Sunday Matters: Thinking About the Blog

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I have a free WordPress account but pay for a custom domain. It was brought to my attention that the ads, that display here for free, since I have a free account have gotten increasingly weird. I don’t make money off of those ads but I certainly don’t care for you all to be bombarded with ads about toenail fungus and bowel habits! I mean, it’s getting out of hand so when I renew my domain next month I am going to cough up the extra pennies to be ad free. I enjoy our interactions so I’d like to enhance the reading experience as long as it’s affordable to do so.

What’s new with you all? I’ve been super busy so my reading has taken a hit. I swear, my totals are going to be horrible this year. I am not too concerned usually about numbers but my yearly total right now is ridiculously low!

My daughter starts classes this week. She is most excited about her Singing for the Actor class. She will also be taking piano which will be good for her since she taught herself how to play by watching YouTube. Proper technique would be a plus.

My son is doing well. He really enjoys the Seattle street scene. All those outdoor concerts, but I think he attended the last one for the summer this past Thursday. Wonder what they will have for the fall. Root Beer the cat has become an influencer now. Haha. She received her first collab offer the other day.

Right Now:

We have a very busy student ministry day. Our regular services this morning and then the fall kickoff party this evening. So many activities. Sports, a paint war (is exactly what it sounds like), games, etc. It’s going to be super fun.


Still reading The Last Chairlift. I am also reading Verity. I should be done with Verity this weekend.


We are still working through our Korean drama series. There are just so many episodes. I saw a Netflix teaser for Manifest. A plane lands from a decade ago and the passengers have no idea what has happened. It’s very Twilight Zone and honestly, a little Stephen King. I think that will be our next show. Has anyone seen it?

Grateful for:

  • Dresses. This is super weird for me to admit but I am not a dress person AT ALL and lately, they are all I am buying. They are easy for work and take no effort. I’ve worn dresses more in the last two weeks than I have the last 20 years.
  • Frixion erasable gel pens. They are my pen of choice for Bible notes. They have a nice, fine tip, do not drag, and erase cleanly even on thin Bible pages.

Have a great Sunday!

9 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Thinking About the Blog”

  1. Sounds like your kids are getting settled into adult life. Glad your daughter has some good classes lined up. Root Beer is now an influencer?! Too funny! I’ll keep an eye out for a YouTube channel. 😉

    I am not a dress person, either. I think I own three and they were all worn at weddings.

    Have a great week, Ti!

  2. I like maxi length sundresses in summer; it’s fresh and easy and a plain cardi finishes the job when AC id a bit too much. How cool for your daughter to have some excited things lined up already and that your son is so happy in WA. How about that RootBeer – she’ll make your son rich in no time with that face and personality. You’ll catch up on your reading with end of year vacation time I bet.

    1. If I am to catch-up with my reading I’d have to read about 20 books before Sept. Eeesh. Root Beer did another shoot with some business and her face. She did not look happy at all. I tried to find it but they took it down. LOL.

  3. These ads! I made the mistake of looking up some luggage somewhere online, and now it also haunts me everywhere I go. Also ads for bras for small boobs! Where in the world did that come from?! Plus photos of old people’s saggy bellies and how to solve that problem. Good grief.

    Glad everyone is doing well, Ti.

  4. I think the ads on all sites are getting weirder all the time! I not to even look at them, lol. Think we all go through slower reading times, but long books slow you down too. I’ll bet John Irving is worth it though! Glad the kids (and Root Beer!) are doing well.

  5. I have taken to wearing dresses in the last few years as well. I think they were hardly available in the stores before that. I agree that the are easy.

    I am glad things are settling in for your kids. That always feels good. And, getting rid of the ads is a good idea, especially when you can’t control what they are for.

  6. I find the dress styles these days all make me look rounder than I am. I haven’t worn dresses in years. I prefer not to. Skirts I will do occasionally. But we really don’t have a dress code other than business casual for work, so slacks and blouse it is.

    Root Beer the influencer. love it!

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