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The Sunday Salon: Rainy and Gloomy but Hey, I’m not Working

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I am still a bit distracted and all over the place with my thoughts so to keep this brief, I will provide a list of what’s going on:

  1. Jill and I loved The Devil’s Star by Nesbo so now we are reading his next, US release (The Snowman). However, we realized yesterday that there is a book in between that has yet to be released here in the US. This gave us pause but you know what? We don’t care.
  2. I announced this past week that the Indie Lit Awards are back for another year of great reading. Check out the post because we’ll need your nominations come September and if you are in a position to promote the awards, please do so. We’d really appreciate it.
  3. It’s raining heavily right now in Southern California. So  much so, that I have water pouring into one of my dining room windows. Get out the buckets!
  4. I am about to drop The Girl off at her friend’s house for a play date, but the mom was like… “maybe come at noon” then she was like, “maybe come later” and then she was like, “maybe she can come for a little bit.” I honestly don’t know if I am supposed to drop her off or not. I’ve called and left messages but no one ever picks up. I guess I’ll find out when I drop her off. I have to remind myself that everyone is not like me. I’m a planner and not everyone is.
  5. I went to the mall yesterday for a girl fix and bought all sorts of girlie lotions and then when I got home I realized that I don’t like any of them, so I am going back to the mall to return them all. I’m sticking with my Philosophy stuff.
  6. Tonight I am making pork chops (wait for it) and apple sauce.

Hope you all have a nice Sunday! As rainy as our weather is, I’d take it over a work day. No doubt about that.


The Sunday Salon: No Snow, Just Sun

The Sunday Salon

This past week, the news kept talkin’ up the big snow storm that was supposed to hit So Cal on Saturday. Friday night was very rainy and cold. Saturday, we felt a few flakes but the entire thing petered out. Today, nothing but sun and blue skies. So my snowy, reading weekend became a weekend to do errands. I hate that.

Off I went to get puppet supplies because The Girl needs to make a puppet of Jane Goodall. I also hit the grocery store, Target and who knows where else. Now that I am done with the errands, the kids and Hub took the Otter Pup (Chloé) to visit with friends so I am free to lounge around and read. I’ve been reading The Little Stranger. Although I am liking it quite a bit, it doesn’t seem to be holding my interest yet.

Later on, I plan to watch all the red carpet action but I’m not sure I’ll view the Oscars in its entirety. I am not a fan of James Franco (the host) but I’ll give him thirty minutes to change my mind.

Enjoy your Sunday!