Whatnot – 08/17/22

The neighborhood.Hello, all. I am in the office today so I am missing my neighborhood walk with the pup. Our street repaving project is done. The Pup is glad. One truck in particular made the entire house shake. She was not having it. Hopefully she can catch up on her naps today.

My daughter hasn’t shared too many pics of her new pad since she is still unpacking, but what I’ve seen looks great. Classes begin next week.

After today, I will probably be wiped out again after my two days of in-person work. I swear! I have no stamina now. I’m  like a delicate flower that wilts at the first sign of heat. That’s ok though. I have nothing planned for tonight.

Still reading Irving’s The Last Chairlift and Verity

It’s been very warm here. Hovering between 102-106 with low humidity. We are normally quite dry but last week we had 45% humidity which is a lot for California. Not one drop of rain in so long. Everything is dead. LA County was told to stop watering for the entire month of September. Really puts us at risk for brush fires.

Slowly, I’ve been puttering around in the kitchen again. I do enjoy cooking but hate the shopping. Plus, there’s only two of us now. But we made steaks the other day and one night I made a meat loaf. Bye Bye vegetarian diet. Ever since the doc told me to lay off plant based anything (kidney stones) eating has been interesting. My body doesn’t know what it’s getting half the time.

No big weekend plans. Going to breakfast with friends on Saturday morning and then Sunday, my normal volunteer gig. Have a great rest of the week!

7 thoughts on “Whatnot – 08/17/22”

  1. I hope you can get back into the commuting grove and not be so wiped out by it soon. I heard about the water restrictions, and I hope that doesn’t lead to more fires. Definitely don’t need more of those. Have a great weekend.

  2. I can relate to your street repaving. Our large (200+ units) condo complex has been in construction mode for a couple months –all new driveways, drainage and lastly a new road. They are doing a great job so it will be worth it in the end. Hope your commute gets easier Ti.

  3. We had another sinkhole appear in one of the major roads near us and it took them forever to fix it. That on top of another road in another town that most of us travel to for restaurants, stores, movies etc. that they’ve been adding lanes to for about 10 years, no kidding! But thankfully it was finished not long ago.

    I hope your body adapts to the changes soon!

  4. I sure hope you get some rain soon. But no lightning strikes with that rain! Ugh. Those temps are too hot for me. We were in Santa Rosa a week ago and we were so happy that it wasn’t too hot. It might have hit 80 or so, but we were expecting it to be much hotter.

    1. No sign of rain at all. It’s rather depressing to watch our entire yard die. I am hand watering trees but we really aren’t supposed to be doing that either.

  5. That’s so interesting that your doctor told you to stop plant-based foods to help with kidney stones. I’ve never heard of that!

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