Whatnot – Week 5/6

With the holidays coming in like a freight train, I missed a “Whatnot” post so this counts for two weeks of random thoughts.

First off, wasn’t New Year’s Eve odd this year? I kind of liked it. I watched the Dick Clark / Seacrest countdown and I must say, I liked how toned down it was. No loud TV personalities screaming over a large crowd and even the musical performances were toned down. Very little noise in my neighborhood too. Some fireworks but only for a few minutes and not the large ones we normally have to deal with. The pup pipped and then went to bed. She does this “pip” thing like a yippy bark when she wants us to take notice but only a couple of pips and then she was off to dream land.

The Otter Pup
The Otter Pup all ready for bed.

I took this week off to relax and rid myself of a little anxiety but it looks like I will be spending my time organizing things. I DO love to organize and I find it to be pretty enjoyable as long as I have something good to watch or listen to. I especially enjoy the more organized space afterward. Early in the week I tackled my walk-in closet and my loft bookshelves are next.   I have NO clothes to wear. That is what I’ve discovered.

Side note, all I want to wear are sweatshirts and jeans anyway. Working from home has its advantages. Jeans, haha. Sometimes just sweatpants if I am being honest. Jeans don’t give like a pair of well-loved sweatpants do. 

Cleaning and purging pile

When I am not organizing I will plop myself on the couch with a book and a blanket. It’s been chilly and the pup likes to read with me so it’s a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

How is your first week of January going? I know some of you returned to work. I hope your return is going well and for those who physically returned to a building, stay safe my friends.


17 thoughts on “Whatnot – Week 5/6”

  1. Pre pandemic I wore jeans all the time, since March it’s been yoga pants and tunic tops unless I had a doc appt and then better pants and a nice blouse or sweater. Jeans aren’t that comfortable, especially since I need to wear a belt.

    I like organizing as well but it gets messy again so fast – frustrating. We gave a loft too, my former reading nook, but these days I don’t feel like climbing the steep stairs with my sore knee so often read downstairs


    1. I call it my reading loft but it has never been mine. It can be now though. We got a new TV to put up there because my son used it all the time but my daughter does not and I swear, that TV has been turned on three times in a year. During the early morning and afternoon it’s the sunniest place so my pup took it over!! She has a bed there and a favorite blankie on the couch. She snoozes up there but she loves to share it with me as long as I am down and reading. She hates when I keep popping back up to do things. We have a nice couch up there but I need a nice leather chair I think.

  2. I fail at organizing but part of that is the lack of help. People just come right behind you are re-mess it. 🙂

    I am back at work, but I already need vacation. The work is busy, which is a blessing but a stressor. I’m trying to think of it positively.

    1. I feel for you. Going back to work after a break is hard. When I was in the office it wasn’t so bad because the day would be spent visiting and catching up. That part won’t happen for me on Monday but I am okay with it.

      I am waiting to see how long it takes for my husband to mess up the nice stacks of tshirts I put in the closet.

  3. We’ve been working on cleaning, organizing, and purging our possessions, too. It feels so good! Space is opening up! I love it.

    As to New Year’s . . . it was pretty much the same as always, for us. We don’t ever party. We watched the fireworks in London and Sydney and then looked at each other and decided that was good enough. We were in bed by 9:00. LOL But, we had fireworks in our neighborhood for hours, so getting to bed and getting to sleep were not compatible. No biggie. I read.

    1. We don’t usually do anything for NYE either. I typically will cook something good or get Chinese takeout. The vibe was different though. My daughter usually spends the night at a friend’s house with a bunch of friends but that didn’t happen of course. She did visit them at a park during the day for lunch though.

  4. I haven’t gone much beyond sweatpants recently either. Recently? Well, since mid-March. And shoes? Not unless I leave the house. I kind of like it.

    1. I will usually still wear shoes at least downstairs because long ago when I broke my foot my doc told me to always wear supportive shoes on tile floors or I will pay the price. Sometimes just Birks but since I’ve been walking more I will typically leave my joggers on.

  5. New Year’s was very quiet and that quietness was very appreciated! It was good to just watch such subdued celebrations this year – how nice if that could be the going-forward custom.

    I recently started forcing myself to wear something other than my coziest of t-shirts and pants. I actually feel better doing that. Mind you, these are still not what I’d call office or casual wear. But they do look better than PJs. Weekends will be more casual though.

    I want to do a ton of organization this year. My plan was that when my kids go back to school, I’ll carve out an hour in the morning and do this. But after three days of back to school, turns out I prefer to get my office work and blogging done during this time since it’s much harder to get on to my laptop once my kids are home. So I still need to figure out how I’ll do some large cleanup projects.

    1. Sweatshirts and joggers are my thing right now. Even a pair of jeans causes too much discomfort for me. I feel so confined even though they fit just fine. I really don’t want to wear anything else and probably won’t unless forced.

  6. I usually wear loose leggings and a loose shirt, or pj’s around the house.

    There were houses on every side of us setting off fireworks and someone even fired a gun. AND…they started at 7:00 pm and went until way after midnight. My dog and cats were not liking it at all. On top of that it was my dogs birthday and she didn’t want any of her treats etc. I finally got her to eat 1/2 of a 3 inch iced dog bone. I’d like to take her somewhere for her birthday where there were no fireworks so she could enjoy her birthday. Poor puppy!

    1. Aw!! Poor baby. People are idiots with fireworks. I get the celebratory pop at midnight but hours before and hours afterward… not cool. Plus, people aren’t supposed to be gathering anyway so who is going to see it? There was one year where we had to pick up my son from somewhere on NYE and we took the pup with us because as long as she is with us she is okay even if large fireworks are going off.

  7. Otter pup is so lovable and cute … I feel like she’d be a joy to read with. I’m sure you are the best organizer ever. You need to come to our house! Enjoy your week … and sunshine.

    1. The Otter Pup is so cute when she reads with me. She sleeps on my lap but her recent tooth loss causes her to drool a little when she is asleep so when that happens she wakes herself up, looks around blearily, and then goes back to sleep. She was playing tug of war and lost her tooth!

  8. A week with lots of organizing in it sounds great to me! I really want to get started with my annual winter organizing but I’m trying to hold off for 40 Bags in 40 Days, which doesn’t start until the beginning of Lent. Surely one year I’ll struggle to find 40 bags so mustn’t start too early! I find it so relaxing!

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