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2018 – So Glad To See You

Happy New Year - 2018

I am so happy to see 2018. Here’s to a happy year full of wonder and promise.

My first book of the year will be:


My One Word for the new year is still bouncing around in my head. If I actually settle on one, I will share it at a later date.

We are just cooking food and staying at home. Maybe we’ll take a drive somewhere. You?


First Book of 2016

1st Book of the Year

Sheila over at Book Journey is hosting the First Book of the Year and although I’ve always made a big deal of choosing the first book of the year, I’ve never joined a community event for it! So, here is my first book!

First Book

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

I absolutely cannot stand clutter. I am on top of it each and every day and yet, after a full work week my house is a disaster again. It may be, that I just have too much stuff.

A kind blogger sent this to me months ago and I don’t know, it just feels like a book that should be read at the beginning of a year. Hopefully I can gain some insight into why my house is continually sucking in crap. Sorry for the pseudo curse word.

What will your first book of the year be?

Happy New Year, all!