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The End of Break, The Otter Pup and the Wind-Up World That Swallowed Me Up

What a week. We took a short road trip and spent a few days in Palm Springs, Ca. It was lovely and all but the drive… Oh! Have you ever traveled with a pet that does not like to travel?

The Otter Pup, who is normally a complete couch potato, is a nervous Nellie when she leaves the house. She works herself up into such a state! It makes all of us crazy. It’s not the first time that we’ve taken her to Palm Springs either. We have relatives there and the last time we went, she seemed to do better in the car. This time though, she was all over the place and so nervous. But on the flip side, once there, she seemed to handle the change in environment better than she did the first time. Needless to say, her routine was off so she never slept which meant that “I” never slept. Plus, I didn’t trust her to be good in the house so I was constantly walking her to avoid any accidents. I mean really, no one wants to clean up poo while on vacation so yeah, I took her for extra walks. In that regard, she did very well.

Otter Pup aka Nervous Nellie
Otter Pup (Chloe) – Me? A nervous Nellie?

However, because I never got to fully relax, I never did hit “vacation mode” which translates to no photos. I think I snapped one photo which turned out to be a dud because some twit stood right behind my family while I was taking the shot. Every time after that I’d position myself to take a photo and then the pup would get to sniffing and then out the door I’d go to ward off disaster. Plus, The Boy is still grounded so I was sort of grouchy. I guess you can tell that from this post, huh? It was still quite nice to get away though. I just wish I had a few more days to really relax. It took the pup the entire four days to be somewhat normal.

In between the pup antics and everything else going on, I was reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle for #winditup2013. I actually brought an entire bag of books with me but once you start a Murakami, it’s sort of hard to read other books at the same time. You find yourself totally immersed in his world and that was the case this past week. Of those that have weighed in, nearly everyone has said that it’s a lot easier to read than they thought it would be. The book is broken into three books and so many of you have zipped through book one even though I gave everyone two weeks for each book. That’s okay though. The guidelines I gave are just guidelines. Read at your own pace. Whatever works for you, certainly works for me. Now I sound like Toru. If you want to read some of the comments, just go to Twitter and search for #winditup2013. If you don’t use Twitter and want to say something, add a comment to this post. I read every comment. I will say this, I am enjoying it quite a bit. I’ve loved many of his books but this one seems to really click with me.

Today, I am back at work and the kids are back in school and I am sure the Otter Pup (Chloe) is at home, sleeping the week off.

The Sunday Salon: My Pooptacular Weekend

Sunday Salon

This weekend we puppy sat for eleven, Golden Retriever pups (6 weeks old), her mama, a German Shepherd and a Yorkie. Let me tell you, those pups are pooping machines. I have never seen so much doggie doo. Very cute and chubby, but with eleven of them, one of them is always pooping or peeing.

On the home front, I got up this morning to do a little Christmas shopping, saw that the Otter Pup left me a little present of her own so I bent over to pick it up and there went  my back. I collapsed, completely unable to move and what is in front of me?  Her freakin’  care package. There is nothing quite like writhing on the floor in pain next to a pile of doggie doo. Of course, the Hub was washing the car so I was like that for quite some time. The Girl finally ran out and told him this, “Mom poked herself!” Wha?? How did she get that from all my screaming.

I’m pooped.

Now I am on the couch, unable to move. The Girl keeps asking me, “When are we going shopping?” and I can barely hold this laptop on my lap without wincing in pain. It sort of feels as if it will pop back into place and I am hoping it does because I had planned to finish my shopping today. Might not happen.

Thank goodness I got the stew going in the Crock-Pot before all this happened. Later, we are just watching football and maybe I can get some reading in. Maybe.  Since I am having trouble typing this I am going to cut this short, but Happy Sunday to all of you. Hope you are enjoying a nice cup of coffee and the paper.

I can see my paper across the room, maybe some kind soul will bring it to me.