Sunday Matters: Holy Moly, Forgot It Was Sunday

Sunday Matters

Each and every day I am reminded of my age. Holy Moly. I totally forgot today was Sunday so I had no post scheduled. I was catching up on blog reading and realized I had forgotten to post when everyone was talking about their Sunday.

So, here you go. A quick update.

Right Now:

Most of my coworkers return to work (virtually) tomorrow but I added an additional week and I am so glad I did. I try to, because that first day back is just too hard for me to wrap my brain around. Of course, my first day back on 1/11 will be hard too. My daughter returns to remote learning on 1/11 so I thought it would be good to take that additional week.

My pup was having trouble recovering from a particularly long walk last night so early this morning I took her on a shorter walk and now she is napping. Happily.

I will be doing a bit more laundry and then hitting Old Navy to exchange something I got for the girl that didn’t work out. I am hoping it’s not too crazy there now that most of the return business has probably passed us by. Hopefully.

My husband returns to work tomorrow and he’s okay with it. He cannot be down for too long he just gets too antsy. Needs to be doing something all the time.

This Week:

I am trying my best not to be irritated by the people who continue to ignore the safer at home guidelines. We had a super spreader event here on New Year’s Eve. It made the news. I’m not sure how many were in attendance but no masks were worn and we have patients being treated in parking lots. They want the lockdowns to be lifted but at the same time THEY are the reason for the lockdowns. NO COMMON SENSE. So this week I am going to skip the news again for awhile.

At the end of this week, my daughter has a virtual audition with Baldwin Wallace in Ohio. Good thoughts appreciated.


I am reading The Memory Police and The Overstory. I can’t say my reading has been quick. I’ve been reading a few pages here and there. It’s hard to read with the Hub home.

If you missed my fave books read in 2020, you can check out the post here.


Cobra Kai, Season Three. We are on episode four. If it were up to my husband, we’d be done with it but I wanted to spread it out a little so we could look forward to something each night. I was not a super fan of The Karate Kid when it came out decades ago but hello, seeing these characters now brings back so many memories from that time. It’s really enjoyable.

Grateful for:

  • The weather continues to be pretty nice which is allowing me to spend more time walking.
  • All Christmas is put away. I was not happy putting it away. I actually had a pretty bad attitude about it but it’s put away and feels good.
  • Our short visit to see our son up the Central Coast. He took us to a new spot but I got glares from people about our pup even though I carried her on the trail so I had to cut it short but here’s a pic of the incredible view.
San Luis Obispo
Montaña de Oro State Park

I am slowly catching up on my blog reading so I can’t wait to hear how your New Year’s Eve went. Hope you are all well and that a good book is by your side.

33 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Holy Moly, Forgot It Was Sunday”

  1. It’s not just here in the U.S. that people are stupid. In a small village in France, there was a rave of more than 2,000 people in a small warehouse. It is a good time to skip the news.

    Good thoughts being sent your daughter’s way.

    Just curious, if your husband is doesn’t like Cobra Kai, what kind of shows does he like? We’re watching it tomorrow as I’m off and it’s the start of Kim’s “weekend.”

    A good book is in front of me, an Inspector Montalbano by Andrea Camilleri. I only wish I had wine.

  2. I wanted to take down the Christmas decorations today but it hasn’t happened yet so I’ll likely do it next week now. The lights are all turned off at this point so we just need to pack things up. I had a very busy morning and then didn’t feel up to more work. And here as well, everyone gets grumpy during this task.

    How good that you have another week off! If I could, I would do that too – it’s hard enough getting back to work after a weekend but that first work/school day after a long break is the absolute worst as everyone is relearning their routines. Have a great break!

    1. Taking the extra week feels good for me now but when I return there will be so much waiting for me since they all returned earlier. We will survive!

  3. Happy New Year! I agree with Katherine, every day of this holiday weekend has felt like Sunday. Our tree is gone but there are still the rest of the Xmas decorations to be put away. My first read of the year is H is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald. It is ok. I am going to spend the rest of January reading the next book in all the series that I read. I started with The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny ( Inspector Gamache series) on audio. In print it will be Top Secret 21 by Janet Evanovich. I spread them out in the hope that I never get to the end. Enjoy your week off!

