Sunday Matters: Still Plugging Along

Sunday Matters

Hello! As you can tell from my posting schedule I am still out of sorts health wise. I considered a total break from the blog but it’s the end of the year and you know, there’s still a reading goal to make and some reviews to write. So here I am just doing my best and that’s okay. Just know that my posting may be erratic and depending on the day, may contain a lot of chatter.

Right Now:

I am heading out for my volunteer gig which will keep me busy until 1pm or so. Then, a nap on the couch and an early dinner, whatever that may be.

This Week:

I have my knee MRI this Tuesday.

On Wednesday my book club is meeting for dinner and a book exchange. We normally meet at someone’s home but we are meeting at a restaurant this year. Should be fun.


Not a thing. All this medication I am on makes me queasy and gives me a massive headache. I said this exact thing last week and it still applies this week but perhaps I am turning a corner because reading sounds appealing to me now. I will review my review copies and library holds and see if anything jumps out at me.


Not much. Lining up the Christmas “must-see” movies so we can get to them before Christmas.

Grateful for:

  • It’s kind of silly but I was really getting into Bible journaling before COVID but I left all my fun pens at work. Well, I just bought new ones so I can journal again from home. I am grateful for all the fun ways to journal these days.
  • Root Beer, the cat. This is the feral cat that my son adopted in Kansas. She has provided hours of entertainment and companionship for my son in that small, dusty little town of 1200 people.

Have a wonderful Sunday and great week!

12 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Still Plugging Along”

  1. Sorry you are still out of sorts but, I hoping this will pass and that your MRI this week gets to the bottom of some of your issues. We had our book group get together at a restaurant this past Wednesday. It was nice to gather and see our list for 2022. Take care and feel better.

  2. Sorry you’re still not feeling 100%!

    I’m so behind on writing reviews. I have 5 books finished and only 3 hours left on a 6th. I started out ahead of schedule on my Goodreads challenge and the last few months didn’t have reviews written to add. I’ve thought about not even blogging but I love the blogging community to much to just not do it anymore. Next year I plan on just posting when I feel like posting, lowering my challenge goals (I do love a good reading challenge) and not starting a new book until I review the last one I read. That’s the plan anyway!

    1. Thank you so much. I feel better but only because I stopped taking those dreaded meds. Gosh, they were making me ill. Will know more after I see the specialist on 12/21.

  3. I have been gone and missed what happened to your health? Sorry to hear this and hope you feel better soon. Ugh what a drag. Get some rest. It’s a busy time of year, right? Do we get a pic of Root Beer the cat sometime? take care.

  4. Root Beer, the cat! Love the name. I hope you find out what’s going on with that MRI. And I hope those meds are done soon. I would hate not being able to read!

    1. Between you and I, I stopped taking the meds. They weren’t doing me any good at all. The doc never called to follow up with me on them either so poof, gone.

      Root Beer the cat is very sweet.

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