Whatnot – 12/14/22

Blue sky and clouds.It has been cold and crisp and we’ve even had rain! As I was walking around campus I grabbed this photo of the sun through the clouds. It makes for great walking weather.

Guess what? My daughter got the lead in the Spring production of Waiting for Lefty! She plays a disgruntled union organizer. Quite different from what she is used to playing. 

Speaking of The Girl. She arrives on Friday with the kitty in tow. That is the first day of my vacation so I will get them from the airport once she lands. The Otter Pup will be so excited to see her Sis Sis. The kitty, not so much. 

This is the part of December where it all becomes a blur. Shipping deadlines are coming up if they haven’ hit already. End of the year lists take center stage. First book of the year becomes a thing. It’s my favorite time of the year so it would be great if it slowed down a little bit. 

I am still reading Murakami’s latest, Novelist as a Vocation. It’s a book about this writing process so it’s very thoughtful and not something you blow through. Once done, I will begin the Harry Potter series since I never actually finished it. Should be a fun distraction for break. 

This Saturday we have dental appointments, and then later that night we drive around with friends to view the lights. There are a lot of lights this year. The Girl will be working at the theater box office.  Sunday is the student ministry party. 

I leave you with a recent pic of Root Beer:

Root Beer the cat. Happy Festivus!

My entire family watches Seinfeld so Festivus was bound to make an appearance. 

How are you?

6 thoughts on “Whatnot – 12/14/22”

  1. So glad your daughter coming home! Best gift ever! Kitten is the cherry
    I adore this time of year. Even the long line at the post office has cheerful people
    Merry Christmas!

  2. This part of December always seems to fly by! I hope your daughter isn’t delayed by weather, the storm system making its way across the U.S. right now is crazy, but she should be out of the thick of it by Friday I think.

    I am trying to finish my GR reading challenge, but I don’t think I’ll reach my goal this year. I haven’t read many books and I’m slowing down to devote time to writing and poetry, so that’s part of it.

    My daughter’s first choral concert is tonight, so I’m looking forward to that, even if she’s nervous. No solos, but she’s excited to sing with her group. I’ll be volunteering to seat people, etc., I should have the best view 🙂

  3. Congratulations to your daughter; she is doing so well and, I hope, enjoying it all. We landed in London today where it is COLD! So looking forward to this vacation.

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