Sunday Matters: Back To Missouri She Goes

Sunday Matters

Well, that week flew by. My daughter headed back yesterday. It was a good visit. She got the rest she needed and it was really nice for us to be together again. Cat and dog included.

As for my son, no updates on the job front.

Right Now:

I am getting ready to head to student ministry. I’m also trying to figure out my next read. I actually finished another book! Progress.

This Week:

I don’t have much this week, except I was asked to be on two award panels for work so there will be some meetings for that and a  lot of reading as I go through the submissions.

Since it’s been so nice lately I am feeling the urge to BBQ something. I’m so conflicted though because one surgeon gave me a list of all these foods I can no longer eat and nearly everything on it was part of my vegetarian diet. The other one couldn’t metabolically find a cause for the kidney issues so he recommended nothing. Not too pleased with how that all went down.


I finished The School for Good Mothers and  Memorial Drive so I am on the lookout my next read. I have no shortage of review copies to get to but I must be in the right mood for some of them or I will hit a wall. Once I get back from church I plan to spend the afternoon reading whatever I choose.


Looking for a new show to watch. Perhaps, Pieces of Her.

Grateful for:

  • Nap time with the cat and pup.
  • My church and the circle of friends I’ve made there.

Have a wonderful Sunday and great week! We survived the time change. Actually, I wasn’t too bad off this time around. Usually Spring Forward messes me up for days.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Back To Missouri She Goes”

  1. I’ll bet that week flew by! Will she be home during the summer or will she take summer session classes?

    Meal planning sounds like a challenge for you. Is there a kidney dietician you can meet with?

    I’ve been focusing on reading nothing but my ancient ARCs and am down to just five left! It feels wonderful to see some gaps on my shelves, but I’m also discovering a few gems in the rough. Just finished a fabulous novel a few days ago and I’ve had it for several years. I plan to continue reading the books that have been on my shelves the longest. Spring cleaning in the stacks! 🙂

    I hope you have a good week, Ti!

    1. We aren’t sure about summer yet. She is trying to find a summer stock opportunity. She’s auditioned for many but like college acceptances they seem to take forever to come in.

  2. Glad your daughter had a good visit home. I like having the extra hour of daylight in the evenings, but I’m not really excited about making daylight savings time a permanent thing. The thought of it not getting light in the mornings until 8 AM at some points of the year and having kids going to school (walking, waiting at bus stops) in the dark is also unappealing. I was in Florida for spring break and my reading was definitely slow. I got back yesterday and could use a few more days to regroup and get organized.

  3. Glad to read your daughter had a nice week with the family. It must be hard to send her off again. Does she still like being so far away or might she like to be closer to home? Hope your son finds a position he will enjoy. I finished The Book of Cold Cases; Simone St. James and it was very good. It has some ghostly aspects like Sundown Motel but well done too.

    1. She wants to be closer to home but the training she needs isn’t available on the West Coast. All the schools here or say in Colorado, Arizona and the like are not musical theatre schools. I suspect that with her apt lease she will stay in Missouri next but she is gunning for NYC. Renting a room in NYC, not filled with bugs or in a bad neighborhood is going to be $2500 plus.

  4. Sounds like you had a great visit,even if it was short. I hope there is something for your son soon.

    I finished 2 poetry books over the weekend, and I started the third. It was lovely to have some reading time. I also wrote about 3 poems, which is a success, even if they are just drafts.

    Those dietary restrictions sound dreadful. I hope that some of that is out of an abundance of caution and that you can find something to eat.

    1. It was a good visit. She got a lot of rest and made one trip to the ocean. As soon as she got back she had that long rehearsal so I hope that went well. Eight hours is a bit much for rehearsal.

      My food. I am stumbling big time trying to figure out what I can eat. I’ve gained quite a bit but I am chalking it up to inflammation. I was doing so well on a vegetarian diet but 80% of it is now a big NO.

  5. It’s always sad to send our children back to school/their home. I am so glad you got to spend good time with her. I hear it was super hot there today; I am in Boston where it is so darn cold!

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