, The Oak Papers by James Canton. All about the human need to connect to nature. This is my new thing. Connecting to nature. I hope to pick up a copy soon.

The Oak Papers

Well, that’s pretty much it for me. college Musical Theatre auditions are over for my daughter. Now, we wait. Have a good week!

Review: Strange Company

Strange Company

Strange Company
By Jean Ryan
MadeMark Publishing (March 12, 2017), 118pp.

The Short of It:

A collection of super short essays that promise to awaken your need for nature and its beauty.

The Rest of It:

Regular readers of this blog know how packed my schedule is. It’s not often that I have time to step out into nature and just observe the beauty around me but oh, how I crave it.  Strange Company allowed me to do that if only for a short while.

Strange Company is a collection of nature essays about all sorts of things. Do animals feel compassion? Do they think as humans do? If the act of bleeding out a rare Horseshoe crab for the sake of science isn’t damaging to the creature itself, does it make it right to keep doing it? What about pesticides? Do you ever think about the impact that they might have on say… a bird’s food supply?

On a personal note, I absolutely believe that animals feel compassion. Every pet I’ve ever had has connected with me in some way. After the death of my mother, my dog would not leave my side.  Years ago when I was diagnosed with Lupus and seriously questioned if I could survive it, my cat was right there, as I spent days in bed trying to work up enough energy just to go to work. So it’s no surprise to me that domesticated animals or even those in the wild can feel compassion. Just look into their eyes!

What I loved about this collection is that although each essay is short, often only a few pages long, they gave me a lot to think about. There’s a little bit of science for those who like facts, but there’s also a lot of heart. Ryan is a nature lover and it shows in her writing. I’ve read and enjoyed her work before and I am happy to say I enjoyed this collection as well.

Source: Review copy provided by the author. Thank you!
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