Sunday Matters: She’s Here!

Sunday Matters

Hello and good morning! My daughter arrived late Wednesday night. Her flight was very delayed which gave her like 5 minutes to make her connecting flight. It was a real nail biter. Thank GOD she had a classmate on the plane who lives in Atlanta and was familiar with the airport because she needed to hop on the subway to get to next flight. That girl ran with her all the way. She got there with a minute to spare. The nice thing, last one on the plane = first bags off the plane. We got home at 1am after a run through a restaurant drive-thru.

Friday night we saw Hamilton!

Right Now:

Student ministry is breaking until January 9th so I have my Sunday mornings to lounge around and be lazy.

Tonight we have tickets to see The Band’s Visit. Closing night, and Emma really wanted to catch it while in town. Cancellation emails are on the rise with Omicron so I keep checking for updates.

This Week:

Tele-appointment with the urologist over the kidney stone debacle on Monday.

Tuesday, physical therapy for the knee.

Wednesday, shopping for whatever I will be cooking for Christmas dinner. The kids are pushing me to make a reservation somewhere but it’s always so crowded and it would be nice to just be together.


Still reading this. Slowly.

Greenwich Park


We watched Christmas Vacation and then nothing. My kids saw the new Spider Man and they highly recommend it.

I am on episode #3 of “And Just Like That” and it’s getting better. Slowly but the writing is a little lazy. I wanted more for those characters.

Grateful for:

  • A nice warm house to cozy up in. It’s been so cold here.
  • My time off. I do love this time of the year.

Have a wonderful Sunday and great week!

13 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: She’s Here!”

  1. Happy Holidays!! Glad all worked out with your daughter!!
    The hubbies birthday is on Wednesday, so until we finish celebrating that, I like to keep Christmas in the background. We watched the first two episodes of “And Just Like That”, found the characters whiny and annoying – no growth. So doubtful the rest will be watched.
    I just finished The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles, what a fabulous storyteller he is. This is a book that needs to be discussed. None of my friends has finished it yet, so I am chomping at the bit. Halve you read it? I am looking forward to reading Lionel Shriver’s new book- Should We Stay or Should We Go.
    We are grateful that our family is healthy – we see so many around us getting Covid, even being vaccinated.

  2. Cross-country flights always seem crazy, especially this time of year. And, really, flying to Atlanta from Missouri on your way to CA makes NO SENSE! But, been there, done that.

    I hope your medical appointments all go well. What an ordeal you’ve been having.

    Have a wonderful week and I am so glad you loved Hamilton, it really is an amazing show.

  3. Glad E made it home and hoping all of your appts. go well. I like to be home on Christmas – here it’s pretty much Chinese restaurants and the Pancake House that is open on Christmas. Have a great Christmas.

  4. I’m so glad the Girl got home! Yay. What a nice Christmas it’ll be together. Now how was Hamilton? Is it really great??? I’m a bit sad that the Sex and the City series is not better … I’m not even sure I want to try it …. hmm. Have a great week ….

  5. Hooray that your daughter made it home safe & sound! Atlanta is such a huge airport. Ugh. Glad she made her flight, but what an exhausting day for all, right? So jealous that you got to see Hamilton. It would be nice to eat out on Christmas, but we’re back to staying home and not eating in restaurants unless we can sit outside (not going to happen in Oregon during winter since it’s too cold and rainy!). We may get takeout for New Year’s, though. I’m excited to see Spider Man when it starts streaming. Enjoy your break from work and your family time! Merry Christmas, Ti!

  6. Yay for a safe arrival of daughter! We have to go through Atlanta literally every time we fly, since we fly Delta and there are no direct flights from our airport. It’s a pain but becomes pretty easy to navigate once you’re used to it.

    I just realized I haven’t read your review of Dune. I made Husband buy me a copy for Christmas (like, put it in the cart and offered to wrap it, LOL) so I’m looking forward to reading it in the New Year.

    Everyone seems to be loving the new Spiderman! Good to hear. It’s one of the few superhero franchises I tend to enjoy (but not always).

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