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Fall Tracking – Week 5

This is my street this morning. It’s a cold 50 degrees and it’s 10am. It’s pretty early for us to get a cold snap. We typically don’t see temps like this before mid-December. But look at that sky!

Last night, I brought all my succulents in. I wasn’t sure they could handle the 30 degree night. Some are in fixed planters so I covered those. I would hate to lose them to a freeze. I know certain types can take the cold but I have no idea what I have. I just pick plants that speak to me.

This crisp weather has me thinking about the Thanksgiving meal. I have a notebook that I keep JUST for Thanksgiving. Most of the dishes we enjoy are family faves that we always make but I will add one “new to us” dish for us to try. Last year, it was a baked sweet potato dish and it was not good. Kind of liked scalloped potatoes but with sweet potatoes. It was soupy and kind of weird. I’d rather just have a sweet potato with butter and cinnamon.

I always stress about the pies because I need to use a gluten free crust but this year, I am just going to use the Trader Joe’s GF crusts. They are decent. I won’t spend $28 on a GF pie from Whole Foods like I did last year, plus it was just okay.

Have you started to plan for the holidays? I know it will be hard for some, as their loved ones may not be able to visit due to COVID but do try to celebrate a little. This year was rough and we all deserve it.

Sunday Matters: Blur

Sunday Matters

I’ve hit a wall. I am so tired of looking at every corner of this house. The weather has been nice and I could take some of my work outside but just five minutes outside and I am attacked by bugs. Not a lot of bugs out there but they find me. I have blood that they apparently like. My days are all blurred together.

Right Now:

In a little bit, I will try to connect with my youth group but my connection is not great right now.

This Week:

I would like to put together a summer reading list even though I am horrible at reading from a list. I just like the idea of summer reading. Plus, things are opening up again which means we will be launched into all things summer soon enough.

Hello, Memorial Day! Almost here. Came up so fast. You have to BBQ something on Memorial Day, right? What’s your go-to meal for the day? Hot dogs? Burgers? Something more complex? I always enjoy a good burger. Not sure what we will have because it will mean a last minute trip to the market and who knows what is available? Meat has been iffy and when you can find it you are sometimes limited to only one package which doesn’t always work for a family.


I am reading this book for a discussion.

Make Your Home Among Strangers


We started the second season of Broadchurch and I am liking it even more than the first season. I recorded the new Pet Sematary and the second chapter of IT, which I haven’t seen yet. I suppose I should give them a look being a King fan.

New Things I’ve Tried:

It’s not new but it has to happen these days. Unfollow, Unfriend, and Block have become necessary on Facebook and have been used heavily this past week. This pandemic is unpleasant enough already. Why deal with ridiculous comments from people I thought I knew?

Grateful for:

  • Short road trips even if we stay in the car the entire time
  • Family meal offerings from local restaurants
  • That the little used bookstore by my house opened for curbside service!

There is a lot that it still unknown but here we are, at the end of May (almost) and we never thought we’d make it. We did it!! I hope you all remain well and that those of you who were not feeling great are feeling better now.