Whatnot – 06/15/22

The Otter Pup in the sun.Our little pup should have been named “Sunny” because she loves the sun so much. She could never survive in a cold climate. She searches the house all day for the perfect sunny spot and usually finds it. This is her in the loft. She is slightly miffed because my daughter moved her keyboard there and now her pillow is not in the right position. I will fix this situation immediately. 

How are you? What summer plans do you have? Any plans for Father’s Day? With California’s inflation and gas prices, we find ourselves spending more time at home and I am fine with it. No big summer plans except that I head to summer camp with the high schoolers next week. I am volunteering on Sunday so we hope to do something for Father’s Day this Saturday but guess what? All three of us have dental appointments. We will do something after those morning appointments.

As for reading, I finished The Swimmers. The review posts this Friday. It was very good and packed a punch for such a slim novel. We are discussing it tonight for book club.

I am currently reading It All Comes Down to This and it’s very good as well. Not sure what I will pick up next. I’ve been on a roll and I don’t want to jinx it.

Oh, if you missed my summer list, check it out here!

Have a great week and tell me what you are reading!

12 thoughts on “Whatnot – 06/15/22”

  1. Hope your appointments go well and you guys can do something fun for Father’s Day. Also hope your reading continues to go well. Mine seems to be back on track again after a definite slowdown. I won’t complain a bit – life is better when my reading is ‘right’ – ha!

  2. Gosh, that would be my husband’s worst father’s day! He hates the dentist. No rational reason either, just hates going. LOL I hope you guys find time to celebrate and Otter pup gets her pillow back where it needs to be.

  3. Hope you have a good Father’s Day Weekend; we’ve been taking it easy and close to home. Thank goodness for books and beautiful weather, flowers blooming etc. I loved Swimmers and just finished It All Comes Down to This –this morning. I thought it was ok, some parts better than others but, I didn’t love it.

  4. I’m with Otter Pup! I’m also seeking the sunshine in and around the house. I don’t think she would like living in Oregon!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed Swimmers. I’m planning to read it, but not until I’ve finished my summer reading selections.

    We’re sticking close to home until the early August. We plan to head to Santa Rosa to visit family and I hate to even think about the fuel cost for that RV trip. Still on the fence about a possible trip to Glacier National Park.

    1. The Otter Pup can take a gloomy day and cozy up but too many days like that she gets sad. She definitely prefers the hot sun. I have to remind her to take a break because she overheats herself.

      I love your RV adventures but yes, fuel will be at a premium. Hopefully something is done about it soon.

  5. Chloe looks like she’s thinking “why isn’t my pillow where it belongs?”

    I just finished Love & Saffron and plan on starting The Swimmers tomorrow morning.

  6. How are you? Hanging in here. What summer plans do you have? Only trip is going to see Kim’s dad and her sisters and her one sister’s daughters whom we haven’t met yet in July. One is three. The other will be turning one, on the same day as Kim’s dad’s, which is on the weekend when we’ll be going. Any plans for Father’s Day? No. I wanted to go see my dad but Kim hit a deer in late May. And we are getting the car, which is drivable, worked on in a couple of weeks. We don’t want to risk hitting another deer.

    1. No summer plans really except that I am taking high school ministry to camp next week. That should be fun. For Father’s Day we are hitting a restaurant the Hub likes after our dental appointments on Saturday. Fun! Not the dentist part but it’s just for cleanings.

      We are sticking close to home because the cost of gasoline and seriously, the cost of sending my daughter back and forth to Missouri is stacking up. It should not cost us $1000 for a one way ticket to Missouri but it does.

  7. My dad is out of town so no plans with him for Father’s Day. A friend is in town though so we’ll go for a walk.

  8. I like how dogs find the sun in the house. Otter Pup likes it more than most — she’s smart. I called my Dad a few hours ago for Father’s Day … my brother had taken him to the beach so think he had a great day. I plan to get to Calif next in August.

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