Whatnot – 02/09/22

My backyard.Well, hello. It’s been awhile. I am here to tell you that kidney surgery is no fun. Recovery? Even tougher. I’ve been completely sidelined by it. Not able to sit up for more than ten minutes at a time. Not able to sit still. Not able to read, sleep, or write. What a beast! I had all the good pain meds. They might as well have been placebos. They did zilch. 

Now that the stents are out, I am beginning to see improvement but I expected to be in a much better place by now. I still have to do some 24-hour analysis thing but no info from my doc as of yet. That part has been a bit frustrating. The doc talked to my husband about it all but he remembers little of what was said. My follow up with was a different doc and he was not helpful at all and was kind of a jerk.

BUT, this is the first day since my surgery that I feel as if reading could be a thing again. It’s unfortunate because I have book group tonight to discuss Vanderbilt but never got to the book. Not properly anyway.

So much has happened since I last posted. My son’s little adventure in small town Kansas was a bust and not at all good for his mental health. He had to leave that assignment. He packed himself up, piled Root Beer the cat into the car and headed to Wichita for temporary housing. There, he interviewed for many jobs. None of which worked out. Currently, he has opportunities in some other states but he could very well be headed back to California. Root Beer has been a champ through this. Very hard to believe she adapted from feral life so well.

In other news, my daughter caught COVID when she returned to the university and was confined to a jail cell (alternate dorm situation) with horrible food options for ten days. She had zero symptoms but since she is on a dining plan, getting food to her was the biggest issue. Uber Eats kept cancelling. It was a very long quarantine for a fully boosted, asymptomatic kid. She got out and went to Memphis with her friend to see Hadestown. She needed the break. Oh, and she had three snow days in a row!

Emma and Hadestown

The church team I am a part of has been busy planning a Galentine’s event for our female students. It’s this Friday, 2/11. It should be a blast.

That’s all I have for now. Reviews might take a bit since I’ve not been able to read. I am very behind on reviews. Hope you are all well.

15 thoughts on “Whatnot – 02/09/22”

  1. It sounds like a hard time all around! I’m glad at least that your daughter got to see Hadestown, it’s one of those shows I’m dying to see myself but haven’t had the chance yet. I hope you’re able to get better info from the doctors soon and that you’re able to start enjoying things again.

  2. I am so sorry that the surgery and recovery were so hard and long. UGH. I hope that now you can at least enjoy some reading. While I’m glad to know that I’m not alone in having a husband who forgets dr. conversations, that’s not a fun place to be in when you’re recovering. I feel for you there.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s trials at his placement. I thought he was going to rock that out of the park, but at least has a lovely companion.

    Hugs. I know you need them after all of that not-so-fabulous news and events.

    1. He enjoyed his appointment but getting paid less than $6 an hour and being in such a small town with no stores or restaurants nearby made it very difficult. Especially when he went months without a car. And yes, we get daily videos of Root Beer and she is the sweetest and best thing to have come out of Kansas.

  3. Ti, so sorry this recovery has been so hard. I’m also sorry your kiddos haven’t had the best New Year either. So glad Root Beer is there for E. Here’s to better days ahead for all.

  4. I have been following you for a few years, I am so sorry for all the pain you had/have to endure, praying for a positive recovery.
    🙂🌺 🙏

  5. I’m sorry that your recovery is so rough, hoping you feel better very soon and things go back to normal! Also sorry to hear about your son and daughter. Glad she is able get out and about, and hope your son finds a great job!

  6. So sorry to hear you and the kids have had such a hard time. Hopefully, the rest of the year will only be good happenings! Sending you a get well hug!

  7. It’s sounds like you have had a very rough time. I hope you start to feel better soon. I also hope your son finds something that he enjoys that also pays well. How frustrating! It’s too bad your daughter had such a terrible time with the meals during her quarantine experience, but thankfully she was asymptomatic. Take care, Ti!

    1. The quarantine experience for my daughter was horrid but I supposed the school did the best they could. SO many were quarantined. I mean, they utilized an entire door building just for that.

  8. Gosh, so much in this post! I am glad your surgery is done, but so sorry to hear how tough it’s been. I do hope you get some solid information from your original doc (not the jerk… what is that about?!).

    I feel so bad for your son not liking where he ended up! I am sure you’ve told him jobs we don’t like help us figure out what we do like, but that probably won’t help in the moment. Nothing wrong with coming home (cat in hand) to California.

    My daughter’s college puts the COVID positive in a hotel. At least they get $55/day from Grubhub and $50/day from Instacart!

  9. Gosh Ti – post-surgery does not sound fun! But perhaps you will grow a bit stronger each day. I know it’s a long process, argh. But so glad your daughter didn’t feel sick at all when she had Covid. Always thankful after reading horror stories in the LA Times. And very sorry your son’s Kansas time didn’t pan out …but he’ll find something. That’s a lot of news for your family in a short time …. hopefully you all will be on the rebound soon

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