Sunday Matters: See You Soon

Hello, friends. I may have some reviews that post this week but for the most part I will be away from the blog.

We will be Missouri State bound come Tuesday:

Missouri State University

MSU Class of 202

Have a great week!! Pray for us, think good thoughts, toss some salt over your shoulder. Follow our adventures on Instagram @TiBookChatter. If you don’t use Instagram I will fill you all in when I return. Muah!

10 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: See You Soon”

  1. Have a wonderful trip to Missouri and I hope she settles in well. It’s such an exciting time! I am sure it will be tiring, emotional, fun, and frustrating all at once as these things are. I look forward to following the adventure on Instagram.

  2. Good luck! Have fun, safe travels. It looks like a pretty campus. I’m headed out of LAX tomorrow … it’s been a good but busy trip with helping my folks. So I have been away from the blog too. Can’t wait to hear how your trip goes 🙂

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