Whatnot – 06/30/21

The night sky.Happy Wednesday! I feel as if I’ve been away for awhile but nope, I’ve been here just not reading as much as I would like. Don’t you hate when life gets in the way of reading?

My corner of Southern California is still hot but not as hot as the Pacific Northwest. I feel for you folks! Temps of 116 in Washington?? The evenings here are so pretty and tolerable. So far.

Today, I will hopefully be done with all of the paperwork I mentioned last weekend. I just need to scan it and send it. Good riddance. In its place, I will begin a longlist of stuff my daughter will need at college. We are shopping there and if I don’t have a list I can see it quickly getting out of hand AND coming back without essentials. 

My son leaves for Kansas 7/15. It’s been really nice having them both here for awhile. 

As for reading, I am reading my next 10 Books of Summer Book, Before She Disappeared. Making an effort to read a good chunk today since I lost a couple weeks of reading this past month. 

What are your plans for the 4th? We are so incredibly dry here and fireworks are illegal but that won’t matter, the hillsides will be like warzones come the 4th. Even with firework shows happening a lot of folks by me will be doing their own thing. Don’t even get me going about the poor animals. My pup is okay as long as we are with her. She will give us that worried look but if we are okay, then she is okay. Usually. All that to say that we have no plans. Maybe we will drive around and try to catch an actual show. 

Here’s a question for you? Do you have a favorite movie that you like to watch during the 4th of July festivities? For us, it’s JAWS. One year the lake by us had a movie viewing of it on the water, in canoes. Chills!


Have a good rest of the week!

13 thoughts on “Whatnot – 06/30/21”

  1. Our son lives in scorching Seattle a few years ago he put in central air very smart decision.No July 4th plans just relaxing.Have as good week.

  2. I am really worried about the personal fireworks on the 4th since I feel like we’re sitting in a tinderbox. We keep having small freeway-side fires set by homeless people, which just keeps us all on edge.

    I saw Jaws when it came out (I was 10) and it made me scared of the ocean for years! If I saw it now, I’d probably realize how fake it all looks.

    1. I still, to this day, think that the special effects for Jaws are pretty good. I watched a documentary on how they filmed it and because the animatronic was broken for nearly the entire shoot, they did a lot of POV shots from the shark’s perspective and I felt like that was even more terrifying.

  3. Ti, glad you seem more back on track this week. I need to do a list all the time as well or I buy things we don’t need and forget the stuff we do (at least in part.) We’ve had low to mid 90’s, hot and humid for 5 days but, that is about over. Saturday we are celebrating my youngest granddaughters birthday with about 15 family members at their home. hopefully, the weather will cooperate as they have 6+ acres but a small home. Have fun with you kids this weekend – Jaws is an awesome summer movie.

    1. The get-together sounds super fun. 6 acres. Wow. Def enough room to spread out as long as the weather cooperates. Hope it does! Take pics!

  4. Yikes, watching Jaws on the water? That is BRAVE! I’ll be twitching in there and trying to hide in the little space I had.

    Independence day weekend is always hard to plan around here because it’s also my birthday weekend and there likely will be something going on, just that I won’t know much of it until later. There was one time my husband said let’s visit the aquarium and off we went, and then he detours to go for a river cruise with fireworks after. Eh, what..? Thankfully I was dressed for it, and I was very pleased of course LOL so we’ll see what happens this time.

  5. We’ve had some hot temps here in Maryland. 90s with 100+ humidity/heat index. The kids party at the pool was a hit, but it was a scorcher and I was trying to keep everything moving along smoothly. I heard the kids enjoyed it, so that’s a plus. We have a party for teens this weekend, but I think it will be fewer moving parts and more low key unless there’s some issues between the teens themselves.

  6. I haven’t been visiting blogs very much this past month, nor have I been reading anything, as my monthly summary will tell you. 🙂 Camping/road trips always put reading on the back burner, but I’ll get back to it in a few more weeks. It’s been so hot and I’m ready to return to my chilly Oregon coast. BTW, we met a camper last night who was raised in Santa Clarita. That’s where you are, right? I hope you have a safe 4th of July. We’re up near the Tennant fire, but the winds are blowing away from us, so I hope we continue to be safe until we leave on Monday. It’s SO dry all over California. Fingers crossed there aren’t new fires in the next few days. I know it’s a huge concern where you are, too.

  7. Does your son go to school in Kansas? Will he be fairly close to your daughter? We don’t have big plans for the weekend, mainly more driving practice for my daughter. Have a safe 4th!

    1. He has a one year service commitment with AmeriCorps in a small town in Kansas building a community arts program. He will be four hours from My daughter.

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