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Whatnot – 08/04/21

The NeighborhoodIt’s been warm. About 104. Not horrible if you can get most of your errands and walks done early. The pup and I try to take our walk at 7:30 a.m. As you can see from the photo, it’s nice and shady for a good chunk of our walk. She tends to dawdle though so sometimes it’s quite warm by the time we return. 

I have quite a bit going on this week. Two in-person meetings in the evening which in and of itself is not much but more than I am used to these days. Plus, my daughter and I share a car right now so I will have to figure out the ride situation since she will still be at work by the time I need to leave. 

I am surprised at how early some schools are starting this year. I have two friends whose kids have started already! I mean, they started in July! That is unheard of. I started to see first day of school pics and my brain imploded. I know it’s a stressful time too because some states are not requiring masks for those young students and of course they are unvaccinated. This has caused a lot of anxiety for some of my friends. I pray that these littles stay safe!

As for me. I got that memo about a return to work but never any details so I suppose I will be back in some form in September. I hope PJs and yoga pants are acceptable. I kid you, but I am also dead serious. I lost the Covid-19 (pounds) that I gained over the past year and a half but I do not care to go shopping for clothes and it would be weird to wear the same things I had when I left work so long ago. Like, time stopping. Anyone else in the same boat? Does anyone even care what I look like?

This past Monday I reviewed The Paper Palace. It is a Reese pick and once again, a solid pick it was. It was very good but a very tough subject. I included a trigger warning for sexual abuse so be aware of that going in.  I am now almost done with Where The Truth Lies and hope to have the review up by this Friday. 

I keep putting it off but I really need to have a list of dorm essentials by the end of this week. I know lists exists and the school even sent one but I want to keep it trim since the idea of moving all her stuff out and back every semester gives me hives. Not easy to do from afar. 

I hope you are all doing well and that your reading is great. I am getting excited for fall and crossing all my fingers that the R.I.P. Challenge happens. 



Whatnot – 07/21/21

The skyline.If anyone has been following my son’s challenging move to Kansas then you will be happy to know that he is finally IN Kansas. His car stayed at the dealership in Albuquerque and will hopefully be delivered to him soon. We were all so grateful that my friends were able to help him out while there. 

The pup and I are partial to morning walks but lately it’s been a little warm and she has been fussy. Honestly, I have been too. You wake up, get dressed, do the hair and then as soon as I step outside my hair turns into a frizzy disaster. It’s been a little humid for us. Anyway, so now and then we do an evening walk and if we are lucky, we are rewarded with a skyline like the one you see above. 

I am nearly through with Count the Ways by Joyce Maynard. It’s very good. Even with all the stress from my son’s move, I’ve managed to sit down with it and it’s been a treat to take my mind off of real life even if only for a little while. What Comes After is next on my list officially but my library hold for The Paper Palace came in and I am much more in the mood to read that. 

The Paper Palace

I have to say something about vaccinations. Here, in California it seems like we are headed for another lockdown. For ten days in a row, LA County has had more than 1000 positive cases of the Delta variant and according to the article I read, 99% of those are unvaccinated people. If you don’t want to vaccinate, that is your choice. But do not blame the new mask mandate, or the looming shutdowns on the recall election coming up for our governor, or the government trying to control us by injecting chips into us. It’s nonsense. If you don’t want to vaccinate, don’t but leave it at that. Don’t call the vaccinated “sheep” just move on and it would be great if you waived medical services once you come down with it. 

I received a travel advisory about quarantine for my upcoming flight. Restaurants, who just removed their outdoor dining spaces are now adding them back. We are going backward and it’s super frustrating.