Whatnot – Week 11

When I started these “What Not” posts, I did so because my reading was spotty and you can’t manage a book blog effectively when you aren’t reading. I am reading like a machine now, but I’ve come to enjoy this mid-week post so I shall continue! Can’t believe I am eleven weeks into this.

Last weekend we drove to the coast. We loaded up the pup and her blanket and took off. My daughter wasn’t feeling it so she went to a coffee shop instead. We drove to Ventura so we could walk around the harbor. A lot of people skipped their masks that morning. What didn’t sit right with me is how they looked at ME wearing one. If it’s just you and your friend walking around the harbor then yeah, whatever but when you pass others or hit a crowd, you pull it up. No?  I do.

As we were walking on this clear, beautiful morning, a fog rolled in. You can see it inching its way into the harbor. It’s so beautiful there. After walking around a bit we picked up pizza and ate it in the car!

Ventura Harbor

Oddly enough, we have had our own foggy mornings these past couple of days. I like it. The pup does not. She must have sun or she creeps around the house scowling. I will wait for it to burn off before we go for our walk.

I am currently reading The Distant Dead. A math teacher shows up dead. He’s murdered actually but he’s fairly new to the town and people don’t know much about him so there’s a bit of mystery surrounding his death. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it when I started it but now I am totally into it. I should finish it soon and have the review up next week.

In other random news I am back to being uninspired by meal planning and food in general. I am a good cook but I just feel like it’s too much effort these days. I am happy with PB toast with a drizzle of honey or a nice slice of avocado toast sprinkled with Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning. My family doesn’t feel the same way though.

Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day this weekend. Any plans? I think we had planned to pick up Chinese takeout but I just remembered that I think we still have youth group that night. Hmmm.

14 thoughts on “Whatnot – Week 11”

  1. It’s a weekend of all the holidays!! Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Lunar New Year, and Mardi Gras on Tuesday! I’m celebrating by taking a four day weekend in which I hope to read many books and eat many snacks.

  2. Pretty pic of the boats in Ventura. It reminds me of Newport, RI harbor a bit. I am getting sick of meal prep as well, especially since pre-pandemic we used to go out to eat 3-4x a week. I could eat cereal for dinner most days and be fine. No plans for V-Day except delivering goody bags to our granddaughters. Maybe some take out.

    1. I envision myself living by a body of water when I retire but most probably a lake somewhere. I want one of those patio/pontoon boats!

  3. Ventura looks like a good place to visit. I always thought you put your mask up if you are outdoors near crowds. I get these looks in a neighboring county with more relaxed rules.

    Sounds like you’re reading is on fire! I’ll have a review this week for that book I told you got me back into reading fiction — Suburban Souls.

  4. What is wrong with people who walk around and don’t have a mask with them or don’t pull it up when they get close to others?! I just don’t get the lack of community care/awareness.

    1. It’s because they don’t want to pull it up or wear one. I’m sure they are well aware of the rules. The harbor had tented signage in the middle of walkways telling you to wear a mask. They refuse. How dare they look at me as if I have a third eye or something.

  5. Yep, I’m also tired of meal planning/cooking. Thankfully, my family doesn’t mind eggs or sandwiches (or leftovers) for dinner.

    We wear our masks when we’re out and about in our neighborhood even though we’re able to keep more than 6 feet apart from others, but there’s always a few who aren’t wearing theirs. I’ve even started wearing two when grocery shopping or picking up a take-out order. My mom got her first vaccine yesterday and my husband’s on the list, so we’re getting there, slowly but surely!

    No fog here, but it’s going to rain all week. Hopefully, we won’t get any snow or ice that’s hitting the Portland area this weekend.

    Enjoy your weekend, Ti!

    1. My in-laws are finally scheduled to get their vaccines. They had a hard time finding appts but then CVS started to offer appts and that is where they are going next week. That makes it very convenient for older folks who really cannot stand or wait in long lines.

      Rain, huh? This morning has been beautiful. Bright sun, blue skies but some clouds here and there and drizzle. Enough to make everything so crisp and clean. I managed to take our walk during this perfect window. Now it’s gray and a dark cloud is looming. Not even sure what the weather is for this weekend. It changes so much.

  6. People not wearing masks annoy the hell out of me. It’s worse when they don’t even do the courtesy of trying to keep their distance at least. Instead, it’s those who wear masks that are stared at. Ugh.

    Beautiful weather – that! I hope Spring is here soon since it’s been snowing like crazy over here. Freezing too.

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