Whatnot – 07/13/22

Root Beer in her stroller.It’s been a minute since giving you a Root Beer update so here she is in all her glory. Every day my son takes her for a stroll around Everett, WA. They particularly like the waterfront and since it doesn’t get dark until nearly 9pm they have plenty of time to roam the neighborhood and that is what they do. 

It dawned on me what I have not been to the beach once this summer. Not yet. My husband doesn’t really enjoy it and gets bored easily. I could lie there all day watching the people go by, reading chapters here and there and munching on Pringles. He has an outreach committment this Saturday and I may just go by myself or see if the Girl isn’t working so she can tag along.

I am still reading Beartown. I should have finished it this past weekend but a long afternoon nap interfered with those plans and I was A okay with it.

I finally reviewed It All Comes Down to This if you’re interested.

We have a house guest arriving Thursday so I shall take some time to tidy up. The house was absolutely wrecked when I got back from camp. I’ve never seen so much junk mail all over the house! Piles everywhere depending on who got the mail that day. I need to take some time to put things back in order.

Have a great week and tell me what you are planning for the weekend. If I can sneak away to the beach I think I will.

11 thoughts on “Whatnot – 07/13/22”

  1. I love these RootBeer updates. I can’t believe how content she looks and that she doesn’t try jumping out. So happy that WA has worked out for E and RB.

    I love the beach too but my husband complains the sands too hot, too sticky etc lol – wish you and I lived closer. I’m a people watcher: give me my book, cold drinks and comfy chair and I’m good!

    1. Root Beer is strapped in just in case but she stands up and steers the stroller when she is out and about. She loves to visit with the people.

  2. I also love the pictures of Root Beer. Isn’t it funny to think about taking animals in strollers. Who’d have thunk it? LOL

    As to beaches – well, I’m not a beach person. Sorry about that. I hate sand and I’m easily sunburned, etc. Give me a mountain view any day. But, I hope you get to go and enjoy it, Ti.

    1. Root Beer would prefer to walk about but she doesn’t like her harness AND she is an escape artist and wiggles out of it. I tried the pup in the stroller and she was very confused. I’d like to get a wagon for the pup so that when we go to Solvang or heavily populated beach towns she doesn’t get underfoot or spooked. She has a tendency to go low and drag herself.

  3. I am like your husband and I get bored at the beach. Well, not if I have a good book, but I start to worry about the sun exposure, etc. I hope you get to go this weekend; I really appreciate that I can walk along the beach every day.

  4. What a great personality Rootbeer has! I was just at the beach today-
    It’s between an hour and a half and two and a half hours drive depending on the Long Island traffic which is usually horrid. The water was glorious and we took a very long walk, it was low tide. SO MUCH FUN!

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