    1. Forgetting what day it is is par for the course when you’ve been off work for awhile. I love it most days but when you have a post called Sunday Matters you kind of have to post it on a Sunday. Ha!

  4. Ti, Thank You such much for your delightful,always honest posts. I love reading what you write no matter what. I have a daughter, Son in Law and family living in California, all the way down here in New Zealand in a way that is hard to articulate they have been both enlightening and comforting. Keep on Keeping on, I look forward to each and every one.

    1. Your comment made me smile. Such a nice thing to say. Thank you.

      What part of California is your family in? I am in Southern California, in LA County but in a suburb called Santa Clarita.

      1. Amber lives in a suburb called La Cresenta which is in LA county. I am always worried as there is so much of it up there but they are sensible, we have been very lucky down here, very little of it and no one is allowed in without 14 days in quarantine but even though we are back to a normal life we are still aware that at any point it only takes one mistake any there you have it. We used to come up to the States every two years but who knows when we will a chance to visit.

  5. What a gorgeous central California photo! I am so glad you got to visit your son this week. And good luck for your daughter with her impending auditions.

    We also de-Christmased today and it is always a bummer to do it.

  6. I hope you enjoy your week off. I don’t blame you at all for taking an extra week. 🙂 I have every Monday off, and admit I am glad. I do feel bad for my husband and daughter though. They both have to return to work and school tomorrow–well, from home, anyway.

    Sending positive vibes your daughter’s way for her audition the end of the week! My daughter’s decided she wants to try a intro to piano class online this winter and will start next week. We’ll see that goes.

    I think we’ve got about half our Christmas decorations put away. I had mentioned to my husband this weekend would be a good time to do it, and he kept asking me if I was sure. I finally out right asked him if he wanted to keep them up. Usually he’s the one asking if we can take them down. LOL He said she thought maybe I wanted to extend Christmas a little longer. Anyway, I started putting stuff away. I’ll probably do more tomorrow.

    Such a lovely photo from your walk. It sounds like you had a nice visit with your son.

    I hope you have a great week!

    1. I do enjoy the twinkly lights but with the small corner we had for Christmas this year due to virtual audition space, it was just kind of in the way so having it all put away feels better now. But I thinking I need some twinkle lights all year round.

    1. It’s actually the perfect book to read now. My memory of what we’ve lost since the shutdown keeps coming to mind. Like eating a really good meal in a restaurant. I keep thinking about that.

  7. Wow, beautiful photo! People are stupid here in Florida, too… the crowds on New Year’s Eve were all over the news, including the bash at Mar-a-Lago. Looking forward to your thoughts on The Overstory. I have a copy here that I bought after the library book “disappeared” from my kindle. The first section was really good, but I haven’t gotten back to it yet. Happy New Year and good luck to your daughter!

    1. I heard about the party at Mar-a-Lago and how Trump bailed on it. People everywhere have lost their minds when it comes to gathering.

    1. There was a sign that said no dogs on the trail. I assume for conservation purposes. Because she is only 6lbs I carried her. She never once was on the trail but right from the get-go a lady came up to me and told me no dogs and told me to carry her the entire way, which I was already doing. SHE did not have a mask when she approached me and my sarcastic self had to bite my tongue. My pup was terrified of the ocean and all the people so leaving her in the car was not an option. When I left, I saw many other people with large dogs so I wonder if she said something to them too.

  8. That is a beautiful view, Ti! Thanks for sharing it with us. Glad you got to go spend some time with your son and why were people upset about your pup? Stupid people. You know, I’ve discovered (I think I already knew) that large parts of the population are not very sensible. This last year confirmed it. I also have had it brought home that I can’t control them. I can barely control me. Ha! Have a good week and I wish you much peace and deep breaths and nice walks and good reading….

    1. The trail had a sign that said “no dogs” I assume for conservation purposes so I carried her the entire way/ She is only 6lbs. I didn’t want to leave her in the car with all the activity in the lot. She’d be terrified. The lady came up to me and immediately told me to carry her all the way when I was already doing that. And SHE was not wearing a mask so I had to hold my tongue. I am a rule follower but she is tiny and I did not put her down once. No path was sullied.

