Sunday Matters: Hits Different

Sunday Matters

The house feels very strange. It feels like my kids are here but of course, they aren’t. Their presence is so strong, as is the whiff of vanilla perfume permeating the upstairs. My dog doesn’t seem to mind. She likes being the Queen Bee. It’s very quiet. I do like the quiet.

Right Now:

I am headed off to student ministry. We are in a series on Habits. It’s a good one. During the pandemic I’ve picked up some really good habits but also some not so great ones, like picking up my phone (on average) at least 75 times a day. Yes, I use it for work but I use it for a lot more too. In settings, you can check your screen time. So, I am trying to cut back on that a little as it’s interfering with my peace of mind as well as my reading.

This Week:

Monday I am getting COVID tested for my kidney surgery on Thursday. Wish me luck.


Just starting The School for Good Mothers. I was set to start this last week but you know, life.


We finished Cobra Kai. It was quite good. A few surprises. Looking forward to the next season.

Trying to find a new show to watch.

Grateful for:

  • My son finally has a new car after the Kia debacle. It’s been super difficult for him without a car so this is very good news. He got a Honda Element.
  • The offer of free test kits at I ordered mine and had the kids order theirs just to have.

Have a wonderful Sunday and great week!

23 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Hits Different”

  1. Wishing you a successful surgery and quick recovery. I think hubs and I are still missing the most recent season of Cobra Kai..may need to pencil that in.. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like the quiet, too. I had trouble with it, at first, because my kids were (and are) both so chatty, but I came to love it and they have pretty much always called home regularly. That helps. I’m so glad your son has a Honda, now. We are a Honda family and have had good luck with ours, so far. Good luck with the surgery!!!

  3. I am so glad your son finally has a working car! What a relief.

    We ordered our free tests as well and my ex husband gave us a couple that he got free at work so we’ll have them on hand if/when we need them. Actually, my daughter already used one since she had to test negative to return to school.

    1. As you may have seen on Twitter, my daughter caught COVID at school. Seven days of quarantine so far. She tests tomorrow. It’s like being in prison. A different dorm that is in need of repair, inconsistent food deliveries. I mean, one day she was given a hot dog with no bun. The other day, one piece of chicken.

      1. Her quarantine sounds dreadful! So far my daughter has escaped getting COVID, but perhaps it’s only a matter of time.

  4. We ordered our tests as well. I will be thinking of you having your surgery. Prayers go out for a quick recovery. And hope it solves the issue.

    1. I really thought I could handle these stones on my own but one kidney is not completely blocked so they don’t want to wait to see what the other one will do.

  5. Good Luck on Thursday! Is it same day surgery and home? Glad your son got another car finally. I just finished the School for Good Mothers and thought it was okay. I’m not a prude but the language was really crude – seemed unnecessary. I do hope you like it. I started Lincoln Highway yesterday and am loving it. I’ll be thinking of you Ti!

    1. I am waiting for the hospital to tell me when my surgery is. I hope it’s early.

      School for Good Mothers. I am so behind but I do not like when language is used and it doesn’t need to be.

  6. My husband and I were just discussing the psychology of habits and how it isn’t too difficult to create them, but much more difficult to break them. I’ve started carving an hour out every afternoon from 4 to 5 to curl up with my book. I usually read at night, but I wanted to devote more time to that, so now I get an extra hour in.

    I hope all goes well with your surgery and that the pain is manageable.

    Hooray for your son’s new car. Finally, right?! Hondas are great vehicles.

    Have a good week, Ti.

    1. Thanks. I am anxious to be done with this surgery.

      Hondas are great. His car before the Kia was a Honda and had over 350K miles on it and still ran.

      I need to set some intentional reading time. I’ve been very inconsistent lately.

    1. Thank you. I am waiting for the hospital to tell me what time my surgery is. I hope it’s early since I can’t eat beforehand. PCR was negative so that’s good.

  7. We ordered our tests, too… we’ll see how long it takes to get them! Good luck with the surgery Thursday. I’ll be thinking of you. Is it outpatient or will you have to be admitted to the hospital?

  8. I hope surgery goes well for you. And that recovery is not long. We ordered tests too but haven’t received them yet, though they are prioritizing areas with high case numbers and I think our area is moderate.

  9. Thinking of you after your kidney surgery. Ugh. Hope it went well. What did the doc say … and how long will recovery take? Just hold on and keep going. Surgeries are not fun at all … but hope it will heal and not take too long. Just squeeze Otter Pup ….

    1. The doc talked to my husband but my husband does not remember what he said and calls to the doc have not been successful. His colleague who removed my stents was a real ass, sorry to say. Just kept telling me to talk to my own doc. There is additional testing that I was supposed to have, there were tests on the stones that were supposed to be done. None of which happened or has been ordered. Frustrated but the pain is getting better. Good thing because I am out of pain pills. All of them. Had four different kinds.

  10. I didn’t realize you were having (now had) surgery.
    I took a break from many things online for a while.
    I hope all went well and you are getting relief and recovery will be short. Sending cheers your way and positive healing thoughts.

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