Sunday Matters: The Girl Is Here!

Sunday Matters

Good morning! My daughter was supposed to fly in tonight but due to weather and her campus closing for snow, we switch her flight so she could come in this past Friday. Gives her a little extra time. She is loving visiting with The Otter Pup and Root Beer the cat. No big plans while she is here besides a good haircut. She just wants to chill.

As for my son, he continues to interview. Right now the most promising opportunities are for Denver and Kansas City.

Right Now:

Coffee. Breakfast. Off to student ministry. I might try to sneak a chapter in before I go.

This Week:

Not a lot scheduled but this Monday I do have a follow-up ultrasound for a lump that was found four months ago. The radiologist was pretty convinced it’s benign but wants to check for growth now that a few months have passed. Hoping it’s gone, to be honest.


The School for Good Mothers. Although I might be done with it by the time you read this. Also reading Memorial Drive for club.

Memorial Drive


We finished All of Us Are Dead. Looking forward to Season 2. Supposedly they have a green light to start filming.

Grateful for:

  • Books that  instantly pull me in.
  • This is super dumb but I discovered Chick Fil A’s gluten free egg and cheese sandwich. Makes for a nice breakfast now and then.

Have a wonderful Sunday and great week!

7 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: The Girl Is Here!”

  1. I am sending good thoughts for the ultrasound, I know how stressful that can be! I bet you are loving having both kids home! I get to see my daughter this Friday so things are looking up for me, too. Have a great week.

  2. Hooray! I’m sure it was wonderful to see your daughter’s smiling face as she arrived at the airport. I wish your son with his job search. Both Denver and KC would be great. Much larger cities than where he was before, right?! I’ll keep you in my thoughts in the coming days and hope that all goes well with your follow-up ultrasound.

    I love a good book that sucks me in from the beginning, too. I just finished two great books and am trying to figure out what to read next that will keep that ball rolling.

  3. I am hoping your ultrasound has good news. Reading seems to be going very well for you, which is nice. I’ve stopped/slowed to a crawl on reading. I think I was burnt out on submissions for the Festival. I’m glad you have your kids home and that the interviews are going well.

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