  9. I can’t understand why people are gathering and not wearing masks either. I don’t know what has to happen for them to start taking it serious. My thoughts are that I’d rather be safe than sorry.

    That view is amazing! And how could anyone get upset about that adorable little pup? People are getting upset over the stupidest things.

    I always stay home on NYE because the fireworks etc. scare my dog and cats so bad. The cats usually hide under my bed but being in the room with me calms them some. My dog clings to me so I pet her and tell her it’s ok and that I love her. I like fireworks, but don’t like that they are so harmful to animals. The birds outside were freaking out too. 😦

    1. I neglected to check the trail rules beforehand and found out that no dogs are allowed. I am assuming it’s for conservation purposes so I am all for rules and decided to carry her the entire way. She is only 6 lbs. She never once stepped foot on the ground but this lady was not having it and she approached me without a mask. I was not happy and almost said something but just went on my way. No way could I leave the pup in a strange place by herself. Of course, as I was leaving I saw lots of people with huge dogs and the trail police lady was nowhere to be found.

      1. I understand that they don’t want a bunch of huge dogs roaming around leaving their big piles of stuff everywhere. But small dogs that are being carried shouldn’t be a problem. I’m a rule follower too but I wouldn’t have left my dog in the car either.

        1. That’s how I felt. I only wish I had a backpack for her because she was like a 6lbs dead weight on my arm when she realized I had to carry her the entire way. LOL.

  10. Beautiful coast picture. I’m glad you got to see your son. I still have the Christmas tree up for one more week, yeeha! Feels Christmas-y here still. I hear LA County is awash in Covid cases — it’s like the most in the nation now — I had to cancel my flight to LAX on Jan. 5 b/c it’s just too nuts to see my parents there now. The testing at Dodger Stadium is just mega. I’m glad you have one more week off. Enjoy. & Stay safe!

    1. You definitely do not want to come here. More than 19K positive cases on New Year’s Day and I understand we have hit that total three times in the past week. A lot of my friends who have been very good and did everything right now have it so it’s a matter of numbers I think. If everyone has it and you make that quick trip to the store than your chances are much higher now of getting it. Plus, they discovered that new strain in San Diego now that is easier to catch. Wonderful!

  11. I’m glad you were able to take an extra week off from work. It’s always tough going back right after a big holiday. We put our Christmas decorations away after New Year’s, which was fine since we put them up so early. i enjoy having everything out, but it’s also nice to de-clutter and get back to normal.

    This past year, I’ve decided that people are really STUPID. I don’t understand the mentality of the anti-maskers and those who think the virus is a big hoax and no different than the flu. I would be so paranoid if I lived in SoCal and as it is, I have several family members in Manhattan Beach, Escondido, La Mesa and Del Mar and I’m quite worried about them. Very sadly, my brother’s father-in-law just passed away from COVID this weekend. My brother and SIL waited over 2 hours to be tested and thankfully, were negative. Ugh. So much worry and stress.

    Needless to say, I finished my current audiobook (The Fireman) and can’t settle on anything new. I think I’ll wait a day or two and just pick a random number and go with wherever that takes me in my Audible library.

    I’m glad you had a nice trip to see your son. We love that area and have camped nearby (sort of) in Buellton. Were you able to hike all the way down to the beach? I see you mentioned you live in Santa Clarita. My husband grew up in the San Fernando Valley (Northridge and Reseda), so we know that area very well. As a matter of fact, I drove our RV from the 210 (W) up the 5 (N) a couple of years ago and about had a heart attack from the stress. That’s a fairly steep grade and the traffic was flying by me as I tried to pick up speed. I should have been in the trucking lanes. UGH. L.A. traffic is so stressful compared to the Oregon coast. 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  12. I’m glad you are taking off an extra week, and I hope you get a chance to rest and relax.

    I enjoyed Memory Police and Overstory very much. Overstory is definitely not a quick read. I admire Richard Powers greatly. His writing is just plain smart.

  13. Take whatever extra time you can find with your girl while she’s still there! You already know how hard it is to have a child out of the house, but, my gosh, it was so much harder for me to see my daughter leave.

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