10 Books Of Summer 2021

10 Books of Summer

Cathy from 746 Books announced her 20 Books of Summer event!

I know with all the moving that my kids will be doing between Southern California, Kansas and Missouri, I will not get to 20 books. I know this for a fact! But, I was reminded that there is a 10 or 15 book option. With my brain the way it has been even 10 sounds like a stretch but I love a good list and I love planning. 

Here are the details (loosely). Visit Cathy’s page for more info. 

  • Choose your list and share it with her when she kicks off the event.
  • When you post about it, use the hashtag #20booksofsummer21. I plan to use this hashtag for my 10 book goal as well. 
  • Runs from Tuesday, June 1 and finishes on Wednesday, September 1. 
  • In the past she has read the books and posted the reviews by the time the event ends but I won’t be doing that. Especially as August will be really busy for me between the move and also my own campus starting back up. 

Here is what I hope to read and I’ve included publication dates to keep me on track. 

10 Books of Summer 2021 - Book Chatter

Will you be joining us?

17 thoughts on “10 Books Of Summer 2021”

  1. How fun! If poetry books count, I could do it! 10 books would be a stretch for me also. Before She Disappeared by Lisa Gardner would be a good pick for my mom I think, and do I spy a Stephen King book!

  2. This looks like a great list. I’ll be reading the Joyce Maynard book and Stephen King’s newest at some point and I loved Lthe Lisa Gardner one. I’ll be joining in and hope to post my list for the weekend. Have fun.

  3. Great titles here! I think a list helps a lot during busy seasons and sounds like you’ll need it for the next few months. I’ve been eyeing Falling a lot so I hope to read that one.

  4. Falling looks fun. I’ll have to look it up. Covers with planes on them always appeal to me. I haven’t heard of any of the others. My summer goal is to finally read Gone With the Wind. I’ll either start in June or July.

      1. There is a blogger on Instagram who has a fox family living on her porch. She captures images every day. they are lovely. Makes me want to read this book even more.

  5. You’ve got this! 🙂

    I’m eager to read Count the Ways, but probably won’t get to it this year. I feel like my plans for 2021 include a lot of backlist titles that have been lurking far too long. With that said, I have almost 10 “new” books to read this summer. Have fun with the challenge, Ti.

  6. I am just starting to see all these lists on the blogs I read and I like the idea. I think I’ll get my act together and choose 20 books (or maybe 15).

  7. Summer lists are fun! Glad you posted this. I think 10 is all I can handle lately. Does Joyce Maynard have a new book coming?! Robyn Harding’s books are fast reads. I think I noted the Tompkins novel in a Preview Post but now I’m not sure I want to go there … so it’s good if someone I trust will. Go for the Harding & Maynard !!

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