Sunday Matters: Jinx the Cat is Coming for Christmas!

Sunday Matters

My daughter’s kitten has no one to care for her while my daughter is here so she is bringing Jinx with her. The Otter Pup is in for a surprise. I also can’t wait to see how Jinx does with the Christmas tree. 

Jinx the kitten!

Right Now:

I need some new ideas for breakfast. Tired of all of it but I gotta eat before heading out the door. In a bit I am off to student ministry to hang with the teens. It’s supposed to rain today which honestly, I welcome. It’s been cold here. We’ve had a freeze warning the past few days with the lows around 33. Crisp blue skies in the mornings though. 

This Week:

The Girl flies in on Friday. I begin my winter vacation on Friday as well. Saturday morning, dental appointments all around. The Girl will be working at the theatre here again beginning Saturday evening. That same evening we are going out with friends to see the Christmas lights. A lot of people decorated this year. Next Sunday is the student ministry Christmas party. Ugly sweaters all around. 


I may do something a little different for my vacation this year. I never finished the Harry Potter series. I stopped mid-point at book four. The bookmark is still there. I am thinking about reading the entire series over the break. Might be fun to do that and then watch the movies too. 


Christmas movies. The Family Stone, Four Christmases, Deck the Halls, and of course Christmas Vacation. A Christmas Story is also on the list as well as the new movie with Ralphie all grown up. 

Grateful for:

  • My upcoming time off. 
  • Faux fur bath robes. Sounds like an odd thing to be thankful for but I got myself the nicest one, from Walmart of all places. It’s pink and so, so soft and warm. I love it a little too much. 

What is your week looking like? 

12 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Jinx the Cat is Coming for Christmas!”

  1. Smiling thinking of the faux pink robe! Thinking that will make a nice cuddle space for the cat
    Enjoy the family vacation time

    1. The pink robe is currently a nice cuddle spot for the pup. I leave it out for her while I am at work but I can see this kitty taking it over. Oh boy! World War III.

  2. Sounds like you have good times and good things coming your way. Jinx is adorable! We have been babysitting Ro, one of my kids cats. It is nice to have a pet again. It is supposed to be temporary, but he has been here for months. Family Stone is one of my all time favorite movies!!! I can watch it any time of the year. I enjoyed Lessons in Chemistry very much, but the way women were treated made me mad. I have been catching up on all my series authors. I try and spread them out. Right now I am reading The American Agent by Jacqueline Winspear and listening to Miss Kopp on the March by Amy Stewart.

    Happy Holidays!!🎄🎄🎄

    1. I thought we might end up with Jinx because honestly, it’s very hard to have a cat with theater. This summer she will do summer stock so what then?

  3. Oh my goodness, Jinx is adorable. Reminds me when my cats were kittens, especially Jaspurr who looks so much like Jinx.

    I haven’t seen any of the movies you listed except for (maybe) a small part of Christmas Vacation, so I plan on watching them in the next few weeks. l also want to see A Christmas Story Christmas.

  4. What a cute kitty!! You’ll all have fun watching Jinx play with The Otter Pup (and the Christmas tree!).

    I can’t help you with breakfast ideas since I eat the same thing every morning. Greek yogurt with blueberries. Sometimes I get crazy and mix it up by using raspberries. 🙂

    I’ll bet you’re counting the hours until your vacation begins. We have a very full week coming up, but the week before Christmas should be much calmer.

  5. Oh my, Jinx is too cute!! Good luck with the Christmas tree though. My daughter is bringing her new puppy along when they’re here for the holidays… I’m already worried about the tree. It’s going to be a challenge! I know you’ll enjoy every moment of your vacation… and the robe sounds perfect!

    1. The Otter Pup will be on guard with the tree. She was on guard every time Root Beer jumped on the TV. Gosh, the poor pup is going to be a nervous wreck.

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