Whatnot – 12/15/21

Reese's pop-up book shop!Good morning! Today is the day that The Girl makes her way back to California. If all goes well, we pick her up late tonight from LAX! We’ve been telling The Otter Pup all week long that her sis sis is coming home and she keeps looking for her. We are all pretty excited to see her. 

In other news, last weekend I visited Reese’s pop-up Book Club shop at the Westfield Century City mall. It’s so cute and fun. I didn’t buy anything because after looking at the shelves I realized I’ve already read most of the books. It was so fun though. They made us cappuccinos and showed us the secret door full of books.

Then, we had lunch at Eataly!! What a great experience. I had the best gluten free pizza! The Hub had a broccoli rabe sausage pasta that he said was very good. Look at that bright green.

Eataly Pizza and Pasta

I still need to write up my review of Dune. Still.

On my lunch break today I go in for cortisone shots for my knee. The doc is trying this first, to see if reducing the inflammation is all that I need because the meniscus is shredded. There is nothing he can do for it besides removing it and then I would have no cushioning at all. The ACL he is hoping will improve with reduced inflammation.

Anyway, I may be busy with The Girl back at home but I will do my best to finish up my reviews and pop in for updates.

Have a great rest of the week and stay safe out there!

11 thoughts on “Whatnot – 12/15/21”

  1. Sounds like your knee is a mess. My husband had his meniscus replaced. There is a surgical option, but usually they don’t do that unless they need to replace the ACL also. I hope the shots help you. Recovery from that kind of surgery is long.

    I hope the girl makes it home on time. Enjoy your time with her.

  2. I just had shot in my right knee on Friday. It is amazing. I have three tears in that knee as well as arthritis. Nowadays they do not just operate. Is good. Enjoy your daughter. Happy holidays.

    1. Thanks. I felt really good after the shot but then when I got home it was back to feeling not great. It will take some time for the inflammation to go down but it just keeps catching and going out.

      We got home from the airport at 1am and my husband and I both work today. She is still sleeping and probably will be until noon. She always has plans with friends for tonight. The pup was so happy to see her.

  3. I’m glad your daughter arrived safe & sound! Too bad you guys couldn’t sleep in, as well. 😉

    I hope the inflammation in your knee starts to improve. It sounds so painful.

    Enjoy your holiday season, Ti!

    1. Merry Christmas!

      The cortisone shot is helping. I won’t see the full effect for a couple of weeks but a lot of the swelling went down. I may take the pup for a short walk here in a bit.

      My son comes in on 12/24 so soon we shall all be together. Omicron is all over and things are shutting down again which will affect all of our outings but so be it. We can’t control it. We will do the best we can and enjoy what we can.

  4. Since I am so far behind in checking blogs, I know that both our girls are back home already; it’s so great!

    I hope the cortisone shot helped your knee feel better.

    1. She barely made her connecting flight. Got there with a minute to spare. Tonight we are seeing Hamilton! She’s already seen it but I haven’t, not live.

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