Whatnot – 06/08/22

the-passenger-setIt’s been a minute since I’ve posted a “whatnot” post. I’ve been a little tied up with my reading. Still trying to make-up for my slow-down after my surgery. I am catching up though! Catching up is good because ALL the books coming out this fall have me so excited! Like the new Cormac McCarthy set. The Passenger comes out in October with Stella Maris set to hit shelves in December. Do you enjoy his writing? His subject matter is very dark and heavy but I do enjoy his writing. 

On a personal note, my son and his cat Root Beer have settled in nicely. She has a window that overlooks the apartment courtyard so she watches all the coming and going until he gets home. This apparently involves lots of dog sightings. I wonder if she misses The Otter Pup.

My daughter’s theatre job is going well. She loves it. They’ve already invited her back for winter break which is nice.

I never mentioned it but I saw the new Top Gun over Memorial Day weekend and it was really good. Say what you want about Cruise but he makes good movies. Makes me want to watch the original again. On another note, we have one more episode of Stranger Things, Season 4 and I have thoughts. Many, not good but I will hold judgement until I watch that last mega episode.

I am reading my book club pick for this month, The Swimmers. It’s very interesting. The writing is interesting in that there are many informal lists of things to set the stage and while reading, I could 100% relate to what she was sharing. It’s so short but is packed with meaning.

Have a good week! The weekend is nearly here. I’ve been gathering some recipes that stretch the dollar a bit. Inflation is a bit much right now. And with some areas in my region charging nearly $10 a gallon for gas, I find myself trying to cut back a little.

Oh, if you missed my summer list, check it out here!

Have a great week and tell me what you are reading!

14 thoughts on “Whatnot – 06/08/22”

  1. WOW, I guess I shouldn’t complain about our $5 for a gallon of gas! I hear you about cutting back and stretching the dollars. I’m glad for the garden that’s starting to bloom and I hope we have some veggies soon, so I can cut some of that out of the shopping list.

    We haven’t seen Top Gun yet, but it’s on the list. Maybe this weekend. I am still not into crowds, so I stay away from opening days for movies in the theater.

    We just started Stranger Things and I’m meh about episode 1.

    1. I have 30 min left of the last episode of Stranger Things and the entire season is meh for me. It doesn’t do well when they are all separated from each other. The story is wonky this time around.

      Yeah, spending $110 at the pump each time you go is not pleasant to say the least. I am SO glad I am still working from home because that 50 mile commute daily would be killing my wallet.

  2. Oh my! Ten dollars a gallon? We are off to Montana next week, so I wonder what those fillups will be like.

    I’m glad your kids are settling in and that you are getting back into the swing of things.

    1. Getting back into the swing of things is an understatement. I feel like I am coming out of a fog. All that toxin build-up from the kidney issues didn’t help. But yes, I feel more like myself and definitely enjoy reading more.

      The gas prices and honestly, food prices are out of control right now. At least here in California. On top of high prices Ca has a gas tax so that is on top of the regular high price.

  3. It’s been a while since I’ve read anything by McCarthy. I remember feeling so depressed after reading The Road, but it was outstanding. Just so heavy!

    We can’t wait to see the new Top Gun movie, but I guess we can since we’ll wait until it’s available to stream. Covid aside, we prefer to watch movies in our home rather than go to the theater.

    That’s an insane amount of money for gas! We spent quite a bit for our last road trip in the RV and I’m dreading out next trip, which will be mostly in CA. Thank goodness for Costco, although it’s still expensive there, too.

    1. I typically do not enjoy movie theater experiences because of people talking and using their phones. BUT we saw Top Gun at a fancy theater that had private box seats and I couldn’t see anyone around me plus they weren’t close so I felt safe from COVID. It was a perfect experience.

  4. I saw the first Top Gun movie when it was released but don’t really remember much about it. I’m planning on going to see Where The Crawdads Sing when it comes near me.

    WOW! Our gas hasn’t even reached $5.00 yet, can’t imagine having to pay $10.00!

  5. We are just under $5.00 a gallon here and yes, food prices are another issue. I can imagine how hard it is on young families. I LOVED Swimmers and think it would make a good discussion book. I am savoring Elizabeth Strout’s September release Lucy By the Sea and almost done with Cloud Cuckoo Land – a bit bizarre but very good.

    Love your RootBeer and son updates and glad that your daughter is loving her job as well.

  6. Nearly $10 per gallon?!?! OMG. We are just approaching $5 here. And food…with both kids home this summer, our weekly grocery bill is usually $275 or so.

  7. That’s so great that your daughter has already been invited back for winter break! I hope she is loving the experience. I’ve been hearing really good things about the new Top Gun movie.

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