Whatnot – 03/16/22

The Otter Pup and Root Beer, Napping

This has been a pretty warm week. Yesterday was 80 and today is expected to be close to that. I am not ready for the extreme heat that the next few months will bring. My daughter is loving it though. She has just been chilling in her room, watching movies, resting, etc. She heads back Saturday. My son continues to interview. It’s hard for his age group right now. The cost of living is a deciding factor with most of these interviews. If you can’t afford to pay rent on the salary being offered that’s an issue. Something will turn up. I’d rather he keep looking than accept something that won’t work.

Hey, tonight we have book club and we will be discussing Memorial Drive. We are meeting in person so I am very excited! Many of you told me it was an amazing read and you were not wrong. I’ve been feeling a little cooped up lately so it will be good to get out.

I’ve been trying to catch-up with my blog reading but if you have been reading a “must read” book, let me know what it is so I can add it to my list.

In regards to that ultrasound I had on Monday, the lump has not grown or changed. I have to go back in another six months and if it’s changed at all it will be biopsied. I would rather them just biopsy it.

That’s all I have. I hope the week is treating you all well. It’s still a weird time, isn’t it? Masks coming off and yet China is in lockdown again.

10 thoughts on “Whatnot – 03/16/22”

  1. Glad you daughter is relaxing and recharging and I hope your son finds that perfect job as well. I looked up Memorial Drive and I wish listed it for the future. I do like stories like these. I just started Simone St. James (Sun Down Motel) her new book: The Book of Cold Cases. It hooked me right away – I think you would like it as well.

    Glad no change in your ultrasound; let’s hope it stays that way.

    1. I really liked Sun Down Motel. I requested her new book as a ARC but I don’t think I ever saw an approval notice. You would really like Memorial Drive. I am not into memoirs but this one almost reads like fiction. Plus, she writes beautifully and Obama chose it for his best of list so I knew it was going to be good. I am glad I ended up buying a copy.

  2. I would have asked if they could biopsy now, but insurance rules and all that. I am with you on get it done!

    I am so glad you liked Memorial Drive. It was one of the best books, and I love her poetry. If you’d like to give that a try in the future.

    1. I did ask about doing a biopsy now but they said they’d rather not cut into tissue if it’s benign. I will push for it next time.

      Oh, and I have been reading her poetry. The lady who is hosting the club discussion sent us a bunch of links and videos of her readings.

  3. Good to hear that your girl is enjoying being home. Good luck to your son for finding the ‘best’ job for him. Glad your ultrasound showed no change. Good luck in the future with it. And I’m happy that we are starting to get warmer here too. Of course, the ‘too warm’ time will come, but I would request no more lows in the 20’s. LOL

    1. My daughter left Missouri and its 20 degree temp in a tiny little outfit and no jacket. I picked her up from the airport thinking she’d be all bundled up. I guess she is used to the weather now.

  4. I’ll bet your daughter is enjoying her visit! The week is going by quickly though, isn’t it? Sorry you have to wait another 6 months to have the lump biopsy, but I guess it’s good that it hasn’t changed since your last visit. It must be such a struggle to be searching for a job right now. I hope your son finds something he really enjoys and that provides him with a liveable wage. Let’s see, the last great book I read is Setting Free the Kites. I posted my review today (a href=”https://lesleysbooknook.blogspot.com/2022/03/setting-free-kites.html”>here).

    1. It is going by very fast. She sleeps in every day so I don’t really see her until the evening. I wish they had just biopsied the lump because now the radiologist says he doesn’t think it’s cancer and before he was adamant that it wasn’t cancer. Perhaps it’s a different radiologist.

  5. What does Otter Pup think of the cat? It is a weird time. Are we going to have another wave of it .. again? We are headed to the beach on Sunday but it might be cooler perhaps, which is fine with me. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. The fact that China is in lockdown again does not bode well. It feels so good to be out and about more that I don’t want to go back into hibernation. At some point, and it’s probably soon, people are going to say, “F-it. I am not going back!” Sigh

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