Sunday Matters: All Kinds of Reading Going On

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I don’t want to talk too much about it because I will jinx myself but the reading is going well. I am catching up on all my review copies and have already put a dent in my summer reading list. This is very good and it makes me happy. Especially since they’ve all been really good reads.

This week CSI Vegas is filming right across the street from my house. It’s been a little crazy with parking, large equipment and the like but the one thing that killed me was the cutting down of a very large tree. It may not have been part of the shoot because the city was there too but now that that beautiful tree is gone, the east side of my house gets all the morning sun. Nice, but also much warmer as the AC has already kicked on.

Right Now:

I am headed to student ministry. We are “at the movies” for summer programming and it’s always a fun series, where clips of a movie are shared in-between a lesson of sorts. It’s enjoyable, especially when popcorn is enjoyed.


I finished and reviewed Sea of Tranquility. What a unique story. My next read is It All Comes Down To This by Therese Anne Fowler.

It All Comes Down to This


We finished Stranger Things, Season 4, Part One. It definitely had its moments but overall, it left me wanting more. That show doesn’t do well when everyone is split up.

We are looking at Korean dramas again. Many of you recommended some so we will decide this weekend what our next lazy watch will be.

Grateful for:

  • This time with The Girl home. She is working full time but when she is home, it’s nice to hear her singing again. The pup is in heaven.
  • My church family. There are some really good people in my circle.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: All Kinds of Reading Going On”

  1. I’m interested to hear more about Therese Ann Fowler’s new book. I’ve only read A Good Neighborhood (and gave it 3 stars), but this new release sounds good.

    How sad about the removal of the large tree. I wonder if the city will replant, although it could take years before it provides you with any shade. Bummer!

  2. Glad you have lots to be grateful for and how great to have the daughter home and reading progressing. I’m listening to – It All Comes Down to This now – great narrator and the story is holding my interest as well (at about the 54% mark). Have a good week.

  3. It’s fun, but also a pain, to have filming going on across the street.

    Korean Dramas. I can’t remember which ones you’ve already watched so here are my favorites: Crash Landing on You (the best), Start Up, Itawon Class, Romance Is a Bonus Book, Because This Is My First Life, and Boys Over Flowers. We’re currently watching Sky Castle which is good too.

  4. Good to hear that your reading is going well, Ti. And glad your daughter is home and singing. I’m going to be back to blogging tomorrow and we just got back from a vacation to North Carolina. Got lots to tell in upcoming days. It was lovely and cool, unlike our area here in Texas – extreme drought. Isn’t it interesting how removing a shade tree will affect so much? Take care!

  5. It’s always neat when a movie is filmed near where you live. There’s been quite a few filmed near me. Edward Scissorhands was partly filmed around the corner from my house.

    Glad your daughter is home!

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