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Whatnot – Week 5/6

With the holidays coming in like a freight train, I missed a “Whatnot” post so this counts for two weeks of random thoughts.

First off, wasn’t New Year’s Eve odd this year? I kind of liked it. I watched the Dick Clark / Seacrest countdown and I must say, I liked how toned down it was. No loud TV personalities screaming over a large crowd and even the musical performances were toned down. Very little noise in my neighborhood too. Some fireworks but only for a few minutes and not the large ones we normally have to deal with. The pup pipped and then went to bed. She does this “pip” thing like a yippy bark when she wants us to take notice but only a couple of pips and then she was off to dream land.

The Otter Pup
The Otter Pup all ready for bed.

I took this week off to relax and rid myself of a little anxiety but it looks like I will be spending my time organizing things. I DO love to organize and I find it to be pretty enjoyable as long as I have something good to watch or listen to. I especially enjoy the more organized space afterward. Early in the week I tackled my walk-in closet and my loft bookshelves are next.   I have NO clothes to wear. That is what I’ve discovered.

Side note, all I want to wear are sweatshirts and jeans anyway. Working from home has its advantages. Jeans, haha. Sometimes just sweatpants if I am being honest. Jeans don’t give like a pair of well-loved sweatpants do. 

Cleaning and purging pile

When I am not organizing I will plop myself on the couch with a book and a blanket. It’s been chilly and the pup likes to read with me so it’s a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

How is your first week of January going? I know some of you returned to work. I hope your return is going well and for those who physically returned to a building, stay safe my friends.


Sunday Matters: Holy Moly, Forgot It Was Sunday

Sunday Matters

Each and every day I am reminded of my age. Holy Moly. I totally forgot today was Sunday so I had no post scheduled. I was catching up on blog reading and realized I had forgotten to post when everyone was talking about their Sunday.

So, here you go. A quick update.

Right Now:

Most of my coworkers return to work (virtually) tomorrow but I added an additional week and I am so glad I did. I try to, because that first day back is just too hard for me to wrap my brain around. Of course, my first day back on 1/11 will be hard too. My daughter returns to remote learning on 1/11 so I thought it would be good to take that additional week.

My pup was having trouble recovering from a particularly long walk last night so early this morning I took her on a shorter walk and now she is napping. Happily.

I will be doing a bit more laundry and then hitting Old Navy to exchange something I got for the girl that didn’t work out. I am hoping it’s not too crazy there now that most of the return business has probably passed us by. Hopefully.

My husband returns to work tomorrow and he’s okay with it. He cannot be down for too long he just gets too antsy. Needs to be doing something all the time.

This Week:

I am trying my best not to be irritated by the people who continue to ignore the safer at home guidelines. We had a super spreader event here on New Year’s Eve. It made the news. I’m not sure how many were in attendance but no masks were worn and we have patients being treated in parking lots. They want the lockdowns to be lifted but at the same time THEY are the reason for the lockdowns. NO COMMON SENSE. So this week I am going to skip the news again for awhile.

At the end of this week, my daughter has a virtual audition with Baldwin Wallace in Ohio. Good thoughts appreciated.


I am reading The Memory Police and The Overstory. I can’t say my reading has been quick. I’ve been reading a few pages here and there. It’s hard to read with the Hub home.

If you missed my fave books read in 2020, you can check out the post here.


Cobra Kai, Season Three. We are on episode four. If it were up to my husband, we’d be done with it but I wanted to spread it out a little so we could look forward to something each night. I was not a super fan of The Karate Kid when it came out decades ago but hello, seeing these characters now brings back so many memories from that time. It’s really enjoyable.

Grateful for:

  • The weather continues to be pretty nice which is allowing me to spend more time walking.
  • All Christmas is put away. I was not happy putting it away. I actually had a pretty bad attitude about it but it’s put away and feels good.
  • Our short visit to see our son up the Central Coast. He took us to a new spot but I got glares from people about our pup even though I carried her on the trail so I had to cut it short but here’s a pic of the incredible view.
San Luis Obispo
Montaña de Oro State Park

I am slowly catching up on my blog reading so I can’t wait to hear how your New Year’s Eve went. Hope you are all well and that a good book is by your side.