Sunday Matters: July 4th!

Sunday Matters

We’ve all mentioned how fast the year is going but it’s very difficult for me to believe that it’s July 4th and Independence Day is in full swing. Our town’s firework’s show will happen. The parades will happen. People everywhere will be celebrating with friends and family and then there’s that pesky Delta variant. I am still wearing my mask indoors if there are people near me, even with being fully vaccinated. Since we have to travel this summer I am being cautious.

One thing we for sure celebrate on the 4th is The Otter Pup’s birthday!! She was a rescue so we picked a date based on her estimated age at adoption and July 4th it is! She is ELEVEN today!


Right Now:

Trying to get this family up so we can get some breakfast.

This Week:

Most of this week will be spent organizing and planning since my son leaves soon. When he got here, he put all his stuff in the garage so now he needs to decide what goes to Kansas and what stays. He is taking some of my daughter’s things too like her guitar. Maybe some heavy coats. We never had a need for them before! The house that AmeriCorps is putting him in is fully furnished and pretty much brand new.


Still reading Before She Disappeared by Lisa Gardner for 10 Books of Summer.

Before She Disappeared


We are watching whatever suits our fancy these days. A little bit of this and that. I am excited for some shows to return like American Horry Story and yes, The Walking Dead although the premier will air on August 22nd while I am in Colorado for a layover.

Grateful for:

  • My Adobe Scan app. I have used this app countless times while dealing with all this school paperwork, as well as the paperwork for my daughter’s job. It’s amazingly easy to use, you can encrypt the file if it’s something confidential and it takes excellent scans of whatever you have in front of you. Phone apps can be handy plus it’s free.
  • I am glad that many of the city’s “cooling centers” are open again this summer for people to use. Last year with COVID, many folks without AC had to tough it out and for the elderly and those without housing, it was a really serious issue.

I really do not know where we will end up in a few years. I always figured we would be where the kids end up but they may not be headed to the same spot! I just cannot take these hot summers anymore. It’s not even a physical thing. I am just mentally over it.

I picture myself by a body of water. Probably lakeside. I love the ocean too but do not love sand. Where would you live if you could live anywhere?

15 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: July 4th!”

  1. Yeah, I’m not quite as comfortable going maskless as a lot of people in my area are. Maybe by fall…

    I have no problem with sand. If money were no object, I’d love to live near San Diego, maybe Oceanside or Imperial Beach.

  2. I use Genius Scan on my phone, but will check out Adobe Scan to see if it’s better. It’s amazing how often I use it.

    Contemplating a move is interesting and lakeside sounds fantastic. I would consider bugs (they tend to love to bite me) and would stay in California.

  3. Happy Birthday to the Otter Pup!

    We had an indoor party yesterday for my granddaughter’s birthday because it poured! There were 14 of us all vaccinated except for the 3 kids and no masks we did have windows open for ventilation even though it was amp and cold. I’ve only lived in MA and RI but love both states. The only other state I’d consider living in would be Vermont – so pretty there too plenty of lakeside options:)

  4. Happy Birthday to Otter Pup! I hope the organizing and sorting this weekend went well. My mom has been doing a lot of that as she begins to prepare for downsizing. I get a lot of e-mails and texts asking if I want this or that.

    I see myself settling somewhere lakeside too. That’s my dream anyway. I just don’t know if it would be somewhere with snow though–that’s the only problem. I hate the cold and snow.

    I hope you have a great week, Ti.

  5. We need a cooling center near us. No air-con! Most of the time we don’t have a prob … but recently yes – it was awful. Happy bday to Otter Pup! Stella also just had her 9th birthday on July 3rd. So we can relate about dog bdays. It seems amazing that places have opened up … after being closed for so long …. we are still going thru that weird phase here now. have a great week. for places to live: … I think Santa Barbara and Carmel are idyllic kinds of places … maybe Ojai … Lake Tahoe? ha.

  6. Happy Birthday to the Otter Pup… can’t believe she is 11! I loved living on a lake, but did not like the harsh central NY winters. Now I LOVE being near the beach, but the hurricanes! We spent a couple of days in Chapel Hill, NC on our way north. I’m intrigued with that now.

  7. Happy Birthday, sweet pup! We’ve always said we’d go where the kids are, but like you said, they may not be in the same place. We’ve talked about retiring to New Mexico near Santa Fe, and maybe the Pacific NW, though their summer has been brutal this year!

    1. I always thought I’d end up in Oregon somewhere. We seriously considered moving there once. Hillsboro but I was in love with Lake Oswego. But yeah, this summer and last has been rough for them. It’s like the earth tilted on its axis.

  8. Happy Birthday to the pup! Our dog is also turning 11 this month in two weeks. How fast time flies 😦

    Good luck with everything going on this week! Hmm, where would I go if I could go anywhere and settle down? I am usually split on this. On the one hand, I’d like to be at or near a city for easy access to anything and everything, but on the other hand, I would love to either live on the mountains or on an island.

  9. Happy Birthday Chloe, you are such a pretty 11 yr. old!

    I still wear a mask too.

    As you could probably figure out, I would live as close as possible to a beach.

  10. Chloe cannot be that age…she seems so young. I hope you are doing well with all the change; I know it will be hard.

    I still wear a mask indoors and my daughter as well. My husband seems comfortable without one already; I’m not thrilled by that, but he’s an adult and vaccinated.

    The app sounds like one I should get. I will have to check that out.

    No TV watching here for the most part, though I did recently watch Her Pen Pal on Hallmark, and suddenly I want to live in Paris. 🙂 But ultimately, I’m a city girl. I’d love to move back to Boston if money were no object.

    1. 90% of the time Chloe acts like a puppy. The vet said it’s her daily walking that keeps her in shape. We have slatted stairs and twice now, we think she has fallen through them while asleep. That is the only time she shows her age but who wouldn’t after falling several feet to a hard tile floor?

  11. I’m still wearing my mask in grocery stores, Ti. It was easy to get out of the habit when we were on our road trip (in an RV), so I almost forgot when I went shopping the other day!

    Your son will definitely need warm clothes for the Midwest winter, as will your daughter! And ice scrapers for their cars. 😉

    We are pretty much living exactly where we dreamed of being (Depoe Bay, Oregon). We are in a forest and can walk to the ocean path (a bluff overlooking the water) in 2 minutes. The mountains are right here, too. If I want to walk on a sandy beach, I only need to drive 10 minutes down the coast and find a parking spot. If I could pick a perfect spot, though, I’d love for it to be a little bit warmer. We won’t hit 70 until August. We lived in San Diego for 20 years and the climate is pretty nice, but it’s far too crowded now. Maybe Sequim, WA. We love it there! Good question!

  12. I am late to visiting your Sunday Matters this week. We’ve had our son and his family staying with us, and I haven’t had a moment to myself.

    You never know where your kids will end up. My son and his family are moving to East Texas soon, and my other son and his wife live in Chicago. We will visit, but we will never move to either of those places.

    I’m glad the cooling centers are open this summer, too. I’ve been worried about people in hot spots.

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