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Whatnot – Week 2

My neighborhood.

This photo is deceiving because it looks rather pleasant and nice but it was taken during a lull in the hellish winds we’ve been experiencing. Everything is bone dry. We haven’t see a drop of rain since May. Brush fires are always a threat these days. One took off right behind my husband’s work the other night but no buildings were affected.

I hope you don’t mind these random posts. I feel the need to stay connected even when I have no reviews to post. I am still reading Parable of the Sower but I must finish it today. It’s taking me far too long to get through. In fact, I am going to declare here for all the land to hear that it will be finished today!

How are you spending your time these days? I am still going for my walks with the pup. She’s a funny girl. The other day it was windy and cold and I tried to take her out. We had to come back not five minutes after we left because of falling tree branches. Boy! Did she give me the stink eye all day long! Plus, she ignored me the next day too. Yesterday was the first time she ran up to me to go for walkies in a few days. I guess she forgives me now.

I’ve been watching a lot of old TV too like Newhart and Adam 12. I need nostalgia to take my mind off our shutdown. I haven’t spent much time in the yard because of all the wind. I did just wash my car out of sheer boredom though.

I hope you are all well and finding ways to be happy.

Whatnot – Week 1

The House with lights!

My weekly fall tracking has ended. Most of the colorful leaves were blown away over Thanksgiving. We had horrible winds. I mentioned how Edison kept threatening to turn off our power. It was no joke. My patio furniture went flying. There was no way anyone could have eaten outside.

It’s still nice in Southern California though. Cool in the mornings which make the morning walk a crisp, energetic affair. But by the afternoon it’s 70 degrees with a gorgeous blue sky. I love this time of the year!

We put some of the lights up and the tree is up. Had to keep it simple this year which is fine. I am not totally into the holiday yet. Might not be this year. It all feels weird to me. On my walk this morning I passed the elementary school my kids used to go to.  They are doing small cohorts for special education and as the kids arrived, there was a line of school health representatives in full hazmat suits taking their temps. I hesitated because it looked so strange to me. Who would have thought we’d ever go through this in our lifetime? I mean, I’ve read plenty of dystopian fiction and still, it seems surreal to me.

How are you all doing? I am back at work today after a very long break. It will be a long day.