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Sunday Matters: Hits Different

Sunday Matters

The house feels very strange. It feels like my kids are here but of course, they aren’t. Their presence is so strong, as is the whiff of vanilla perfume permeating the upstairs. My dog doesn’t seem to mind. She likes being the Queen Bee. It’s very quiet. I do like the quiet.

Right Now:

I am headed off to student ministry. We are in a series on Habits. It’s a good one. During the pandemic I’ve picked up some really good habits but also some not so great ones, like picking up my phone (on average) at least 75 times a day. Yes, I use it for work but I use it for a lot more too. In settings, you can check your screen time. So, I am trying to cut back on that a little as it’s interfering with my peace of mind as well as my reading.

This Week:

Monday I am getting COVID tested for my kidney surgery on Thursday. Wish me luck.


Just starting The School for Good Mothers. I was set to start this last week but you know, life.


We finished Cobra Kai. It was quite good. A few surprises. Looking forward to the next season.

Trying to find a new show to watch.

Grateful for:

  • My son finally has a new car after the Kia debacle. It’s been super difficult for him without a car so this is very good news. He got a Honda Element.
  • The offer of free test kits at Covidtests.gov. I ordered mine and had the kids order theirs just to have.

Have a wonderful Sunday and great week!

Whatnot – 01/19/22

Root Beer the cat.Good morning! Some of you were asking for an update on  my son’s cat Root Beer. She is doing well. She is fully trained now and is an indoor-only cat. She has been experiencing a little bit of anxiety since her surgery but bird videos, and especially mice videos fix her right up. It’s a given that she would miss the outdoors but she doesn’t miss the five degree temps or people shooting at her. I’m so glad she is safe now. 

It’s been a busy week thus far. I was exposed to COVID last weekend so I quarantined for five days and then tested and was negative. That was my first test! I get to have another test right before my kidney surgery, which will now be on 1/27. When a kidney is blocked, they move you up. This will be a more invasive surgery but now they can do both kidneys at once so I won’t have to go back a second time. I had to do bloodwork, more x-rays, and an EKG for that so I got that done earlier this week.

The Girl is back at school now. She had a delayed flight and a long, long night that went into the next day because NONE of the Delta crew showed up. But, they did not cancel so I give them credit for that. She started her classes yesterday. She is very excited because she was cast as an understudy for one of the spring shows. This is huge and she is very happy. Freshman don’t usually get cast in a show so she is so happy to be working with this director. The show is called Bright New Boise. It’s set in a Hobby Lobby.

My reading has been sporadic. I blame Twitter. I have 3000+ followers but after 13 years, people are finally talking to me. How does that work? So as I plop myself down to read, I then end up on Twitter. I need to disable notifications I think.

Now that The Girl and Boy are gone. It feels weird again. It’s like they are here and then all of a sudden I remember that they are not. It makes me a little sad, to be honest.

Hope your week ends well. I am always waiting for Friday.