Whatnot – 12/08/21

treeHello and good morning! I am happy to say that I am starting to feel like my normal self again. I hope that continues because the kids will be here soon. My daughter comes in on 12/15 and my son 12/24. I’ve had a surge of energy too so I am now combing through my book lists to find just the right ones to end the year on. I’m getting excited!

On another note, I also have a list of chores I must do before they arrive. It’s a good excuse to get the house in order. We did take the pup for her shots so that’s out of the way. She milked it, with a little limp and everything but she is fine. She is such an actress.

Tonight is my book club’s holiday dinner and book exchange. It’s more fun to do it at someone’s home but there is still a need for us to eat outside (omicron) and so with the weather (cold and maybe even rain) we will try to eat on the patio of a restaurant with heat lamps and the like.

I still need to write up my review of Dune.

I also need to draft a list of all the restaurants the kids want to hit while here. I swear, I am going to gain 10 lbs. The food in the Midwest is not what they are used to. They have all these cravings, especially my son. Every day he adds another restaurant that we have to hit. He’s not here for long. It will take some planning.

I guess that’s it. I just can’t wrap my brain around December but here it is. There’s been a huge crime surge here in Los Angeles, a lot of smash and grab robberies and follow home robberies. I normally like to browse the shops this time of year but every day something goes down. I do not want to witness that AT ALL. People are crazy.

Have a great rest of the week and stay safe out there!

8 thoughts on “Whatnot – 12/08/21”

  1. I’m glad to hear you have more energy and are feeling better. Much to do while the kids are back home! All those restaurants, how will you fit them all in. I had been writing about those smash and grab stories for work — insurance client — and it’s just awful.

    I have been reading slowly but now I have a major editing project I have to get done, so that reading will be on the back burner again.

  2. Glad you’re feeling better, especially in time for the kids to visit! Poor Chloe, but shots have got to be given on time, every year. I have to take my baby at the beginning of the year.

    I hope crime stays down in my neighborhood. I don’t want to hurt anyone but if it’s between them and my family I definitely will.

    That past week has thrown me so off, been on vacation but can’t keep the days straight. I thought yesterday was Sunday.

    I finally (YEA!) got a review posted today! Now only 5 more to go. Yes, you read that right, I was 6 reviews behind!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. The Otter Pup did very well with her shots this time around. She really likes the new vet.

      The crime is going up all over but in LA County it’s out of control. Our local stores have been hit by smash and grabs and some of those businesses are small and still staggering from the effects of the shutdown. They don’t need this.

  3. I am so glad you are feeling better; it even shows in your post! And the kids are coming home soon; my daughter also comes home 12/15, which seems really close all of a sudden.

    1. No kidding. I had so little energy before I couldn’t even sit at the computer to write something up. All I could do was lay there.

  4. You must be so excited to have the kids heading home for the holidays – so special. Good luck with your MRI and glad you are starting to feel better and thinking of books once again.

    1. Yes, we are very excited to see them soon.

      I am so glad I am starting to feel better. I feel like I lost three weeks of my life. Reading isn’t quite when I want it to be for the end of the year but if I get two more reviews in I will be happy.

  5. How exciting that your kids are heading home soon! It’s cute that they have a lot of restaurants that they want to visit while in town. I’m that way when we go to San Diego. You would think we’d have a lot of great restaurants here on the coast, but there are really only a handful and they’ve gotten super expensive. We’re going out tomorrow night and again on Wednesday (to celebrate my birthday) and then that’s it until the end of the month when we have family visiting. I’m glad you’re finally feeling better. I hope your MRI goes well, Ti. Take care of yourself!

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