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Sunday Matters: And Just Like That, Christmas Is Over and 2022 is Here

Sunday Matters

The holidays sneak up on us every year but this year it seemed to come and go so quickly. That’s what happens when you only see your kids for a short while and everything hangs on that visit. I am so glad that they could both be here for a little while.

My son was with us for a week but left on Christmas Eve to return to his cat Root Beer and his AmeriCorps gig. Good timing because his little town in Kansas has been below 10 degrees for their high and although Root Beer was feral, it’s too cold for her. Luckily while he was gone the temps were mild.

Right Now:

Student ministry is breaking until January 9th so I have my Sunday mornings to lounge around and be lazy.

This Week:

I have off until 1/10 so I have one last week to enjoy. My daughter leaves on 1/16 so she has some time to hang out as well. All I have this week is book club and I just remembered it. I suppose I should read the book, Migrations.



I will be reading the above for book club but I selected my first book of the year as well so I will be piggy-backing this one with that one. More to come on that.


I sipped the Squid Game Kool-Aid and now I am hooked.

Grateful for:

  • A nice warm house to cozy up in. It’s been so cold here.
  • My time off. I do love this time of the year.

Have a wonderful Sunday and great week! Happy New Year!

First Book: 2022

First Book 2022: Our Country Friends Today is a glorious, sunny day after days and days of rain. We got up at 4am to drop my son off at the airport and then came home and promptly went back to bed. Slept in until 10am and then I remembered that I never wrote my First Book post.

So, here it is. Sheila from Book Journey is hosting #FirstBook again and this is an event that I try not to miss. You pick your first book of the year and then she shares it in a collage format. Normally, you take a photo of yourself with the book but this year mine is an e-book, Our Country Friends by Gary Shteyngart.

Join us! What is your first book of the year?